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Iron Order 3 Piece Patch-Why all the fuss?

By: James “Topfuel” Macecari

So what’s the big fuss over the three piece patch? Why do all the big 1%er clubs get into a big fuss when another club just starts up? Why is a club like the Iron Order such a big threat to the normal ways of doing things? Yes even over here at Insane Throttle, we know it’s 2016 and the so-called “New Modern Era of Biker”. To our disbelief much has changed in the lifestyle, it is no the in thing to be a biker and cool, believe it or not, that wasn’t the case always. Just yesterday, for instance, I was looking at a post in one of the Harley facebook groups, seen a post for some Rub complaining there was too many pics of women, the group should have more respect for women and stop exploiting them. I shook my head after the double take, “Are you fucking kidding me”? Listen you middle age RUB circle jerks, bitches, tits and ass have always been a part of the damn biker lifestyle, slap the bitch making you write that crap or maybe find your balls!

RUBS and Cops have all but destroyed the Biker way of life. Shit maybe they conspired to do it or some shit, but these middle age pricks and their opinions have transformed what was something good, into something bad for a lot of people who lived, breathed and worked the lifestyle. It’s funny how these idiots really think they have a right to any kind of say in something they know nothing about, yes those types you just want to walk up too and throat punch. These RUBS are the type that started IRON ORDER. They believed they had a right to just slap on some patch and conduct themselves as a legitimate club.

I hear this quote very often “It’s America and we (I) can do whatever we(I) would like to do, I can start whatever club we (I) please without anyone’s permission”. Ok here is whats wrong with that saying for all you dumbshit RUBS out there. “You’re entering the street underworld you damn jackasses, your “I live in a free country bullshit don’t apply”. You now reside under the street law, this means a set of long rules and traditions were established probably before you RUB circle jerks were born, and yes before you go there, many of those rules were established by veterans who served this country. I always hate when people try the Vet card. “I served my country and those rules don’t apply.” Thanks for the service, but you’re a dumbshit. Some of these rules were established under Vietnam Vets, hardest of the hard, suck it up buttercups, it’s just the way things are.

So what does the three piece patch mean? Why is it used by most 1% clubs and their affiliates? The top rocker is pretty simply the name of the club. The center patch is the symbol the club took on to display important traditions (Logo for all you RUBS). Now here is where you RUBS need to listen up. Bottom rocker is the territory. Why have so many fought, died, become imprisoned over the bottom rocker? This is where the club laid its roots down, the beginning and struggle to build a brotherhood, the shit those clubs had to deal with to make it back in the old days. It was in those days bikers were always being harassed by the way they looked, the bikes they were riding, society hated them. It wasn’t cool to be a biker back then as it is now. That bottom rocker is representative of that struggle, RUBS and wannabees do not know the meaning of struggle, those are the types that want to ride the coat tails of others who put in the work.

What is this about wannabees? How would you categorize a wannabee? Well if you have to ask that question, you probably are one. Let’s give a few examples though shall we? You do not have any honor, you don’t know what loyalty is, you run around acting something you’re not, you try and make people believe something that is not true, your word has no foundation. You don’t have to be in a club to be stand up, you don’t have to be in a club to be a biker, shit you don’t need to be in a club to be a Man. Learn to be true to yourself before trying to be something to someone else.

Iron Order MC (Besides allowing cops in the dam club) has no basis in the club life. They mail order patches, they run to the cops and act the “Victim”, they do nothing but fag grab on each (More than enough evidence of photos), How can anyone give respect to that kind of bullshit? You want to suck dick and were pink butterfly dresses, that’s on you, but to portray that image on your suppose club is just screwed up and wonder why you’re not respected. The cuts you wear are supposed to be held high, suppose to be defended with pride, not yours, the members of your own club destroy them.IOMCassgrab1

The actions of your members have forever destroyed the chance of Iron Order from having any kind of respect on the streets. When I talk to ex-members, this was one of the biggest reasons for leaving, they wanted to ride down the street having pride in their club, instead, all they experienced was a shame because of those clubs members (Suppose brothers).

The Iron Order is the perfect reason why 1% clubs try to keep order on the streets. If you have a club like them running around acting a fool like they usually do, the public starts an outcry on the bigger clubs, the public cannot discern who is who, they just automatically say who they have heard about or know. This is why not because the 1% club is trying to be dicks, keeping a tradition and image is something many brothers died for, many were locked up for, you can bet that won’t ever be forgotten.

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  1. Well written and to the point, while I don’t belong to a club I respect those who show loyalty to their brothers and riders who stand for something.I will definitely be checking out your page now, now I feel a little old here what is a RUB…..again thanks. For the article solid read.


  2. Being a member of the Iron Order I am truly sorry that others don’t understand. We want nothing to do with the 1% world or other clubs. We self associate and stand true to our brotherhood. Others hate us, fine it is what it is. Being a Vet of Iraq I looked into several clubs including 1%’ers and found it refreshing the the IO exsisted. In my chapter we have blacks, whites, Mexicans and a somoan.
    I was quiet upset to see that 90% of the 1%’ers still to this day discriminated. In war I had every nationality fighting next to me. Good enough on the battlefield, good enough on the highway. I hate all the “nonsense” that’s going on with the IO and other clubs right now and hope it all gets delt with and we move on.


  3. I’m not in a club but I do understand that in a real club 1% or not you earn your patch not send for it in the mail. If you’re trying to distance yourself from the 1% clubs why a 3 piece patch and why all the trouble like the shooting in Denver? Only shooting was from the iron order . the iron order should have just patched as an lemc no 1% diamond patch.


  4. Well lets just address “Others Don’t Understand Crap”. You people pay for your patches, your mail order. Now what this has caused, you now have wannabee members running around like they are Sons of Anarchy. You claim you want nothing to do with the 1% world, but you wear a 3 piece patch and try to duplicate the world every chance you get. The shooting in Denver by a COP!! You have stirred a hornets nest, I don’t think you people really understand the crap you stepped into starting with a club like that. One that has taken on the Mexican Cartels and won. That 3 piece patch you bunch of fags are sporting was paid for by old timers probably before you were born. Now you fags are out there riding coat tails to something you never earned. Solve the problem, throw a one piece on. You wont do that though because you people are morons, you talk about being a vet. Well guess what, Vietnam and WW2 vets came up with these rules and traditions so fucking retards like you guys wouldn’t turn the public against clubs anymore then they are. Club life isn’t politically correct fucktard, in case you don’t know, the joint isn’t the most welcoming place, everyone segregates into the same races. This spills onto the streets. You people are so ignorant, always hiding behind this Vet shit. Well it was Vets that started most of the hardcore clubs, so enough. You didn’t join any of the other clubs because you didn’t want to put in the work it took. You wanted the image without having to put in the effort. Well must suck that the patch on your back is meaningless to anyone outside your bullshit club. No respect must be a hard pill to swallow. Take that to your fag convention, you claim to be a vet? Be honorable, tell the fuckers to put a one piece on. But word of advice, you idiots united all the major 1%ers against yas, pretty soon I wouldnt find it surprising , shit starts getting blown up and people getting shot off bikes. Why? Because ignorance and COPS. Letting Pigs into your club, morons

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  5. You all don’t seem to get it. IO was started by pigs, they didn’t let pigs in the club. My first encounter with them was on WTN in 04 when they just showed up and started acting like they have been around forever. Shit didn’t sound right and I called them out as being pigs. They denied it and started threatening me. As that was going on I get 2 calls, Chicago and Daytona, saying they were a fed club started to take down a certain club. And I was told to avoid them. I passed the word down to those on WTN and IO still denied they were pigs and were still throwing out threats. So I posted my address and a brother drew them a map. They still haven’t shown up and the 2 main mouths of the IO turned out to be iceman and qball. Iceman was x-cia and qball is a deputy out of MA. These dicks were the founders, so don’t let the IO tell you they aren’t a pig club. They started that way, and as far as I can tell, they still are a pig club.

    As for the biker lifestyle being ruined, I blame ABATE. When they changed the name from A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments to A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education in an effort to bring bikers into the mainstream, that was the beginning of the end, as far as I’m concerned. And HD didn’t help when they turned their backs on their long standing customers and started selling sportsters to everyone.


  6. I’m an independent biker,I wear my leather,or my denim,whichever I’m in the mood for. I have hung around with 1%ers,never had a problem,I did learn the rules. When wearing a cut so to speak,DON’T WEAR ANY 1%ER STUFF. That stuff is reserved for club members only.My big issue today is seeing people who aren’t even bikers wearing 1% rings like they are a fashion statement. Iron order approached me for membership 5 years ago, I asked them,who d o you supporg,they said, nobody. I know from experience when you have a club in claimed territory,you support the main vlub,pagans, vagos,outlaws whoever. It is respect


  7. what do you mean they mail order patches? i had a look on their website and didn’t see any patches for sale


  8. 1% per centers just want to intimidate other people and threaten them. Basically just thugs who make no contribution to society. I respect their right to gather and have a membership that does not threaten ordinary bike riders.


  9. Truth be told. Everything written here about the IO has, and will always be said about any/all new clubs. HA said it about that guy, that guy said it about the other guy, and so on and so forth. I mean, didn’t some of these over romanticized 1% clubs get their names from films, books, etc? Shit, there’s a 1% club out there that began simply because another 1% club said no to another’s nationality. Where’s the honor in that? Add to that the number of 1% members that have turned SE against their own, and you start to wonder if “loyalty” even exists anymore. I’ve no skin in this game. Just an observation.


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