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And all the freaks come out : Iron Order Part 2

Yesterday’s post titled Iron Order: What we all got wrong brought out all the haters and freaks just as I thought it would. Well not only them but also the grammar police lol. Always find it funny them dumb shits, what is this fucking school you idiots? Here you are claiming big bad bikers, but sit there crying about use of words or spelling? Anyways, my little experiment was a huge success. 99% of the comments was not only negative, but came from people that are NOT patched members of any club. Most of them are either so called supporters of the many clubs, or plain and simple internet bikers.

One page in particular had me giggle. A guy who runs a page on Facebook . Iron Order Truth Crew or some crap like that . Here’s a guy who will not share his identity or even better, which club he is apart of, but he claims to be the ultimate authority on biker clubs? Sounds kinda fishy don’t you think? Yea his page has 4500 likes, but I can tell ya it’s not because he’s some kind of authority on clubs. This dude is feeding off the hate for the IOMC and in turn using it as a basis of a so called mission too expose not only IOMC but other so called fake clubs.

One particular comment about yours truly really caught my attention. One where he claims that the author of this blog got ran off from all the clubs in Illinois . That had me giggle even more. I’ve been an independent for many many years now. I left behind the club life a long time ago. Instead I chose to be on my own, my own man exploring life and what it has too offer. In exploring life, I’ve chose to start this stupid little blog (that by the way generates in upwards of over a million views) to share thoughts and plain and simple, stupid shit.

In exploring I chose to meet up with members of the Iron Order through a dear brother of mine. One whom by the way rode with the Outlaws MC, One that was a fully patched member of the organization until circumstances led him to leave there and explore his own path. He chose IOMC because of the brotherhood he was seeking, he no longer found it in his past affiliation. Yea I know here comes judgement day from all you little Supporter and internet biker rats. How could he do that? How could he leave one of the premier clubs for the joke of IOMC? Answer is simple you little rats, he found a brotherhood that suited his needs and desires. It didn’t matter it came in the form of an IOMC patch, it was the people behind that patch whom welcomed him into the fold and he found what he was looking for.

Another example of this, I have seen a huge amount of blowback from all you biker experts all over the web on another subject . “The last Chicago Boss” written by non other than “Big Pete” out of the Outlaws MC. (Yes this is going somewhere rat nuggets) . I’ve seen all over so called biker experts flock and talk shit (exactly like I’ve seen with the same people talking about IOMC) about him and his book. Well for those club experts, Big Pete is a legend in the Chicago area. He did more for clubs and COC than anyone in the lifestyle. Now I do admit he is kinda of a dick, but that don’t take away from what he did for the advancement of clubs. But of course dude leaves his club and writes a book and all of a sudden he is just the worst pos out there. Funny how people can talk that 1. Don’t know all the facts on why he left 2. Probably never wore a patch in their lives. See where I’m getting at here?

Hey it’s cool to support whatever club you want. Personally after all the years in the lifestyle I think supporters are the true wannabees , you want to run around with a shirt or hat, go to the parties, but god forbid you put your money where your mouth is and go through the process of becoming a member. Yea the many excuses I’ve heard why someone didn’t or couldn’t. It’s these same kind of people that bash Iron Order.

Now I’m not apart of Iron Order. I simply stated a truth that I personally experienced and looked at everything from my own angle instead of the angle that is held out there. Now a question that I have. Did you rat nest idiots know that IOMC has alot of former 1%ers in it’s ranks? Some of whom were with the big 5 clubs? (I see it now lol, they will be the next jagoffs for the club propaganda and people going around saying something happened for them to a shit club like IOMC)

It’s not a piece of embroidery cloth patch that makes a club, no matter the fame or glory a club carries in the mythology that is biker clubs. No it’s the man and the brothers of that club that make it everything. So when you seen someone leave a 1%er club and go to say Iron Order, it’s because they found something there that they didn’t have in their former club dumbshit.

Another quick fact. IRON ORDER now is one of the biggest clubs out there. Something like 5 to 1 compared to other 1%er clubs. You really think they are going away? No matter the shit everyone talks ( You can go through this blog and see how much shit I use to talk about them until I finally went out to meet some myself).

From what I’ve seen, it’s the brotherhood they share that has allowed them to keep going. Most clubs fold in first five years. They, as it looks are still going strong. So for all the haters out there, I challenge you as I did, go experience a gathering yourself and make a informed decision. One based on your own experience, not that of others.



  1. Thank you, reality is hard for many, but some welcome it. Yes I was an Iron Order hater because of others comments and they had cops. Even tho one of the big reasons I never prospected was because I don’t buy into ACAB since I know lots of good ones. I tend to really hate snitches which I guess every cop is by definition. Anyway thank you for your blog.


  2. I do not have a dog in this fight but notice you wrote Iron Order and OTHER 1% clubs??? Does this mean IOMC are now 1%ers?


  3. Thank you for the part 1 & 2 editorials. I’ve been a part of the MC world for many years like my dad before me. I served as an active duty Marine for years. I am still a Marine.
    Having said that ( yes its leading to a point ) when I started LEARNING about IOMC and met a patched member, I hung around for a time. I visited them at church ( no retards I was not allowed to attend the actual meeting) and partied with them. I was prospected in finally. I prospected for over 6 months. No mail order patch was given. I fucking EARNED my cut! I am now part of a great BROTHERHOOD, something that was missing in my life after the Corps ( told you it was going somewhere) so all you haters, FO, we don’t ask for permission and we don’t care what you think. But why don’t you meet us face to face? Fuck, I’ll buy you a beer.


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