By James Macecari

Everyone has seen a gigantic change in the way the Biker Lifestyle has changed. Over the years with things that have been shown on TV, from Biker Boyz (Which launched the crotch rocket craze), to the shows American Chopper and Biker Build Off on cable TV. These shows have changed the way the lifestyle has become. Oh, lets not forget the BS show Sons of Anarchy that depicts motorcycle clubs as murderous serial killers. One thing that all these have in common is the fact that it brought in a lot of people in the lifestyle that probably wouldn’t think about jumping on a motorcycle.

During the early half of the new decade another disturbing trend starting hitting the motorcycle club scene. Police officers forming their own motorcycle clubs, they even went as far as to copy the styles and patches ,clubs they despise and were tasked on bringing down at any cost. That at any cost has been evident in the Waco situation, crap even the DA of that case is under federal review because of the incident many say was set up from the very start.

So a question that comes to many that have been involved in the lifestyle, How the heck is the Police now forming clubs? In most cases when they do form, they chose to wear a 3 piece patch. Yes I know, I usually shake my head whenever I seen some of this wannabee outlaw bikers running around with that patch design. One has to ask, what the hell has happened? Police as far as I can remember despised what the biking world stood for, but flash forward and now they want to be like us? How the hell can you have it both ways?


Now I can understand a mans want regarding the open road, it really don’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. When the road comes calling it is always a no win situation, you are drawn too two wheels, it is always been about freedom and becoming one with your machine. So cop or no cop I can see the draw to wanting to own a motorcycle and ride with others that think and feel the same way you do. What I cannot comprehend, how can you be two people at once? How can someone who is one person on a work shift, tasked with bringing down most those in clubs (Or gangs as LEO always persist in calling a MC), then when your shift is over, go out there and copy and act like those you cant stand? This is a very legit question that every cop should have too answer.

Yes I do know this is America, everyone is free to do what they want in this great country of ours, but my confusion on this topic, how can you as a man or even a women, look at yourself with pride and self respect, knowing that you cannot decide whom you want to be as a person? How do you square yourself knowing that you went out there looking for a career that isn’t at all inter changeable with the person you truly want to be? Yea I know, bikers have a awesome tradition of partying and lets face it, getting the women. I would want to be one of us too, but I wouldn’t do it at the cost of my self respect.


Police Blur lines

Many articles have been published on this very topic, crap even hit the nightly television news across the country. The general public is confused about this change in society. My advice to any of the cop clubs out there, hey you want to form a motorcycle club? It’s America, go for it, but at least have the respect to wear a one piece patch and call it for what it is, call it a motorcycle association. That would solve a ton of problems in the lifestyle and society in general. No one is saying you cant go hit the open road with your blue buddies, but at least be true to who you are. No one likes a fake person. By being a cop and throwing on a 3 piece patch, that is exactly what you are doing. Being a fake. The leo clubs might get some sort of respect if they represented who they truly are, a cop group.

It would be interesting to hear your comments and thoughts on both sides of this issue. I would really like to hear from a member of one of these LEO clubs in the comment section on why they choose to do what they do.