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Pridesman Motorcycle Association interview- Our M/C and Association series


Insane Throttle has started a series of interviews with those in the Biker Lifestyle associated with Motorcycle Clubs and Motorcycle Associations. We want to give that biker an opportunity to not only speak what their organization means to them but give a better understanding on why someone would join an organization. If you are interested in talking with us about your organization email .

We sat down with Bear from the Pridesman Motorcycle Association. He’s a Marine veteran who served our country in the first Gulf War.

Insane Throttle: Hello Bear, Tell us more about the Pridesman Motorcycle Association

Bear: First off, thanks to Insane Throttle, I love reading all your articles and love how the blog focuses on the Biker way of life. The Pridesman Motorcycle Association was founded on the principle of taking long road trips, enjoying brotherhood and going back to the roots we all dreamed of growing up as kids. The Pridesman are derived from the Confederate Pridesman who started in the midwest in the mid-1990s. At that time they were riding as a motorcycle club, but as some of the founders went to prison, we decided to go to a motorcycle association structure.

Insane Throttle: What is different being a Motorcycle Association than a Motorcycle Club?

Bear: The Pridesman wear a one piece patch, we do not wear any bottom rockers nor claim any state or city territory. That’s one of the big differences, the second difference is our organization is more focused on riding, we have no interest in supporting this club or that club. We like getting out there and jumping on our bikes and taking a 400-mile ride, we all like getting together and having parties or just going to a poker run.

Insane Throttle: How have you been received by others that might be in clubs?

Bear: It really has been a great thing for us, most of the clubs out there just consider us a bunch of guys that like riding, they know we are not interested in wearing rockers or claiming territory.

Insane Throttle: Was it a big change for you guys going to a Motorcycle Association structure?

Bear: In all honesty, we are much happier, the main reason I got involved, I wanted to ride with a bunch of great people without the need to give up my personal freedom. When we had the club structure, we had a lot of mandatory stuff we had to do (Rides, supporting this one or that one etc ). Being the Pridesman Motorcycle Association, we returned to having fun. Let’s be honest, who wants to get out there and have to worry about getting into some mix-up, going to jail, or worrying about going to some rally because you support someone else? If I want to go to Daytona or Sturgis, we don’t worry who the main club is. We are just there to ride and party. After some of the guys went down for 75 years in the federal system, that was a wake-up call.

Insane Throttle: We noticed you use a confederate flag and skull design. Are you a white only association?

Bear: Well for one, we are not a bunch of haters, the group accepts whites and latinos. We do not accept women as part of the association, we still do live by some of the old ways. We still have a probationary period, we don’t sell our patches through the internet. Just because we are not an M/C doesn’t mean we still don’t have standards. As our name suggests, we have pride in our organization and don’t want just anyone wearing our stuff.

Insane Throttle: You said you had a probationary period, is it the same as an M/C prospect period?

Bear: No it’s not the same as an M/C. We won’t ask a probationary member to do anything we wouldn’t as members do. After all, we are all men, no man likes being treated less than a man. Our Probationary members go through 6 months, one of the biggest things we are looking for is not just the brotherhood, but we want to know that they will actually ride and not just want to sit in a bar.

Insane Throttle: Have you ever thought about expansion? Do you have a facebook presence?

Bear: Of course we thought about expansion, it would be a great thing to have a few hundred of us riding in a pack down the highway from all over the country. No, we haven’t put up any social media.

Insane Throttle: Well thanks for taking the time and giving us a look at your association.

Bear: No Problem, once we get a facebook going I’ll send it to you.

Well, there you have it, folks. Our first interview in the new series we will be working on. Again if you would like to give us and our readers an inside look at your organization send us an email and we will get ahold of you for an interview.

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  1. I have two comments on this one. As a motorcycle enthusiast I have thought it would be fun to have a place to socialize with like minded individuals. A club house or meeting hall.Would it be possible to start an A.M.A sanctioned style motorcycle club and do this? If so what are the positives and what are the negatives?
    Point two, I see some guys around my town who ride together and fly a patch with the letters R/G at the bottom right corner of their patch. I assume it stands for riders group. They have different brands of motorcycles and different sizes. Although I have seen crusiers and touring bikes only, no sport bikes or adventure bikes. I do not know if their by laws prohibit either. In fact I don’t know if they have by laws.
    In the past I’ve been involved with A.B.A.T.E. and The American Legion riders but quit both for different reasons but both had one thing in common that I could not tolerate, there were members who tried to play Billy bad ass biker when the put that vest on and I just knew someday this was going to bite them in the ass. Although I never flew a patch, when I was a pup I was asked to probate for three clubs that you have seen on the History channel so I know what I am talking about. I always just wanted to ride my motorcycle and maybe shoot a game of pool or drink a beer in peace or with a friend.


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