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Fall of the Rock Machine MC- Once Great is no more. Goes Mail Order

In the 1990’s everyone that was involved in the Motorcycle Club world can remember the outbreak of war between the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine in Canada, over 160 deaths and countless injuries happened in that turf battle. The Rock Machine M/C eventually made a peace with the Hells Angels, some went on to become Bandidos which ended in the Shedden Massacre. After the massacre and peace with the Hells Angels, the Rock Machine hung up the colors.

In 2010 a few of the old Rock Machine decided to revive the club. With just a few members in Canada, they started to rebuild. Individuals from Austrailia came over for a meet to start up a chapter there. That chapter in Perth started to vie for territory against Australia biggest club, the Rebels. Up till that point, the Rock Machine was on track to becoming a powerhouse once again.

Around 2012 some of the originals were locked up on various charges, The International President Critical J took over the reigns and started spreading the Rock Machine throughout the United States. Those early members in the States followed the Winnipeg Chapter who was the bona fide representatives of the Rock Machine.

Inter-party fighting within the Rock Machine and arrest of most of the chapter in Winnipeg led to the demise of the club. Right now a guy named SUAT out of Germany claims to be the World President of the Rock Machine. Our research and contacts have shown that SUAT was a former police officer, has worked with law enforcement, still till this day to gain full control of the Rock Machine.


One of many interviews by Suat of the Rock Machine

Another Dandy with Rock Machine Members kneeling before Suat

After talking to many former members in the United States (Who reached out to Insane Throttle to get the word out so others won’t be taken advantage of) this Suat is now selling club patches and chapters through email. They inform Insane Throttle that the Rock Machine is now broken down into Red and Blue (Color under the eagle eye on back patches). Those who wear Red are those who got their patches and chapters through Suat. It’s our understanding it will cost you u $150 to get yourself a patch and chapter.

So why would we be covering something like this? After our first published piece on MC and Associations, we were bombarded with stories and those who told them wanting the rest of the biker world to know whats happening with the Rock Machine so no others loose money or reputation buying into Suats game. Insane Throttle tried over and over again to get a comment from Suat, but he refused. We found that really strange since Suat has been giving interviews all over Germany about the Rock Machine.

On another note, there has been a rise in Foreign Clubs coming into the United States. We know the Rebels (Started in Austrailia) now have a presence. What many cannot understand is how they established a presence in the United States, is it now standard practice to start an MC from the United States Post Office? The rise of the internet has changed the MC world. Now someone in another country can start an MC here in the states, but is that a really good idea? That’s a question that our readers must ask.

The ones we talked to here in the states are former members of the Rock Machine, they moved on, but one thing that they did state was when they started in 2010, they actually had to go to Canada and then do a prospective period before being granted a chapter. Those who I interviewed say that isn’t the case anymore. The only thing you need to do with the Red RM (Which I understand the whole USA Rock Machine are) is pay your money. I’ve heard you don’t even need to own a motorcycle to become a part of the club. That was a head-scratcher, don’t you need a motorcycle to become apart of a motorcycle club?

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