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Iron Order M/C sits down and answers Insane Trottle’s Readers Questions

” I want everybody to know that I don’t care who you are,where you are from,if your popular or not: we all have haters. But you have to be resilient. You have to not allow them to have power over you, where you start believing the things they say”

Rozonda Thomas

By James Macecari

Today Insane Throttle got to sit down with representatives with the Iron Order M/C. We sat down with Tilt IOMC Region 4 Director and International Nomad, BlackJack President of the Elkhorn Chapter of the Iron Order, Kimber IOMC Regional 4 Nomad, and Finally Noone IOMC State Representative for Iron Order M/C Minnesota.

Since the beginning of Insane Throttle, we have been pretty rough on the Iron Order, we’ve published some pretty rough criticisms of the Iron Order, everything from their structure, to the fact of the long-standing rumors of it being a mail-order club. Insane Throttle has been especially hard on the fact that law enforcement is apart of the club. Today we got to sit down and discuss those criticisms and also for Iron Order to get their viewpoint out.


Iron Order International

On Tuesday, November 14th, Insane Throttle will be publishing a new article each day where Iron Order directly answers the hard questions that our readers emailed in. I encourage our readers to have an open mind, take the time to digest what their side is all about. I must say, as someone who was 100% dead against what Iron Order stood for or how they came about, these 4 men sitting face to face for a lengthy interview, changed my thoughts entirely on a whole range of subjects about their club.

Now, I know that a lot of the readers will not even entertain the fact of hearing them out, some of those that have already formed a concrete opinion probably did so by hearing about them in the media or being supporters of another club where no matter what, they will always be a cop mail-order club as has been put out there time and time again. But for those independents like myself or those who have an open mind, I’m sure you will find a lot of what has been said or portrayed about them, hard to fathom. I’m confident that a majority of the readership will look upon them as people who took on the hard questions and said exactly what they stand for. It took a great deal of heart to stand there and answer some of these questions about what a lot of people say about them. That, in my opinion, takes being a man who has their convictions to stand up for what they believe in.

Insane Throttle did not throw softballs out there, we asked questions that everyone in the M/C world has been asking since 2004. We went deep into subjects such as having police officers in the club, is Iron Order a mail order club and more. I believe if the readers follow the series of upcoming articles, you will definitely start seeing the club in a different light or at least have an understanding of where they came from, and steps that they have done internally to make their club something better.


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To be a member of a motorcycle club, one must be a man first, to be a man, you must stand there in the face of adversity and stand for something, no matter who your haters or critics are. My hats off to the representatives we met with today, you stood there and faced a lot of hard issues from our readers. I can personally say, even though we do not agree on every issue, I can say that every one of you that I interviewed today, gained my respect. Not many out there would be able to do what you did today.

Don’t forget to watch the Upcoming series November 14th on Iron Order.

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  1. I know for a fact that IO is not a mail order MC, I inquired about joining and they said they have a certain protocol, first off you don’t just walk up and say you want to join. But my health issues have kept me from joining plus a triple bypass surgery, a fight could end my life so there’s no choice. I would love the brotherhood but I was also warned that all the other big MC’S hate them and it would be like painting a target on my back. But the very nature of the biker world is one of not trusting anyone and assuming the worst all the time constantly looking over your shoulder. I love riding and respect the MC’s and I am jealous. Respect to all 1%’s.