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My Final Thoughts on Iron Order-What I agree and disagree with. Further Questions can be answered by Kimber of Iron Order at 920-918-2315

By James Macecari

This past week has been a hell of a ride, I first want to thank the readers of Insane Throttle Biker News for checking out all the interviews with various clubs, people, and subjects that were brought up in those interviews. I also would like to send some love out to all the haters that made their positions known, I especially like the one where a reader said they wanted to “Rape my dog”. We have a broad range of readership, don’t we? Hey if dude wants to hump a dog, he’s a freak, but this is America after all. I can see it now, ol freak sitting there in bed beating it to a snoopy comic, sick ass freak lol.

I received thousands of emails and comments regarding the Iron Order pieces I did with the Elkhorn Chapter. During that Interview, my bad, it was more like a conversational interview with Blackjack-President of the Elkhorn Iron Order Chapter, Tilt, no-one and kinder representatives from the Iron Order Regional and International. I would like to calm all my ass-jackets out there who insisted with some pretty good metaphors that I was “Sucking their dicks” “Warming up to them because I wanted to be an ass puppet for them” or better yet, was trying to “Get at their wives if I wrote something good about them”. Well not to be a buzz kill to all the haters, nothing was further from the truth.

If you donkey dicks ever read more then what you just saw while clicking a little blue line to an article, or better yet thought for yourself instead of following a mob mentality to make yourself look cool, you would’ve noticed by some of the very harsh articles that I’ve written in the past, I was one of the hardest on Iron Order.

So why did I go out to Elkhorn and sit with these men? It was a simple concept really, I wanted to hear directly from them, I wanted to have answers to questions that all of us wanted to know. I especially wanted to know why ex 1%ers from some really hardcore big-name clubs were now riding with the Iron Order, after all, if they were just a bunch of pansies, why the hell would someone go from a big name club to them? Guilty as charged ass-jackets, I was intrigued and what’s a man do when he has a question? He goes asks.

Iron Order

History of Iron Order Can Be found at

One thing I did find very interesting about the series of articles published on Iron Order, with all the suppose haters out there, my stats and tracking on the article sure showed a ton of people going over to their main website, especially the chapter location page. Now isn’t that kind of an oxymoron? Kinda think we have some closet Iron Order Supporters don’t we? Come on tell the truth, it’s 2017, whole different type of culture now compared to what it use to be lol.

Now, as the comments and emails started coming in, I saw something happening. Remind you that this sites RSS feed is picked up by other sites all over the world and I get to monitor who comments off those feeds. What I saw was Black Jack of the Iron Order started to change the debate from “Screw Iron Order” to subjects even brought up by a page called “Iron Order Truth Crew” (I have requested an interview with that pages administrator and we are still waiting to hear back from them, we here at Insane Throttle take everyone’s view into consideration) that had to deal with the subject of Iron Order and the possibility of joining the COC. Black Jack was, in my opinion, the perfect one to do the interview, he was straightforward, and even he admitted, before joining Iron Order had reservations about them. What BlackJack was able to give the readers was an inside no-nonsense view of how not only his chapter operated, but Tilt the Regional was also able to dispell a lot of the stuff that is spewed out there.

Iron Order had a shitty start in the M/C scheme of things, yes they did, in fact, do a lot of mail order when they first began under previous leadership, yes they would just hand patches out to get numbers, and yes they accepted police into their ranks. Now fast forward to 2017. Iron Order is now on a different leadership team. According to Tilt, Kimber, and No-one, the entire structure of Iron Order has been revamped. No longer are patches just giving out or “Mail Ordered” like most say, (Kind of funny, I do see that happening all the time now all over the internet with other major clubs) Iron Order has instituted a Hang Around, and Prospect period ( The length of time is longer than most 1%er clubs out there). It takes a minimum in Region 4 a year to even get near having your own chapter. So hearing some of the changes Iron Order has made from the inside has made it a more solid club in some aspects.

I promised a reader an answer to what they thought of the COC. Their answer you have to respect. Most of you think only the best of the Confederation of Clubs, but personally being around the COC as I was with a large club, I saw exactly why they said what they did. ” Iron Order is not interested in being dictated nor making money for any of the dominant clubs” Tilt IOMC. Now most of the people out there that I got into discussions about this subject with I found 1. Were never in a club within the COC, 2. Never were apart of any club (So it bewildered me to even have to discuss it with them) 3. They formed their opinions by what they saw others say on the internet. Now my thoughts on the Confederation of Clubs. I think it’s a hell of an organization that is fighting for the rights of all club patch holders, but I will also direct you to “The Last Chicago Boss” Written by Big Pete Former Regional President of the Outlaws M/C in Illinois. You will find in that book the exact reason Iron Order says what it does concerning the Confederation of Clubs and I will leave it at that.

National Confederation of Clubs

National Confederation of Clubs

Brotherhood aspect of the Iron Order. I received an email from Brochacho, a nomad from Region 8 of Iron Order the other day. In it, he says that you have to have some pretty thick skin to be apart of the Iron Order. That has rung pretty true so far from what I’ve seen. Just by the outlandish comments and statements that I’ve seen coming my way (And I’m not even a part of Iron Order, I’m just doing an article on them) and at some times the ignorance of some people. Now if you wore an Iron Order patch and your no longer apart of them because some shit you considered shitty happened to you, then yes you have a good reason to bitch if what you say holds true. If your another club and had  run-ins with Iron Order than you have a beef with them. But if you never were apart of a club, or was, or are a supporter of another club and never even met one of them and just go off what those say on the internet, then your an idiot just like I was before I met some of them and asked them straight up questions.

The brotherhood that Iron Order has grown strong over the many mistakes and trials that happened at the beginning of the clubs founding. As the club grew, so did it’s knowledge of how to become a brotherhood. After all, I ask this question seriously to those who would give me a good debate and answer cause I thought of it myself many times. How the hell did they get so big, have everybody and anybody out there against them, but be one of the largest clubs out there and still going strong? The answer to that question I got from Blackjack. I saw how the chapter was being run, I saw how tight those chapter members were with each other. That is the only plausible answer that can be given to why they are so big and have lasted this long.

A little history lesson out there for those who do not know. Biker Clubs didn’t go around in the old days asking permission from other clubs to start up something. Shit, most of the time other clubs didn’t even run into each other unless it was at a bar or run, this protocol that everyone talks about didn’t start until the late 80’s. Why did it start? The main clubs were out there in the middle of some pretty shitty street wars and needed to know who the hell they could count on. Before then you had hundreds and hundreds of independent clubs all over the nation, they were living the life and doing their thing. So I next question to the readership I would have. Being a biker is supposed to be about freedom, suppose to be about being around like-minded individuals who want to share the same love of motorcycles and brotherhood. So is asking permission to do something that you have a god giving right to do, Freedom? Come on, bikers are supposed to be all about that freedom, so the only conclusion I can draw from those speaking protocol is they are either 1. jealous that Iron Order accomplished what they did 2. They really were taking for a ride. Why would I say that? Do you honestly think that the bigger 1%er clubs care about what others do? Do you really?

Now 1% clubs, especially the bigger ones could care less about the Iron Order. They have their own problems and issues to deal with, don’t you think if the dominant clubs wanted Iron Order to go away it would happen? Again the mob mentality spread the rumors and what you think about something without having any facts firsthand.


Member of Iron Order at an Event

Now that I laid out the case about some of the stuff I agree with Iron Order, I wouldn’t be doing a service to my readers without mentioning what I disagree with. I don’t agree with Police wearing a three piece patch, never have and is something I do not hide if you read most of my articles. Police have sworn an oath that stands against everything that we are as bikers. You cannot wear a uniform one-minute busting guys and harass guys who on the job you consider bad, then turn around and throw on a patch and be like them. According to those I spoke to, police are few and far between in the Iron Order now. I honestly do believe them when they say it’s a chapter by chapter thing. But in my opinion, what would take away some of the stinks about Iron Order, if in the future not to involve any police officers, after all, not even the public, or offices they work out of, approve of them wearing a patch.

Confederation of clubs, I can see the point that they make about it, but on the other hand, it would go a long way for Iron Order to get out there among the other clubs. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s a culture that has changed since what most of us believed a biker club should be or even what a biker should be. I believe if the Iron Order tried making inroads with the Confederation of Clubs, they could truly start seeing a whole different attitude change towards them. After all, not everyone is like me or others who want to see for themselves and ask the questions that everyone wants to be asked, public perception will never change overnight about Iron Order, shit it could take years for that tide to turn for them. But baby steps would go a long way.

So there you have it, my final thoughts on Iron Order, want to thank everyone for the Jerry Springer atmosphere this week, thank everyone for lighting up the email and giving me all the “Fuck You” and your an “Iron Order Dick Sucker”. But hey, after all, I do enjoy working on the blog and getting to hear from a worldwide audience. The debates that I got to have all this week with the readers was a hell of a time, especially when the weather sucks and cant jump on the Fatboy for a spin. If you have any further questions, comments or “Fuck You” just send them to

Kimber the Regional Sgt at Arms has also volunteered to answer any questions you may have about the Iron Order. His Number is 920-918-2315

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  1. Well, i now see why you posted that video you did from 2015 on the second article. Obviously things are a little different with them now a days with even the members they hold. Black jack seemed to not be the stereotype of Iron Order. So you either found the one group of guys that think the same or they are sorely outnumbered by the rest of the club that don’t agree with them. I guess the future will tell. I enjoyed these articles either way.


  2. I have met Blackjack a number of times over the years. Believe it or not he is highly respected in the local MC community and it made a lot of us scratch our heads when he joined Iron Order. I can’t say much about the Iron Order because I am not a big fan however I can say that blackjacks, don’t fuck with us and we won’t fuck with you mindset has given them locally much more respect then ever before. I read a lot that they don’t ride anywhere and are a bunch of pussies. Well I can’t say it for all of them but I will say that I see him riding around everywhere so he’s pretty easy to find. Its was a interesting article


  3. First, where I live no club with even a single member with the power of arrest is allowed in the COC.
    Second, I’m a very long term, 17 yr, patch holder in a three piece OMC.
    Third, Within the last 18 months I had a pack of twelve oncoming IO cross the center line into my lane..clear to the oncoming fog line on a remote stretch of rural highway….i kept it together on the shoulder at about 70mph. This was the second time I had an encounter with them in that general area, which is where I live.
    Fourth, Ive never even had a conversation with a member of the IO….they had no ryhme or reason to the offensive aggression they showed…similar things have happened to my chapter brothers.
    Consequently, I wouldn’t at this point stop to help one tangled up in one of those cheese cutter cable median barriers….if they all bled out the biker world would be a better place.
    They are not what the OMC community I love, respect, and am loyal to is about.


  4. I would call Kimber at number provided in article. He said during interview he would have no problem answering questions. He’s a good guy and would answer any and all your concerns. I’m not apart of iron order and cannot speak for them. His number again is 920 918 2315

    On Nov 21, 2017 7:48 PM, “Insane Throttle Biker News” wrote:



  5. When you talk about “Cops in the Club” and “You cannot wear a uniform one-minute busting guys and harass guys who on the job you consider bad, then turn around and throw on a patch and be like them”. Remember, the IO is not an Outlaw Club. They are not an LE club. They are law abiding. So when they put that 3 piece patch on they are following the same laws that they enforce.


  6. Former VP and founder of the Red Dirt Crew, IOMC, Norman, Oklahoma here. No longer sporting any patch, but i can tell you, there are dickheads in every group. IOMC is no different. Ive collected the laundry of an entire chapter because of it.


  7. Ok so why are they changing? Why are people like your Ex1% friend and black jack in this club? The article doesn’t really address this other then they grew as a club. But that still doesn’t say why men like this are in the club. Has to be more to the story


  8. Yeah right he wouldnt have the balls to show his face. Its easy to hide behind words. Probably some scrawny young punk acting hard like all the rest ive met