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IOTC fires back at Rock Machine allegations against it’s administrators- Part 1 of 3:

Insane Throttle recently did an article on Rock Machine M/C titled – “Rock Machine M/C Responds to Insane Throttle”. This article was based on the first article on the Rock Machine where individuals were contacting our site in regards to a man named Suat from Germany , who claimed to be the “World President” of Rock Machine .These individuals  contacted Insane Throttle about this Suat taking money from them and in return giving them chapters of the Rock Machine in the USA, according to those individuals they received nothing from Suat, other than he took their money.

Suat World President of Rock Machine M/C selling patches and chapters. Not giving the product to those who order them

That Article featured a Representative Nomad from the Rock Machine doing the interview. It’s Insane Throttles policy not to disclose names of those featured in the article who wish to remain anonymous. This is a policy we hold very close to us, so we cannot confirm or deny the following individuals listed in the response from IOTC.

IOTC is a page on Facebook that has been running posts regarding Rock Machine M/C. IOTC was mentioned in the last article that Insane Throttle published on the Rock Machine. As always, we here at Insane Throttle will always give both parties involved the chance to get their side of the story out. The following is a response from the IOTC to the allegations that were made by the Rock Machine. It is an email to Insane Throttle that addresses point by point, the allegations made against its page by the Rock Machine. We have not edited it and release it in its full form. At the end of this 3 part series, we will provide some analysis.

IOTC Response


Concerning your articles on the Rock Machine and counter-interview with Lou Wagner, let us explain our page and why the reports on the Rock Machine.

We started the page originally as “IOMC Sucks”. It has been removed by Facebook multiple times, but we bounce it back when it does. The purpose was to educate and expose about the up and coming and seemingly unknown phenomena that were the Iron Order and how they were fucking cops and losers roping people into conflicts and scams due to their membership having known ATF agents and local and state PD. We provided all this evidence with photographic side by side proof (In uniform and in IOMC attire) enough to where we didn’t even need to after a while because of the “Oh my god I can’t believe they’re cops” factor disappeared. All of the administrators from the site are in or were in 1%er clubs. Not pop up clubs from overseas.

We seem to be the pop-up and IO confessional booth, so these guys regularly hit us up to expose some kind of fuckery happening around the world, and we are happy to expose it as well as we wish it could go away. If you make them feel dumb, nine times out of ten these guys prove they are not worthy because they let the general public dictate what club they belong to. We would have more respect for people who simply told us “Fuck you” and continued to ride their shit and fly they’re made up shit, but more often then not they get embarrassed and quit. If they are LEO or snitches then they get no slack. We are also in communication with all the big clubs and even most of the smaller clubs. When people have something to say about them, we forward it to them first.

Now, on to the Rock Machine. The Rock Machine first popped up on our radar almost two years ago. We had been getting messages that they were opening chapters in Florida and Connecticut.  What was clear was one thing; they were all for the most part pretty unknown individuals outside of whatever area they were in attempting to start a national club and international club and recruiting members through the internet.

Member of RM friends with a guy in a Cop Club?


This was between 2009-2015 time frame. I personally know people who ordered Rock Machine patches as a joke on the internet and then sewed them on as Halloween costumes at parties. It was a running joke about RM because nobody ever saw them out, yet there were pictures of ones and twos together in random desolate areas. So when we see the latest incantation with some actual numbers, we started looking at them pretty hard. Yet again, more unknown individuals mixed this time with a few guys with very minimal time in a top 5 club. All OIB from their respective clubs. They opened in Florida once again, as well as Connecticut, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and recently Virginia, Massachusetts. That’s a pretty big opening for a non-pop up club in one year.

In Florida, The Rock Machine was originally chased off by the Outlaws, so when they reappear with new guys who are Out bad from other clubs, the Outlaws wanted nothing to do with them. The ringleader was a guy named Midget and Dan, neither was well received by Outlaws apparently. Connecticut was lead by the individual you spoke with, who is Out bad from the Hells Angels. He is out bad from the Hells Angels for a variety of things because really nobody could stand him, but he routinely consorted with the Police and lied through his teeth to his brothers about multiple things. He was not a member long. We have heard he has told people as much as 8 years, which is bogus. Ask any Hells Angel you know to look into him, we don’t mind and we expect it. He is also not the only former Hells Angel who joined the club.

Former New Rochelle (New ROC) Vice President Thomas Schmidt was also handed a patch and entry into Rock Machine. Thomas is currently sitting in prison for Rico charges from when he was a Hells Angel. There was also Orville (OD) Dietz and Jimmy Madsen.

Now, why would Hells Angels go to the Rock Machine? Also, know that once you leave the Hells Angels to join another 1% club you are OIB. So whatever reason they had before doesn’t even require much research because they are now or were RM.

The New York Chapter is guys that Thomas Schmidt introduced to the club. They were all in the Troy area and all belonged to a FORMER coalition club that was ousted from the Coalition due to a number of reasons. 81 was embarrassed by the way they acted. Joey Dietz, son of Hells Angel Orville Dietz, even set someone up on a pot bust. Joey Dietz is currently chapter VP for Rock Machines New York Chapter.

They have been engaging in games such as telling 81 support that they left RM, to set up the Support members for 5 on 1 attacks. Their Pennsylvania chapter consists of guys who were Pagan support. Nobody ever hears about them aside from an incident that made the news but left the clubs named where an RM pulled a gun on a car of a supposed Pagan with his wife and kid inside. The Rock Machine there maintains a very low profile. South Carolina RM is a bunch of shit bag kids that follow another shit bag kid named Josh Badgett. Josh was being bullied by another tattoo artist that he co-rented his shop with, so he asked the local 81 support club to come in and handle it for him to which they did.

He gave them free shitty tattoos in return. Eventually, he decided he wanted to be a member, and within a few weeks of trying, he staged a fight on camera where it shows him taking care of business. The individual he fought was tracked down and questioned, and he came clean that Josh staged the fight. He was excommunicated. He then opened some Social Club where the patch was literally a skull rendition of his face titled “Men of Sin”. In this time he attempted to Join the Rebels MC, prospecting for two weeks under known FBI informant and former HA Jason “Hollywood” Sturgill.

Members of Rock Machine told to grab cuts from Hells Angels or their support clubs?

Josh went back to his social club. He then met the Rock Machine through Facebook and wham, Overnight 1%er. The problem is the Charleston Hells Angels aren’t having it. The Rock Machine is not welcome in any bars or functions and literally spend all their time sitting at Rockstar tattoo playing video games. They have been beaten up before. They had a member die in an auto accident. If you can find the video of the last ride, maybe 7 RM are present. Also the family of the down member started a Gofundme for funeral expenses. Last we checked the only person affiliated with RM that donated was the wife of Josh Badgett.

Kyle Seagraves Video

The Virginia chapter is relatively new but full of scared men who pose on Facebook. One is a former Pagan supporter named “Boogeyman” who attempted to sit down with 81 without notice at a members coffee shop. He was promptly ran out. Their Massachusetts chapter consists of men who were formerly in a club called the “Defiant Disciples” who we have featured in the past. Their President was charged with Stolen Valor for impersonating a USMC first Sergeant at a toy run. He also ratted on Hells Angels that attacked him. He couldn’t make it in the Diablos, so he started his own Devils Disciples rip off. The Mass guys are also friendly with the Red and White Devils Disciples, who recently ratted on the Hells Angels after a bar fight. Oklahoma was run by a former Mongol who the Mongols shut down, as well as Arkansas.

Now, notable people;
Lou Wagner, former HA OIB.

Lou Wagner – National Nomad Rock Machine and former National President of Rock Machine Offense or Statute Offense/Statute:53a-70 – Sexual Assault 1stDate Convicted:07 April 1994Offense/Statute:53a-70 – Sexual Assault 1stDate Convicted:07 April 1994

Louis Wagner Sex Offender Page
Lee Gezelman, former NOTHING, instant patch holder. National Sergeant at Arms. There is paperwork floating around on this guy. He is a convicted felon, who is out on bond according to him for more firearms-related charges. He is constantly getting picked up by PD, once in Rhode Island for a knife being longer than legally allowed to possess, and they seized his Rock Machine colors. For someone who is out on bond, making multiple police contacts resulting in arrests it is peculiar that he has not had his bond revoked or doing any additional time.
Bernie Durgan, a former POLICE OFFICER. Look him up. He was fired from the police department for using the Police systems to stalk his girlfriend.

Sal Ferrucci, former IRON ORDER member “Snaps” and former president of another pop-up club “Cowboys From Hell”.
Sean Dubonovich, Former member. He was arrested for smuggling steroids. He is currently the president of a new pop up club from the Netherlands named “Satadurah”. He also failed to open an Outlaws chapter. His wife and his case is the source of the majority of the paperwork on Lee Gezelman

Josh Badgett– Currently a National Officer in the club and a member of South Carolina. Josh runs a small tattoo shop titled “RockStar Tattoo”. He routinely has off-duty police officers in and out of his shop that he is close family friends with. That comes with added perks. They are not taken seriously by any respectable club in Charleston.
Dan Gentry-Currently the clubs National President. Was a Norsemen (Pagan Support) and not spoken highly about by Pagans.
Orville Dietz-Former New York Hells Angel member. Knows his own son is an informant and quit RM.
Joey Dietz-current NY VP of Rock Machine. Has never been seen on a motorcycle even in his Coalition club days. Multiple persons from his former club have come forward about his snitching.
Thomas Schmidt– a Former New Roc Hells Angel, currently serving time for RICO violations as an HA.

Source and Letter – IOTC 

Insane Throttle was able to verify much of what the IOTC responded about (Not all, but a lot of the material from 3rd party sources in other clubs that was spoken about by the IOTC has been verified as true). Insane Throttle was able to verify the accusations against Louis Wagner. As you can see by his picture above, he was convicted in 1994 of 2 counts of sexual assault. He also was a former Hells Angels like IOTC stated, this was confirmed by Insane Throttle through his former club. Stay Tuned next week for part 2 of IOTC Fires Back at Rock Machine, we have a ton of material to get through in the next two articles.

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