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Rock Machine offers $1000 Bounty. Yes heard that right $1000 Bounty: Must Read

So what exactly is the purpose of Insane Throttle? This is a question we get all the time from people who are just getting to the site. I thought it important to answer that question here and now, especially after seeing a situation that came to our attention yesterday that we will address later on in this article.

Insane Throttle started off as a blog, just something that was there to give an insight into some of the things many civilians would never know about within the biker world, lifestyle, genre or whatever you want to call it. This had a lot to do with the many different motorcycle clubs and the people involved in them, something that over a span of 25 years that I got intimately involved with. Those experiences both good and bad nevertheless  afforded me a bird’s eye view of what was going on out there concerning our lifestyle, I chose to share that with whoever wanted to read about it.

Insane Throttle has blown up far beyond what I could imagine, we are now in the midst of organizing a full-blown online rag that is free to our readership. It will include almost anything you can find in Easy Riders, but with a real-world view dedicated to those who made the Biker Life what it is today. Who are those people? Hard working blue collar people who don’t view the world through a politically correct lens, people who keep it real, and people who say whats up without all the sugar coating.

With that in mind, Insane Throttle does a lot of concentration on the subject of motorcycle clubs. We cover motorcycle clubs because most of those other so-called rags completely ignore them, even though they are a huge part of who we are as a biker. In covering motorcycle clubs, we try to give the fairest assessment that we can without regards to a preference for one club or another. Insane Throttle and the writers that are coming aboard range with their opinions about who they prefer or support, but the one rule we enforce is that when covering clubs, independence has to be the way we bring those stories. With a reach of about 800k average a month to our site from people all over the world, we take our responsibility of doing straight-up reporting and analysis seriously because we understand that there are repercussions on the streets if something is reported as false.

Member of RM friends with a guy in a Cop Club? Does he and the Renegades know your a sex offender?

With that, said and out there, Insane Throttle will address something that we saw yesterday on Facebook. We recently did an article on the ” IOTC fires back at Rock Machine”. Insane throttle did a few stories on the Rock Machine earlier in which we wanted answers to why SUAT, a guy claiming to be a world leader in the Rock Machine was selling patches over the internet and not giving people what they paid for. Individuals were writing us and wanted it to be put out there that this was happening. So after reviewing the situation, Insane Throttle did just that. We were later contacted by a member of the Rock Machine who was authorized to talk to Insane Throttle and got their end of the story. As always, Insane Throttle allowed them to get their side out there. Well, they made accusations against a site on facebook, IOTC. In our true form, Insane Throttle requested a response from them.

A little background on IOTC and their facebook page. It’s a page where they expose clubs they feel are fake, they expose people who are rats and sex offenders who are apart of clubs. Now, here is the part Rock Machine and all the other clubs out there that have been featured on their site need to understand. The information they are putting out there is coming straight from people you either know or from inside your own club. Now think about what I just said, the information is coming from within your own club.

Yesterday, your club posted a $1000.00 reward for information leading to the unmasking of the administrators of that site. When Insane Throttle saw that, we were dumbfounded at how stupid that shit really was. Let’s take this point by point, because afterward, hopefully, you will see just how asinine that move really was. *You might want to listen up  Ray”Izod” Lubeski- International President of the Iron Legacy*

Bounty posted by Rock Machine over the “OPEN INTERNET and FACEBOOk”

1. We just got done doing a story with your representative, in that story we talked about how Rock Machines business seems to be all over the internet, you representative said that the United States Rock Machine does not engage in all the drama on the net. Well, a couple days later we see this bullshit posted everywhere. So the statement your club made in its article means absolutely nothing now that you went out there with this crap on the internet.

2. Most of your members were former members of the 81. One of the top clubs in the world. Some of you wore patches that many bikers wish they could wear, it’s none of Insane Throttles business on why some of your membership who are now Rock Machine were thrown out of the Hells Angels, but god damn, after seeing that bounty posted online, we can gather some of the reasons members of your club was booted.

3. I think many of our readers want to know, what the hell do you really think you will do if you find out who the administrators are on that page? You ass-monkeys already put your business on the net, you really think the shit won’t trace back to your club if anyone of you had the balls to do anything about it?

4. Rock Machine right now looks no better than Iron Legacy and the ass-monkey Ray Lubeski, the so-called International President over there running his Ponzi scheme on those members. He wanted to play “Godfather” and give orders over the internet to harm civilians (Click here for that article printed 12-6-17) while acting like he was fucking JAX from Sons of Anarchy.

5. Rock Machine is wondering why it has lost all credibility? It’s not hard to see as an outsider believe me.
A. Rock Machine is split up into so many different factions it’s laughable.
B. Every supposes Chapter in the Rock Machine is out there like some school girl posting their business all over the internet
C. People in your own club for whatever reasons are running to sites like IOTC to expose the inner workings of your club.
D. You have a member who is a verifiable sex offender in your leadership. Now you claim everyone deserves a 2nd chance? Fuck that, sex offenders are lower than a damn rat and deserve nothing. Did you ask if his victim if they got a 2nd chance to pull their life together after what he did to them? Sorry, the streets I know wouldn’t have given anything but a rope and a tree branch to that POS. But hey, Rock Machine is the home of second chances.

Lou Wagner – National Nomad Rock Machine and former National President of Rock Machine Offense or Statute Offense/Statute:53a-70 – Sexual Assault 1stDate Convicted:07 April 1994Offense/Statute:53a-70 – Sexual Assault 1stDate Convicted:07 April 1994

Insane Throttle does not care what club anyone belongs to, we even understand in the age of the Internet things have changed drastically for motorcycle clubs. I was once told by a great man who was a boss of a major 1%er club ” Do you still see dinosaurs walking around out of your front window? Of course, you don’t, same things with clubs, if clubs don’t evolve with the times, then they will lose the advantage to clubs that did evolve”. The internet is here to stay, clubs will leverage it for recruiting purposes, or even start new clubs up, but the law of the streets in the real world still applies. If you want to go out there and start a club and utilize the internet to recruit, more power to you. In the same sense though, you better make sure you can stand behind the patch that you put on.

If your club really cares about what others are saying on some internet, do you really think you should be a club? If your feelings are hurt so much that you have to go out there and do some dumbshit for all the world to see, and make your clubs reputation even worse, do you think you should be in a club? These are just two simple questions. But the answer to them are something that not only the new start-ups need to answer, but Rock Machine itself.

Insane Throttle has 2 more articles coming out about the Rock Machine. They are IOTC response to the allegations made against them. Those, of course, will be moving forward. Insane Throttle will break one of its golden rules “To always allow both sides to tell their story”. Rock Machine has already provided enough response, they had the chance to set the record straight and chose to pull some weak ass stunt they claim they were against. So the credibility of Rock Machine in the eyes of Insane Throttle is no better than the Iron Legacy M/C. We will not give an avenue for them to spread their bullshit, but what we will do, is continue to expose them for who they really are.

I always find it funny when you give someone the chance to set the record straight. Some people will go out there and truly try to reshape their image, but the sad truth of the matter is, most will go out there and try to hustle and make themselves look good, then fall all over their dicks. Congrats Rock Machine, you did just that.

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