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When will the 1%ers learn? A Motorcycle Club biker war is not what is needed. Time to take a page from Lucky Luciano if you want to be gangsters.

Usually, I’m the first to have the back of the 1%ers out there. Most, if not 95% of 1%ers are hard working blue collar people who go to work every day to support their families, come home and go out there and live the lifestyle all of us love. They ride hard, they party even harder, and most if not always, have their brothers back.

Today, in this instance, I have to break with some of them. Everyone who pays attention to what’s going on out there in the club scene has heard about the shooting down in Florida. The President of the Outlaws MC Cross Bayou Chapter was allegedly gunned down by 3 members of the 69ers. I guess the shooter was beaten up in a bar by some Outlaws which led to this incident. So the mentality is on the streets, 69ers had no choice but to hit back. So what did they do? They upped the game by going for a kill on a chapter president. In old street code, that would’ve been against everything every club would’ve been against, the crime, as they say, didn’t fit the crime. One is beaten, then a retaliation would’ve been to beat back, not go for a kill.

That is what the new norm is I guess, escalate a situation that could be avoided just by an equal response, or better yet, men sitting down at a table and solving the problem as men. A member and President of an AOA chapter was gunned down, now the AOA will escalate the situation by taking one of theirs out, or god forbid more than one. This will lead to many people being hurt or killed until someone either folds, or a truce is reached. Florida being an AOA stronghold, I doubt that any negotiations will be in the works.

Manuel Issac Rodríguez, 40, aka, “Candy Man.” According to Amy Irene White’s WordPress blog, she reported that the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Vagos, Mongols, a couple from the Cossacks was present too (White confirmed the Cossacks presence on her comments section) and multiple other rival motorcycle clubs and groups attended the funeral service for Rodríguez who was killed on May 17 at the Twin Peaks Restaurant during a brawl between the Cossacks and Bandidos M.C.s, which involved the Waco police SWAT team

Now the situation will lead to bloodshed, why is that? Because bikers won’t come together to a table like they did in the late 60’s and talk out their problems, and abide by the rules they set way back then. Now it’s all about being a gangster, it’s about the few in the 1%er clubs wanting to make money. Those who are out there making the money have used their club and brothers to advance not what is good for the brotherhood, but for the almighty dollar.

I have only one question for those 1%ers. Is the money worth it? Did you make enough to justify the prison time, the death of brothers? Was the money worth leaving widows and children to fend for themselves while some go off to the prison or the grave?

Today is a tough time to be gangsters, it’s not the late 80s and 90s where we could get away with almost anything. Today technology makes it almost impossible to do anything remote that was done in those time periods. Shit, just look at this incident. Hours after the shooting, the newspapers had the pictures up on the internet and the shooters from the 69ers were already locked up. All within a few hours, so again I ask, was it worth doing the shooting right in the open during daylight for one, secondly was it worth losing the rest of your life behind bars because of a beating? There were 3 individuals arrested in this incident when I came up through the ranks in the early 90’s, I remember it like it was yesterday, I was told: “For every 3 members, 1 will always be a rat”. Well, 3 were arrested here, how much you want to bet one turns?

In the motorcycle club scene, we are starting to see a noticeable split. Those clubs that are apart of the National Confederation of Clubs, and those clubs that are starting to gravitate towards the “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs”. Why? Because many clubs want nothing to do with all the BS that comes along with being a club attached to a 1%er club. People want to be able to be apart of a traditional club, one that was put together to ride hard and party hard, not one that is being watched by the feds 24/7.

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It’s almost 2018, people along with technology are smarter than at the beginning of the 1980s, why is that time period being brought up? Because in the hopes of being honest, the early 1980’s is when motorcycle clubs turned from being all about riding and brotherhood to the storm of what protocol should be to start up something. The protocol started to be established because of territorial disputes between the major clubs, thus when a club started, they wanted to make sure what side of the fence you were on. Agree or not, believe it or not, just being real and honest with my readers. That’s why you will always hear me say “Don’t care how your club starts if you can defend your patch, more power to you”. Many are huge believers in a protocol, personally, I’m a street kid who went through the ranks of different organizations before I was a biker, and always believed if you could back it up, nothing else mattered.

1%er clubs need to start realizing the need to evolve. Things that worked in the past for them, will not work for them today. Generational thinking is one of the biggest changes facing 1%er clubs. Most of the old fellows from the Vietnam War who started some of the strongest clubs in the world are starting to retire from the club scene, the generation now does not share the same way of thinking that those men had. The generations coming in now don’t see the need for motorcycle clubs, they rather stay independent and just ride around with friends. This is going to start hurting the ranks of the major 1%er clubs because it will be harder and harder to recruit anyone worth a crap. Add in these wars, recruitment will get non-existent because no one wants to risk their life or prison time for a bunch of stupid shit unless of course clubs start recruiting straight from the street gangs, then is it really a motorcycle club?

This is only wishful thinking on my part because I know it will never happen, but it’s time for all the major 1%er clubs to take a page out of Lucky Luciano’s book. That man was a genius, he knew all the fighting and wars were bad for business. So what did he do? He formed the commission, all the major outfits were included in it, they all sat at a table and worked out issues so to avoid all the Fed attention and anything that would get in the way of business. Just think, if the major 1%er clubs formed a true commission (Not the Confederation of Clubs, a true commission) the clubs would have a fucking army around the world. Everyone has their set territories, and everyone is happy. A problem comes up, bring it to the commission to solve it without all the headlines. Right now the only organization winning anything is the dam Feds.

‘On July 4, 1979, the worst mass killing in Charlotte’s history took place at a ramshackle two-room house in north Charlotte. Five members or associates of the Outlaws motorcycle club were slain in a shooting spree that probably lasted fewer than 10 seconds. This was thought to be done by the Hells Angels, But later discovered not to be the case

Police Solve 1979 Murders- “Was just a beef, not rival Hells Angels”

The Feds are already pursuing the Mongols Patch, we have the idiots setting up the Twin Peaks crap, maybe it’s time for those National and International Presidents of 1%er clubs to get smart and outwit them, because if you don’t, the 1%er way of life will become non- existent in the coming years. The trend is starting to show now on the streets, think about it, you have clubs that are actually joining a police ran association and calling themselves “Law Abiding”. That is quite far from a traditional motorcycle club, but it’s something that is becoming the norm, and that norm, will start eroding at everything the 1%er is supposed to be about.

We all know how the 1%er came to be, the AMA crap and all, but that 1%er back then wasn’t about killing each other over a patch or territory. Back then the 1%er gave the finger to everyone because they wanted to ride and party as they wished, they didn’t need society to tell them how to act, how to look. So, how did it all come to people in clubs killing each other over a piece of real estate? Think about it for a minute, dudes are getting in fights and getting blown away for what is on that bottom rocker, sound kind of trivial? What’s even more trivial is the fact that the same person you cannot stand in another club because of those colors he wears, would or could be your best friend if he didn’t wear them. You both have something in common, the love of motorcycles, the want of a brotherhood, something more genuine in life.

2018 looks like it’s going to be a busy news cycle concerning motorcycle clubs, not for the good that many do, but for the many clubs that will be burying brothers, simply because they cannot let go of the past, sit at a table and move forward from all the past crap that brought on all the scores that need to be settled. It is our hope, that leaders in these clubs will start seeing the writing on the wall, change the direction of what is going on before all of us loose. This is not being over dramatic, one only has to look at Australia, and the march the Feds are on right now with the Mongols and Twin Peaks incidents to realize shit in the motorcycle club scene can come to a halt if clubs don’t get it together.

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Source : The Patch

PASCO COUNTY, FL – Three motorcycle gang members have been arrested in the death of a rival gang leader who was killed Thursday afternoon in a shooting on a Suncoast Parkway exit ramp, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. The shooting occurred in the area of the Suncoast Parkway and State Road 54.
Nocco said three members of the 69ers motorcycle club were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

On Thursday afternoon, Nocco said someone called 911 after they heard gunshots in the area. The caller said she saw two motorcycles stopped near a truck at a traffic light on the northbound exit ramp. She heard three pops and the motorcycle riders rode off. When deputies arrived, they found the driver of the truck had been killed. Nocco identified the shooting victim as Paul Anderson, 44. Anderson was the president of the Cross Bayou Chapter of the Outlaws motorcycle club, Nocco said.

Nocco described the incident as a “targeted shooting.” He said one of the rival gang members walked up to Anderson’s vehicle, tapped on the truck window, then shot him.
The three gang members arrested were identified as Christopher Brian Cosimano, 29, who deputies described as the alleged shooter, Michael Dominick Mencher, 53, whose nickname is “Pumpkin,” and Allan Burt Guinto, 26, who allegedly drove a “scout car” during the shooting. The scout car was used to ensure that the motorcycle riders were able to get away. Mencher was arrested by Tampa police in downtown Tampa on Friday morning.

Nocco said the motorcycle clubs had been feuding and Guinto had been beaten by Outlaws gang members in a bar, the sheriff said.
The sheriff said there could be more gang violence in retaliation for Anderson’s death. Gang members from across the country have learned of Anderson’s death and may be headed to Florida, Nocco said.

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  1. Hands down the best writing available in the biker world. Awesome. So true about Australia out lawing biker MC’s that display a vest and 1% patches. If they do not evolve they will become hunted on site by Law Enforcement because of the threat they pose to the general public. Meetings need to be held in a neutral location and with NO weapons allowed.


  2. I think the dominant Club in this area has been working on this the last 5 years since unpleasant events occurred and change was sought. They been around long enough and we are lucky to have wisdom from Sonny and other old timers. The only problems I see are random acts by small club members with less control.


  3. Great read, what happened to the time where you went fist to fiat if you got beat you got beat. Now once someone gets beat all of a sudden they have to shoot someone. I agree that clubs need to sit down talk there stuff through or else it just becomes a jungle.


  4. Good story and insight. When COC’s were being sold to us in the early 80’s it was suppose to be like the “committee” you describe, uniting us against the “man” to protect our lifestyle. What they evolved into was a way for a few to maintain control of many. Over time we have voluntarily submitted to more rules than the “man” ever tried to impose on us. Kinda reminds me of when I quit school, left home, and joined the Army because I didn’t want to follow the rules my parents had laid down, boy did I get my freedom, NOT! The sad part of it is, most bikers today will never understand this because all they know is the “protocol” they keep spouting. The only rule (protocol) we had when I started in the life style in the late 60’s was there were no rules.


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