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Iron Order Recap: Out with the old, and in with the new. How the Iron Order is moving forward after putting Ray’Izod’ Lubeski Out In Bad Standings

Months back Insane Throttle did a three-part series featuring Elkhorn Wi chapter president Blackjack from the Iron Order motorcycle club. We were amazed at how much feedback and interest those articles produced. Emails and messages poured in from readers that wanted to know more about him and the Iron Order. The feedback contained everything from more questions about the Iron Order to did Blackjack even exists, people could not believe a guy like him would join Iron Order. Insane Throttle learned Blackjack has had people walking up to him at gas stations to ask him questions or just wanting to meet him, seems like Blackjack is the face of the New Iron Order, someone who people can truly relate to, and someone who is a straight shooter without all the politically correct bs.

All these questions and comments intrigued us at Insane Throttle and begged the question “WHY”. For a club that has done many interviews in the past and is supposedly so hated. WHY is this one so different? Is it the M/C community? Is it that the past leadership is gone and people want to know how the club is now? Or is it what Blackjack said?

The only true conclusion and answer we can come up with are “all of the above”. The M/C Community has changed through time. From racing, wartime, to the 1980s COC-protocol conception, to the 2008 -S.O.A.- pop-up clubs. Insane Throttle cannot leave out the PC, words hurt ass monkeys. People now use social media and the internet for the majority of their information about M/Cs and motorcycling in general. This has also given rise to the Keyboard Warrior M/C, ones that claim to be bikers or club members but are actually a bunch of dog dippers banging on keyboards knowing nothing of what they talk about.


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And now on to the past leadership. Insane throttle has made it clear how we feel about iPod and his merry band of law enforcement at Iron Legacy. When iPod was the international president of Iron Order he started conflicts with other M/Cs and civilians with his actions and his leadership. If any other club tried to talk to him, the reply would be “we don’t answer to anyone” which obviously left a path of hatred and despise for the Iron Order. It’s probably one of the many reasons he was kicked out in bad standing. Many still keep on about the Iron Order today, not realizing that most everything they hated was now called Iron Legacy.

Enter Blackjack, who is straightforward, not law enforcement of any kind, openly says that Iron Order has made mistakes in the past. but they are only focused on the future, Iron Order will talk to anyone and according to Blackjack, runs his chapter in a traditional way. Basically everything the Iron Order has never said before. Which made our readers all scratch their heads and have more questions. Sorry Iron Order haters, but you are unbelievably outnumbered by those who are intrigued (We received a combined total from all the articles on Iron Order in upwards of 6,000 messages. As suggested to us by a few readers comments .Insane Throttle wanted to do a video interview with Blackjack. But we could not get the approval needed. In phone conversations with him he has started things like.

“I’m nothing special, just a brother who feels what great brotherhood should be. Many brothers think the same way I do, mistakes were made in the past, and with the new leadership under “Brit”, our club is going in the right direction. A tab or a patch means nothing unless the person filling it believes in the club. One person can crush it, but it takes all to make it flourish.” Blackjack went on to say” If you care whats written about you on the internet, you probably shouldn’t be in a motorcycle club. Just ride and do your thing. Let them sit behind a computer and bitch”.

Whatever Blackjack, Kimber, and Tilt are doing it is definitely making a difference in the Wisconsin area. We have had comments and messages from other clubs saying that him and his “don’t fuck with us and we won’t fuck with you” attitude has given them a lot more respect than they’ve ever had before. Put that with the fact that International and Regional are all on the same page, it is clear that things have and will continue to change.

Insane Throttle feels they still have a very long way to go. You have seen the things we disagree with and things we agree with through our series of articles. And sorry iPod, just because the Iron Order is willing to talk to other clubs, doesn’t mean they are going down a 1% path. Only a person that is clueless about M/Cs would think that. This is the last time Insane Throttle will write about the Iron Order interviews. We know many of our readers had more questions and we hope that we have answered some of them in this article. Any and all other questions can be answered by Kimber of Iron Order at 920-918-2315 or you can contact them through their website at


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Now to the dumbshits who think Insane Throttle has giving to much credit to the Iron Order. One of the things that the readers like about Insane Throttle, it’s the fact that we are straight independent shooters. Insane Throttle will call out any club when we feel like their actions are going to affect the biker community in a negative way. We have done this numerous times over the years concerning Iron Order. Actually, you can say, it’s a miracle Insane Throttle even got an interview with anyone at Iron Order after all the bashing we’ve done. Again, the bashing was warranted because of the actions Iron Order was doing under iPod. By the way, so readers don’t get confused, It’s Ray”Izod” Lubeski, we use iPod around here because we have no respect whatsoever for that Ass-Monkey, he loves the internet, gives orders to attack civilians over the internet, so iPod it is. Iron Order actually did itself a favor getting rid of that donkey molester.

Under the leadership of “Brit”, the new Iron Order National President. Iron Order seems to be tightening up the ranks. People like Kimber are out there preaching the importance of Iron Order at least communicating with other clubs so the incidents of violence don’t happen. Something that would be unheard of under iPod. I have reached out to many of the clubs that were talked about “Off the Record”. I cannot mention the clubs publicly we talked too because of the politics of the situation, but I can tell all the readers, some of these clubs are the biggest in the world and agree a dialogue needs to be maintained with the Iron Order. In the words of one of the 1%er clubs “That’s all that needed to be done in the first place, after all, Iron Order is now one of the biggest clubs worldwide, they won’t be going anywhere soon, so by them talking with others, it will avoid trouble”.

One thing is funny in the M/C world, all the top brass, friend or foe, are always in contact with each other. It just never seems to filter its way down through the chapters whats going on, whats been discussed and so on. This is a lot of these problems that come into play, but most important, this is where the Keyboard M/C starts up its propaganda machine. You will have people who are not even in clubs, don’t even own a motorcycle, go off on social media about this club or that club, then like clockwork, the mob mentality joins the propaganda pushing.

In closing, Insane Throttle cannot make a judgment call on Iron Order as a whole, we can only make a judgment on the Wisconsin and Minnesota regions. With the people, Iron Order has in place in that region, Kimber, and Tilt, and Chapter Presidents like Blackjack, if Iron Order could replicate that through its system, Iron Order might have a chance to pull itself out from all the crap that iPod did to the club. I often joke with people, if Iron Order used Blackjack as it’s face of the new improved Iron Order, then the club would not only start getting respect, but it also would grow by leaps and bounds. Like any marketing campaign for a business, a club needs to make sure the public knows it’s brand, you only have to look at the Hells Angels, they are not called “The Big Red Machine” for nothing. The Hells Angels did a branding campaign like no other club has done before, and will probably never duplicate again.

Insane Throttle will be following the Iron Order under its new leadership, it seems this “Brit” has everything going for him. We’ve heard that he is a working man, whose only goal is to make the Iron Order a great brotherhood and M/C. Maybe Insane Throttle can score an interview with “Brit”, or get invited to cover their national so we can give our readers a more rounded view of Iron Order as a whole. Until then, all this week we will be looking back at the most talked about stories done by Insane Throttle this past year.

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