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Iron Order MC and Mongol situation from Denver Update: Breaking News- Not the outcome that is beneficial to clubs

The news is breaking that the plaintiff in the case against the Iron Order has reached a settlement in the shooting that happened in Denver at the Motorcycle Expo. Details of the settlement have not been released to the public, the information that Insane Throttle does have on the settlement will not be released until made public by the clubs involved.

What I do want to do is give my thoughts on all this. As everyone knows, the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about the dangerous repercussions to all motorcycle clubs if a suit like this was able to go through, now that it has been settled, a precedent has been set. Think about it, especially those who run motorcycle clubs. Your members and now the motorcycle club as a whole can be held accountable for the actions of a single member. Now not only can the FEDS use the Mongol colors case if they win to take a clubs identity, but now they have taken a play out of the Southern Poverty Law Centers book to shut down organizations through financial means using the court systems. This case has far implications on how motorcycle clubs will be targeted, think about that. Especially all those keyboard warriors cheering this all on.

Now for some reality, more like a reality check to all those, especially these other so-called news sites that like playing to a small specific audience to sell books. You’re not doing any service to the motorcycling community spewing a bunch of BS. If these so-called writers or journalist can’t keep their personal thoughts out of their articles and focus on facts, then don’t write because you only make yourselves look like asses. Especially one journalist who claims to be an expert on all things club, an expert who claims to be on the side of the motorcycle clubs, then turns around and shows up at a lawsuit to give testimony with the very guy he lambasted for years. Yeah, more on that in future articles, we will show just how much this dude pulled over on all his readers.

I saw a quote that has been circulating all over the internet today.

“Iron Order members frequently pick fights with members of other clubs in order to assert their control over the territories they claim on their bottom rockers; then escalate those confrontations; then blame their victims in rehearsed interviews with police. Current Iron Order International Vice President Lieutenant Colonel Michael “Cigar” Crouse articulated this strategy for dominating other motorcycle clubs: “I know our club has the advantage. One percenter won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”


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Think about that statement, think about that quote realistically. What kind of stupid shit is that? I’ve poured over story over a story regarding this shooting, seen all the video footage. How in the hell is someone going to say that 12 guys who went to a motorcycle show went there looking for trouble? Mind you, Mongols had about 140 guys at this thing. So people will actually believe that 12 guys went looking for trouble? Come on at least be for real.

Then I’ve been seeing these internet keyboard warriors running everywhere crying about how no one was charged. Let’s see if I can explain this slow so all you can understand. From a video, you can clearly see a knife was pulled on one of the Iron Order members. Don’t take much sense if your outnumbered 10 to 1 and someone is coming at yea, it’s time to even those odds up. Damn right, even I would’ve fired against those odds.

People in this lifestyle have been taking over by the mob mentality and left out all common sense. I don’t care what the clubs name was or who they are, any other club would’ve done the same exact thing. Cop or no Cop, you see those types of odds, shots being let loose. Those who say different are not only a bunch of idiots but a liar to boot.

It’s a funny thing this situation, I was talking with someone the other day that belonged to one of the clubs involved. Turns out they have no ill will towards the other, they actually think it would be a good idea to have a sit-down and try and work things out, get communication going so something like this never happens again. I had to give it to the guy I was talking too, after everything that went down, they were still willing to have a sit-down.

Maybe going into 2018 clubs need to take a lesson. Stop listening to the bullshit lawyers and handle stuff between each other, stop going out there and killing each other giving the feds a reason to be all up everyone’s asses. I often laugh when clubs go out there crying when the media calls them gangs, then off course the internet warriors come into play and always follow that up with “Its Motorcycle Club”. Bullshit, if you’re out there to gangster another organization, that’s a gang, plain and simple. If a club wants to go out there and do hits, shoot up, bomb someone’s clubhouse, it’s a freaking gang plain and simple. When someone wants to follow the mob mentality, they are not helping the biker life, they are only stoking the fires for the activity to continue and have the feds all over us.

I’m guilty of the mob mentality, I actually went back in time looking at what I wrote on the incident at the time. Boy, I was an ass-monkey because I at the time of the incident pushed the same storyline that is all over the internet today. I was guilty as well back then putting my personal feelings into a news article without all the facts. Now that I have them, boy was I totally wrong on the whole situation. But at least I can honestly admit my wrongs, unlike many of these so-called reporters out there. Without dependability, no news site will last, just a word of advice to the other ones out there.

When more information comes in on this developing situation, we will be there to cover it open and honestly for you, without regards to preference to any one organization.

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