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Waco 3-year Anniversary : Cossacks 1%ers tell their side of the “Twin Peaks Incident”. An open an honest discussion of events and who the Cossacks are

 “Protocol BS at its best, so because a 1%er club don’t like you, You can’t be apart of COC?” Basically what this video was saying. And being propagated by someone who admits not being apart of any motorcycle club. All those damn experts on clubs out there now a days, I swear, an incident happens and everyone wants to let their holes run.

It will be coming up on three years this May, an incident we all know well “Twin Peaks” happened in Waco Texas. This incident showed all of us in the biker community just how underhanded and devious law enforcement could really be. But Waco wasn’t just about law enforcement and how they arrested over 177 bikers, most of whom had nothing to do with anything but to attend a local Confederation of Clubs meeting. It was about a club going to that meeting in order to work out issues with another club, something that the Confederation was meant to do. But it is apparent, as stated by a member of the Dominant club later in this article, if you’re a club the dominants don’t like, you have no business being at a COC meeting.

For those who do not know, the Confederation of Clubs was an attempt, early on in its formation at least, to bring motorcycle clubs together, to work out problems and stand as one against the true enemy “The Feds”. But like all things over time, they lose their purpose and branch out with other ideas. I believe it is the loss of its original purpose that led to the “Twin Peaks Incident” most of all. Again, the Confederation of Clubs was supposed to be about clubs working out issues, not 1%er clubs running around controlling clubs and making money off them.


Over the years many in the media and the biker community have labeled the Cossacks as the aggressors in the incident. It is almost three years since the incident and the ongoing trials, Insane Throttle wanted to get the Cossacks M/C side of the events. One thing that I noticed in the media, independent blogs, and so-called news sites, they never truly let the Cossacks tell their side of the story. If you do not have both sides, how are you going to make up your mind on the event in Twin Peaks?

Insane Throttle submitted the following questions to the Cossacks M/C. The answers to those questions are in their entirety straight from the Cossacks M/C without editing or censorship, something that I advise all biker news sites to do if they wish to conduct a serious piece. Here is that interview

Insane Throttle: With all the propaganda that has been put out on the internet and in the press against your club. We would like to give the Cossacks the opportunity to address that type of press and set the record straight. Our first question is – What year did your club form and what was the idea behind the Cossacks?

Cossacks M/C *Well first off, you have to keep in mind that there are more than one Cossacks MC, there are at least 4 different Cossacks MC’s in the USA. Also, there are at least 3 in Russia and at least 2 in Europe. All different organizations. There are 2 Cossacks MC’s in Texas, We are the 1% Cossacks, and the other we will refer to as the ugly man Cossacks.

(The ugly man is the name of their center patch) Our Club’s original members (1% Cossacks), as well as many who were not original members but are members now, were all members of the ugly man Cossacks, some for many years. We are proud of where we came from, however, we are not proud of the leadership of the ugly man Cossacks and their position after Twin Peaks. To put it simply, their top leadership position has not changed in over 25 years, and some habits are hard to break, such as brother fucking those who have laid it on the line for your club.

The ugly man Cossacks had a lot of members, but like many clubs who get big in numbers, there is a divide, where you have more than one type of member, more than one vision. A group of men who live the club, and a group of men who live off the coat tail of the first group. We were the men who lived the club. And after Twin Peaks, the divide became very clear. And so, December 2017 a group of men, 5 chapters of ugly men Cossacks along with others in support clubs pulled away and established the 1% Cossacks MC. The idea is simply this, We earned the Diamond we wear. It is because of who we are as a club and as individuals that we represent the sacred 1%er Diamond. We learned from the mistakes of the past, and what we have is a Brotherhood of like-minded members who are all on the same page in every aspect.


As for the propaganda on the internet….. we think it’s pathetic and weak that independent bloggers (such as the Aging Rebel), sit behind their keyboards and lie in every single article they write. They try to assassinate the character of men they know nothing about. This blog writer, in particular, has said that the Cossacks were working with every law enforcement agency and has called out many individual members by name with claims of being a CI or undercover, or so many other absolute lies.

Yet after almost 3 years none of these ridiculous claims have been proven. Shit like that is public record. And if this clown on Aging Rebel or any other liar on the web was talking facts, he would not simply say these things, he would show proof of these claims! He can’t, or he would. (And for the record, many clubs have been infiltrated over the years, no club is immune to it. But how can any club who was tricked by LE point the finger at any other club who may have gotten tricked into believing a member was a brother rather than a rat?


We are all victims in that regard if and when it happens. No club chooses to be infiltrated or deceived.) Therefore, he relies on the fact that there are people like his “regulars” who will not only believe the garbage but will actively comment about things they know absolutely nothing about. You know, there is a big difference when you slander people from behind your keyboard at home, and when you are face to face discussing the same subject. We also think that the clubs who have resorted to using these fake news sites to slander their “enemies”, or the people they can not control, are part of the problem we face as an MC community.

Insane Throttle: Insane Throttle has talked extensively regarding some of the issues that are facing the motorcycle club community. From the Cossacks point of view, what problems do you identify going wrong right now in the motorcycle club scene?

Cossacks M/C *We think the biggest problem is that the MC community refuses to stop giving the Federal Government and LE ammunition to use against all of us. Adjustments in the way things operate, especially in terms of MC’s relations with one another must change with the times in order for the MC community as a whole to still exist in years to come.

Insane Throttle: Insane Throttle has suggested that many independent clubs not associated with the National Confederation of Clubs should form their own separate type of an association. One’s who focus would truly be on bringing clubs together to stem off any problems before they begin. The concept of such an association would be for the member clubs to communicate between each other to work out any problems they might have at the table, instead of clubs having to deal with the problems on the street. This idea was the originally intended purpose of NCOM but as most know, hasn’t panned out. What would the Cossacks suggest for how such an organization can come about?

Cossacks M/C *It would take a lot of big egos to be set aside to start with. And it would also have to genuinely be an assembly of Clubs and men who care and are serious about the future of Motorcycle Clubs individually and a whole. For some, there are deeply rooted rivalries that, unless set aside, they would never be able to sit at the same table with certain other clubs. So, setting aside egos and rivalries would be where we start. Recognizing that we are not each others enemy and realizing who all of our enemies really is.


Insane Throttle: Can you tell our readers about your center patch. The symbolism behind it and how the design was chosen?

Cossacks M/C *As stated on our website: The skull represents the old… face and skin removed and skull exposed. With two scimitars splitting and dividing the strong from the weak. The 7 Cossack Heroes are represented by the 7 chain links. So that we may never forget and their sacrifice will never be cheapened or in vain.
There is obviously symbolism in our center patch……


Insane Throttle: May 17th, 2015 An Incident that became known as “Twin Peaks” Can you tell our readership how the Cossacks view the situation? What leads up to the incident? And especially if the rumors are true, the police that were involved that day, instigated the incident.

Cossacks M/C *Unlike some in other clubs, we will not use this or any other forum (nor the witness stand) to speak names or details against others. We will say this, the Cossacks went to Twin Peaks for discussions. In the cell phone discovery, what you will find is many text messages stating for all Cossacks to be professional, shake hands, and Not to carry weapons unless they can legally be carried. This can also be found in many statements by Black and Gold. There is overwhelming evidence of this because it is the truth. It is because of the evidence and the truth that the DA’s office took the position in the first trial that the Cossacks were not there to ambush anyone, not because the Cossacks had some relationship with LE but because it is the truth.

How many Cossacks took the stand in that first trial? Zero. How many other people took the stand stating names and blame on Cossacks and individual members of the Cossacks? So much for that old rule, huh?

As for the police involvement, they were there and according to their own records they were there for many reasons. Only they know the truth of what they were doing and/or trying to do. The Cossacks certainly did not and still do not know why LE was there and did what they did before, during, or after. LE killed 4 Cossacks that day. They killed 0 of any other group there. It could easily be said that they were friends with the other groups there based on that alone…

Insane Throttle: First off, Insane Throttle sends it’s deepest sympathies not only to your club, but also the family of the 7 members who lost their lives that day. Being a former patch holder myself, the funerals were always the toughest things to go through for me. How is the club holding up over the past couple years since losing those members who lost their lives that day? More importantly, how is the family, wives, children of the brothers lost holding up? Does the club ensure that they are cared for when something is needed?


Cossacks M/C *For most of the families, especially the mothers, children, and wives, it is still very devastating. For most, in their minds, it is still May 17, 2015. Many still go to counseling. Many are on medication. And with the injustice taking place legally in Mclennan County, coming up on 3 years now with nothing resolved it is still taking a toll on the families as well as the members still on bond with their lives on hold. We are there for the families. Some want and accept our help, some do not. But we will always be there for the families of those lost.

Insane Throttle: Those in the media, these suppose Law-Abiding Clubs, paint club members as criminals and non-law abiding which cannot be further from the truth. Insane Throttle believes it very important to dispel that myth. We know within the club scene most members are hard working blue collar workers. Can you tell our readers what kind of professions or jobs that were held by those 7 members who lost their lives that day?

Cossacks M/C *Diesel mechanics, Offshore oil field, Fabricator, Repo Driver, to name a few. All had jobs, one owned his own business and put brothers to work.



Insane Throttle: What is the Cossack’s viewpoint on the charade that is now going on with the Waco Trials? The DA whom many reports suggest is also under investigation for wrongdoing, what importance do you think needs to be put out there on how the police and DA handled this whole situation? And finally, with the 1st trial ending in a mistrial. Do the Cossacks believe that the DA will fail in its efforts to pursue any additional convictions?

Cossacks M/C *The DA in McLennan County is finally now being exposed for his personal and political ambitious decisions against, and at the expense of many innocent men who are bikers. He has now lost all credibility with his own people in the courthouse, the police department, judges, and the people in the community who will be the juries he is trying to convince! He will never find a jury who will unanimously believe him and the story he is spinning because he is not trusted. He has put the citizens who voted him into office and the city they live in, in debt! It’s doubtful he will be reelected.

But the biggest injustice is the lives that have been put on hold because of him, the jobs lost, the children lost, the imposed restrictions that keep so many from living their lives, the financial burden he has put on innocent men! That is the real injustice! So many families are feeling the effects of his personal and ambitious decisions! And it is sad that the powers that be, His Bosses, have allowed this to continue for almost 3 years now!

Insane Throttle: Last night 1-23-18 we released an episode of Motorcycle Madhouse titled Protocol & Biker News Sites. In there I discussed the importance of how Biker News Sites need to stay down the middle when it comes to writing about motorcycle clubs. The writer of the article regardless of the support of one club or another must keep to the facts and not let their bias show. What do you believe the implications are when such a site does not present the facts of an incident but instead presents untrue facts to push an agenda?

Cossacks M/C *You end up with sights like the aging rebel and radio legendary who stir the pot with misinformation. Causing yet more friction between MC’s with the blatant lies and attacks. And for the readers who know nothing about the MC world, they take a lot of the lies and propaganda as fact. Because everything on the internet is true, right?! Ha Ha. For those in the MC community, most can distinguish between the truth and the character assassination campaigns. But some are behind it, hell some of these bloggers are on the payroll to spread the lies and propaganda. Sad that any MC would resort to such tactics, especially for those who claim to be traditional and old school/rule oriented.

Insane Throttle: Protocol always seems to be the talk of the internet, especially by some sites and keyboard commandos who don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Do you believe the protocol is still valid in today’s club scene?

Cossacks M/C *Not on the scale it used to be. There are still those who cling to protocol, but unfortunately, there are many who only expect protocol from others but do not themselves follow it. It’s a new age in the MC world with a new generation of men, some of which either were not schooled, or they were and simply do not think it applies to them. A protocol should not just be valid but valued in our world.

Insane Throttle: To expand a little more on the above question. Today many people who felt that their old club was no longer for them. They decided to leave the club and get together with some other brothers to form an M/C that they could mold into a vision that they all shared. What is the Cossacks viewpoint on new clubs starting up on their own, wanting to stay Independent and out of the fray? There are websites that will call these clubs illegitimate or better yet- Pop-Up Clubs because they didn’t follow a protocol. How do the Cossacks look at such clubs? Especially if they were formed by ex-members who at one time or another put in prospect time for another club?

Cossacks M/C *You can take a biker out of a club, but you can’t take the biker and club spirit out of a man. Men join clubs for reasons within them personally as well as being like-minded with the type of club they join. It is our opinion that sometimes, a man does not know if a club is really for him until he finds it. For some, they find it right off. For others, it takes a little longer. For some, the club changes and is not for them any longer. For some, they get brother fucked by their club, for others they might see the grass is actually greener on the other side. But no matter, unless it is an unhonorable reason that a person is out of a club, and the circumstances are as you mentioned in the question, it is not a pop-up club if men have put in years with the MC community. They did not just pop up, they have been around for years. Those that say otherwise are simply pushing their own agenda or are just clueless about what is really going on.

Insane Throttle: We would love to have an officer of the club on “Motorcycle Madhouse” to further tell the Cossack Story. Would the Cossacks be willing to have an Officer on the show?

Cossacks M/C *It is a possibility that we will discuss more.

Insane Throttle: Last but very important question. We always leave the best for last. Eagles or Patriots and by how much?
Cossacks M/C *Damn…. Eagles by 6. Gotta go with the underdogs…..


In the end, 9 people were killed (Source: Wikipedia)

Daniel Raymond “Diesel” Boyett, 44, Cossack
Wayne Lee “Sidetrack” Campbell, 43, Cossack
Richard Matthew “Chain” Jordan, III, 31, Cossack,
Richard Vincent “Bear” Kirschner, Jr., 47, Cossack,
Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, Cossack.
Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, unaffiliated
Charles Wayne “Dog” Russell, 46, Cossack
Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, Bandido
Matthew Mark Smith, 27, Scimitar,

According to Carrizal :”I know you are blaming us for this event, but I don’t blame us,” Carrizal testified.”I don’t blame the cops for it. (I blame) the club that surrounded us that day, that had no business being there.”

According to a Bandidos leader himself, in open court and on the stand. He said the Cossacks had no business being at that COC meeting. A logical person can only take from that “The Confederation of Clubs is no longer a place for clubs to solve problems, it is a vehicle being used by dominant clubs to control the smaller clubs”. It seems that the originally stated purpose of the COC is no more. It also exposes the larger issue with what is happening in the M/C culture, why many members are leaving dominant clubs, forming their own, joining other clubs, many whom would never think a 1%er would join.

The importance of both sides of the story is one that had to be told. I did a story on “Biker News Sites” yesterday morning. I discussed how news sites, bloggers, and even the media could have an effect on actions that happen on the streets. If you cannot cover both sides down the middle, without regards to which parties are involved, supporter or non-supporter, you shouldn’t be out there writing about it. For those that comment on those types of articles , having no skin in the game. There is real-life people who put in the blood, sweat, and tears into their clubs while you sit there pounding on a keyboard with no patch, no experience in the situation. My suggestion. “Shut the Fuck Up”. Go out there, hang out with a club, prospect and put the work in that’s needed, after you do that, then bitch and moan. Until then you’re just some wannabee out there running off at the mouth.

It is time to stop with the “My dick is bigger than your’s crap”. If clubs don’t work out all their crap between each other, peace will never be. Meantime, don’t bitch when you see new clubs coming into the motorcycle scene. A person does not join a motorcycle club to be ordered around, told they cannot do this or that. People join because they want to enjoy the open road and party with their brothers. Until clubs get it together, associations like the “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” will grow in popularity. Clubs will have no one but themselves to blame for it. Crap, the dominant 1%er clubs have become the “Feds” in the motorcycle club world. Always there to watch over you and try to make up the rules without they themselves following any of them.

We would like to wish the families, the brothers of “All of those killed in this tragic incident” our deepest of sorrows and sympathies as the three year anniversary approaches. Hopefully, this article will go a little way in helping people understand the importance of getting both sides, and more importantly the need for all clubs to come together to the table and work shit out.

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  1. Have you seen any of the videos from Twin Peaks? I have seen several this is what I have to go by because I was not there. I saw a whole crowd which seem to be Cossacks empty the porch area when a group of riders pulled up. Some head pistols hidden under their vest they were seen. I saw two murder mohawk. To Shay the Cossacks were there for a peaceful meeting would be naive. Why did the Cossacks surround a woman in the parking lot and spit on her. I’m not saying everyone there with their colors were there to start a fight. I’m sure there are some who were unaware. Just so you know I help raise money to help the families of those who were killed and arrested. I have no affiliation with any club. If these people want to chill the true story it would be better. It sounds like they split off after the Twin Peaks incident.


  2. Well Russell, as you stated you were not there. So you don’t know shit. I however was there, and what you stated is the same propaganda bullshit that clowns like Donald Charles Davis and his handlers have force fed all you sheep for almost 3 years. How does it feel to be deceived?


  3. Since half this interview seems to be stating strong negative opinions about the Aging Rebel, will Insane Throttle live up to their moniker and allow the Aging Rebel to respond?


  4. Insane throttle has invited aging rebel on Motorcycle Madhouse to not only respond to this article. But also the fact of him working with federal and state authorities. We have yet to hear from him concerning our invitation. Again aging rebel. Your invited to come on the air to give your responses to all subjects that have been raised.


  5. Well, I was there also, and I could say plenty. But, let’s be realistic: video doesn’t lie. Paper trails don’t lie. Statements are statements.
    Video: Cossacks are seen checking weapons and completely fill the patio, reserved for the COC meeting. Both Jacob Reese and Jacob Rhyne are shown on video shooting Mohawk. Rhyne is on video shooting at individuals taking cover before he is shot by WPD. Sidetrack is also seen on video shooting at bikers on the ground before he is shot by WPD. Let’s not forget Kyle Smith, who shoots wildly while running into the patio, then inside the bar, where he is seen on video (not released to the media, but if you were really there, you see it in the discovery evidence) moving to underneath the other side patio camera, taking aim, and firing at individuals others point out to him.

    Paper trail: why stop at Atwood’s and buy a 5’ length of chain? It definitely became used. A week before, one of those “peace-loving” guys who doesn’t believe in guns bought a gun and ammo, then used the first rounds to shoot at multiple people before being killed by WPD.

    Statements: statements are from humans. However, one thing that stands out about all the statements: many had no clue what they were there for, but some did. I would guess (my thoughts) that less than half knew what was going to happen. The COC member clubs were uniform in their explanation for being at that location. The ones who showed up? “We were there for a peace meeting”, or “We were told it was a Sunday ride to drink some beers”, or “I was just told to be there”.

    The state and feds have cases on some. Watching the videos shows exactly who. So why haven’t they been brought to trial? Why would the DA overlook those to go after Carrizal in their version of a “slam dunk “ that didn’t work out? Deals already made and informants to keep using. This new version reeks of bacon and bullshit. And it starts with the “top”.


  6. So sick of hearing about that cunt Sandra Lynch got surrounded and spit on. OUT RIGHT FUCKING LIE! Here’s some more Truth for you. Sandra Lynch aka Drama wearing her 3 piece patch with her sylb patch on her chest jumped in front of 60 moving motorcycles in an attempt to stop the Cossacks from going through the parking lot! The Cossacks did not stop. But after they did stop and get parked yes, there were a few men who walked over to her and told her what a dumb cunt she was for jumping in front of 60 moving motorcycles! That’s on video too!


  7. 60 motorcycles…more in cars. Sure sounds like an attempt to talk about peace… and speaking of cunts…the loud mouth hag who blasted all over the news that 200 Bandidos rolled in shooting must have amnesia like her pathetic old man. I guess she forgot how to count since it didn’t fit the narrative that they had worked out with law enforcement.


  8. And let us not forget Sandra Lynches husband Mike Lynch who has the cop on speed dial and took the stand at the twin peaks trial blaming Cossacks and naming names. I guess in the Los Pirades MC they”re Presidents are allowed to testify against people in trial. Even with the “I support the fat mexican” shield on his cut over his chest. WOW


  9. Come on Ron. Bringing up people wearing a support patch that any citizen can buy? Why not comment on Copsacks speaking directly to law enforcement before and after Twin Peaks, including one who identified members of his club who attacked a Bandido in Lorena. Not a supporter. Full patch officer Copsack.
    The author of this article and similar articles lately seems to speak out of both sides of his mouth. In one breath, the established 1% Clubs shouldn’t judge someone based on their profession or their former profession, despite traditional values that state otherwise. Yet he also seems to think that Bandidos who spoke in defense of themselves in court and answered questions in regards to who they felt were the aggressors and at fault violated the established traditions that we hold dear, even though it was for defense and not able to be used as previously undescovered evidence against another group. Merely stated what video plainly showed. But I guess if you like the poor victim story that the media portrayed, along with members and family of the poor sad “victims”, in every paper and news outlet that would speak to them. Double standard? Free patch? They’ve done it plenty of times before…


  10. WOW, another weak response. It’s hard to argue truth, isn’t it? There is absolutely nothing that can be said about snitching on the witness stand, no matter which MC member does it! You keep answering with your finger pointing at others, yet avoiding the big question: Because another club finds out they had someone talking to LE, does that justify Jake and Mike Lynch getting on the stand snitching, calling out people by name? Your justification of that is that a Cossack was found to be talking to LE? So that makes the old rule obsolete? All I can say is WOW. And you wanna talk about victims family members being on the news, how about that CNN show where Jake talked about how scared he was and again blamed Cossacks for everything? WEAK! The fact is, ya’ll thought that if you told your fabricated version of twin peaks enough, assassinated the character of the Cossacks who were there enough, used snitches like ol Charles at Aging Rebel to spread your fabricated version enough, that enough people would believe your bullshit version! Hell, even you believe your lies you have told them so much. And now, you don’t like drinking your own medicine. Your medicine of truth. Well suck it up cause there’s more to come!


  11. I will say that the loss of 7 brothers was devastating. we went there to talk to the COC to squash the rumor that Cossacks were out taking cookie patches that support the COC / Fat Mexican. which was a lie. Why in the hell, if we were going there to seek violence would we bring our ol ladies. I can tell you from experience, that CMC ( originals est 69 and NOT 1% ) does not go out hunting other club members or independents or even intimidate other riders or clubs. For the most part we just want to be left alone. however if one decides to try us we will defends ourselves. It was very unfortunate and many of us still have not gotten over it. Just ask the question. How come most had never heard of the original Cossacks for the most part and if one did it wasn’t due to illegal misadventures. We ain’t mom and Pop we ain’t 1% but we are Men that believe and take care of our own and Brotherhood is what we are all about. No patriot or freedom minded individual or group wants to be under a dominant clubs thumb being told what and where and when we can do what we do. we weill never be fodder for another Club and have stood our ground for almost 50 years and will continue to do so.
    we tried a couple of times to comply with the 1% run COC and that is exactly what they tried to do. so we backed out. Freedom to ride and wear what we want is our primary belief. Sure there are those in every club that have agendas other than what is our protocol and when we find them out they are asked to turn in their patches…hence the 1% Cossacks of Waco. I personally loved those that made the switch,I considered them brothers, but at the same time they have disrespected our patch and those men that died defending the Ugly Man. Hell if they wanted to run the 1% diamond why in the hell would they fly a Cossack top rocker. At least have some imagination and come up with your own Top Rocker. We wouldn’t have given two shakes had that been done.
    There will always be clubs who want to run and financially gain from members of other clubs to support their personal agenda, but the One and Only Original Cossacks / est 69 have no desire to be that kind of Club. LCDC CFFC Chip


  12. I think you all watch too much SOA and the author believes too much he writes. The Texas COC has never allowed Club business at its meetings. It has never been a place to work out grievances between Clubs. It is and always has been a legislative group, working towards biker’s rights.
    Ron wants to bring up civilians and their statements. He brings up Mr. Carrizal, who spoke about what was on video. But, Ron refuses to answer about his own membership working as confidential informants, providing information to WPD, ATF, Lorena PD, etc. It’s all on court records. Want me to throw those names out? It’s already public record. “We were asked to attend by a Bandido Nomad”….ridiculous. Others say they were there for a “Sunday Funday”. Others for a simple ride to get a beer. Only a few knew of this meeting, since only a few were told by this person. The person who he supposedly contacted now has amnesia and can’t account for his phone, his transportation to the hospital, how he miraculously escaped custody for hours, and apparently forgot his current membership. Get real. CI………
    You guys are being played for fools. When the shoe drops, you’ll be offered a lengthy sentence or an opportunity to cooperate. I’m sure you’ll recognize a lot of your “brothers” in PC.
    Keep believing what you’re being told. They appreciate your cooperation. I’m looking forward to seeing a few of those trials. Remember, Facebook isn’t anonymous; a so-called club that handles business and issues orders through a page ran by its National VP, even if it was deleted after Twin Peaks, is not immune. Just stupid.
    It will come back to bite some in the end, so I would hope that I wasn’t even on it.
    The overall rank and file Cossacks, the real version founded in Tyler in 1969, has some good guys who do their thing and leave everyone else to their own business. The wanna-be version who are too weak to hack it in a legitimate 1% Club, want to keep whining to the press and to anyone who will listen about the big bad, mean, unfair Bandidos. They sewed on their 1% participation trophy and now think that makes them someone. The man makes the patch, not otherwise. Once a pretender, always a pretender. You couldn’t even do something legit without trying to steal another geoup’s name, colors, history, and deceased members. Just sad.


  13. If you had proof of all these people being CI’s, why have you not been including that in your rant? By now you should have something to show in writing or recording of all these cops in the Cossacks. That would stop the debate in it’s tracks, now wouldn’t it? Oh, don’t have proof??? That’s what I thought. Back that shit up bitch or shut the fuck up. 3 years ya’ll have been screaming about everybody being a cop or a ci or uc……. still have no proof to back up your claims? Quit lying already.


  14. You know discovery is held by the lawyers. And you know that it is in court records about a couple of your Central Texas guys giving information to the cops, being encouraged to attend the COC meeting, and in a rather big part of the first trial, an interview with one of yours that was hidden from discovery until turned over by the Texas Rangers. You know, the one that Abel said wasn’t important because they thought he was lying. But that’s not proof to you. I forgot, your amnesiac leader hasn’t told you anything different to say. He still has to ask his wife and the AC…
    So, what are your thoughts on one of your 7 heroes raping a club “brother”? I guess any hole will do, huh? That, and the raid at his house 2 weeks before TP by the ATF. A lot of possibilities huh?
    It’s sad, but I almost hope you’re a CI or UC, and not just a dumbass who is getting dragged along to boost the numbers when they finally get enough idiots to drop the hammer on a case they can prove.


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