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Legendary Jim’s Proposal To The Black And Gold Nation for an interview to share their side of the story and answer questions agreed upon before hand

Legendary Jim’s Proposal To The Black And Gold Nation
Let’s say you’re a biker who lives in Texas, anywhere from Austin to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, and you are either a member of a club or an independent who takes a keen political interest in where you stand when it comes to the powers of the state and your rights as a man – a woman – a human being.

Let’s take it a little further. At a point in the past, the Confederation of Clubs and their constituent bodies – the U.S. Defenders and Legislative Strike Force – got a bill through the Legislature and the Governor signed it into law. Not too shabby for a bunch of bikers, huh? Now, this law takes a proactive stance toward our health, our safety. Let’s say you pledged a $5 fee from every motorcycle registration to a specially designated fund for motorcycle safety, a fund that provides hands-on training in riding techniques for new riders, cooperative public safety messages to make the public aware of the hazards of dealing with motorcycles in traffic.

Who administers this fund? The Texas Department of Public Safety – Highway Patrol, Texas Rangers, Driver License Bureau.
So, the fund has built up to $13.5 million and on a certain day – May 17, 2015 – you and your compadres decide to get together at a point halfway between Dallas and Austin to hear your COC representative to NCOM speak about this and many other issues.

The Legendary Jim Show

What’s the issue? The Governor spent about $4.5 million of the fund on speedboats and other equipment to be used on the Mexican border to apprehend illegal immigrants. Where did the money come from? You guessed it. Is that good business? No. The U.S. Constitution designates the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to do that job. It doesn’t say a word about motorcycles or illegal immigrants or the Texas budget.

What about the rest of the money? Well, the Speaker of the House isn’t releasing it because he’s using it as part of a large fund that in effect complies with a balanced budget requirement of Texas law.What happened to motorcycle safety?
Good question.

Here’s a better one. At what point would you stop asking questions about your $13.5 million?

So, when the Twin Peaks debacle occurred on that fateful Sunday, a big part of the leadership of law enforcement who laid the ambush for bikers consisted of DPS agents.How do we know? That’s what they testified at the trial of Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal. That jury was so impressed they very nearly acquitted the Bandit.

Comes now a member of Black and Gold who perhaps believes The Legendary Jim Parks is kidding about all this? I would like to interview him – with full attribution, he’s identified, so am I.
We sit down and hammer out a list of questions that we can agree upon. When I ask those questions, it’s live on audio and there is no editing what was asked or the answer that was given.

We’re playing for keeps, here. Why? Because the G is playing for keeps. They sent the Army’s Special Operations Command to Texas to conduct a test of Raytheon’s battlefield Artificial Intelligence software, Jade 2, in Operation JADE HELM 15.
How does that work? You have satellite surveillance, closed circuit cable video surveillance, and it’s all transmitted by satellite to a Department of Homeland Security Fusion Center. All this is part of the Patriot Act, and the bottom line is, you find that you live in an occupied nation, in which the cops are protecting you from yourself.

How? Another good question. The Midwest Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association came to Waco and organized city police officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, DPS agents into a cohesive force ready to take on “outlaw motorcycle gangs.”
They did it at the police academy at the McLennan County Community College.

Okay, here’s another clue. What does JADE HELM 15 mean? Joint Assistance Defense Executive Homeland Elimination of Local Militants – 2015 Now, when the so-called RICO case against the red and gold nation heated up and the G put out a press release that claimed they had busted four Bandits in which they identified one as a national officer of Bandidos U.S.A., Bill Sartelle, then president, contacted me and asked that I correct that.

All those guys had been out in bad standing for two and a half years. When I did, he proposed an interview, and I suggested exactly the same thing I am proposing with a person who can speak for the black and gold clubs. Incidentally, those guys have since entered guilty pleas to participating in the murder of a man they suspected was trying to form a chapter of HA there in Austin.

Why should we do this interview? Because we’re either going to learn to live together – as men – or we’re going to perish together – as fools.

None of us are fools. To have a scooter and ride it and live while living to ride – you’re absolute, positively demonstrating to the world with an upraised middle finger salute that you are not by any means a fool.

Let’s us meet and reason together to hammer out some mutually agreeable questions and let the black and gold nation answer those questions in their own terms. It’s a lot better than letting Waco Police Spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton speak for us.

He told me when I arrived at the crime scene to watch myself. It was “an active shooter situation,” he said. I could very easily catch a round in the back. The thing is, when I read the autopsy reports, I learned most of the guys who died or were wounded, that’s where they were shot. In the back.

Swanton was holding an M-4 rifle in a two-point sling when he told me that.

Frosted my onions.
I am sincere.
So mote it be.
– Legendary Jim

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