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George Christie- Exile on Front Street, My Life as a Hells Angel and Beyond . Insane Throttle thoughts on the book and the man

Recently, many readers were writing in asking me my thoughts on George Christie. Before I start the article, I must put out there that I do not know the whole situation on what transpired, I was only able to get George Christie’s point of view from his book “Exile on Front Street”. I have requested an interview with him on Motorcycle Madhouse and will let everyone know once I’ve heard anything.

When readers write in asking me for an opinion or thoughts on a particular subject, I like to get both sides of the story, in this case, I went out and bought George Christies book. This article is more of a book review than an editorial on George Christie or the situation of him leaving his club.

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The main points that I really got out of the book were how the Hells Angels were just getting up and going in the mid 60’s. How particular wars started between the Mongols and Outlaws from Christie’s point of view. Most of all, how Christie made the comparison on how the brotherhood use to be when he first started, then how he felt it was less than perfect in modern times.

Christie brings up many of the earlier clubs, such as the Satan Slaves and the Question Marks. Christie brings up the parties that use to be legendary. Before all the corporate held events such as Sturgis, Daytona, and Myrtle Beach, bikers and clubs use to find a place in the woods and party all weekend. Nothing but sex, drugs, guns and rock n roll. I was lucky enough at the end of the 80s to betaken to some of them by my father. Man, it was some kind of affair let me tell you. Modern times, those kinds of parties are becoming nothing but memories now. Everything is just too politically correct, people get pissed off for the wind blowing in the wrong direction now.

This book would be a good read for the regular citizen or independent biker. Christie made real solid arguments on how the government will go to any length to secure a conviction. I would suggest if you pick up his book, look at the evidence with the grenade pin. (Sorry I’m not the one to give spoilers) The arguments Christie makes can leave no doubt the government could’ve pulled off such a task at “Twin Peaks”.

What I really admire about the book is George Christie’s commitment to peace between clubs. With all the fighting and all the killing popping up lately, maybe someone within the 1%er clubs will realize that the wars will lead nowhere but a prison cell or grave, worse, the government’s ability to use such violence to pass stupid laws that affect all bikers and clubs.

In the book, Christie talks about his meetings with “Taco” of the Outlaws, a meeting that showed the type of man Christie was. George Christie showed up to that meeting alone. Then while meeting again was able to secure a short-term peace between the Outlaws and Hells Angels. If showing up alone, meeting with “Taco” Bowman, outnumbered didn’t show the reader his commitment to peace, I really don’t know what would of.

The biggest take away I got from the book, something that can be seen all over today. How brotherhood of the early years has changed so drastically in modern times. Be it club, or independent, can you truly say to yourself, brotherhood is as tight as he described it to be early on in the book? No, it is far from it. When I saw a man like Peter” Big Pete” James (Author of the Last Chicago Boss), a man I once rode under, get tossed out like he did, sick and unable to defend himself, yea, that’s all I needed to see about so-called brotherhood. Like Big Pete always says “Brother is just a word you use when you don’t know the person name”.

By the way, he is on Insane Throttles Facebook Page “Live” Thursdays at 7 pm. He enjoys answering all your questions and hopes everyone is enjoying talking to the Chicago Legend.

To get back to George Christie. I found the book informative, well written, presents a strong side of his argument on everything that went down. I think the readers will enjoy the book, it’s available on our website, click the picture and you will be taken to Amazon where you can buy it. Like I said before you believe any Internet gossip, read the book, listen to his arguments and then make your decision. Below is some of his quotes from the book “Exile on Front Street”. Informative information on how the Biker Wars between the Hells Angels, Mongols and Outlaws started. We will keep you posted if we can get George on the Madhouse.

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Spring of 1977- Swap meet in Anaheim, California, Hells Angels and Mongols get into a brawl. It was reported this incident was in response to Bud Green, who at the time was living with an ex-wife of a LACO Hells Angel. According to reports at the time, a member of the LACO Hells Angels swung on Bud Green and started the fight.

After that incident, the Mongols M/C decided they would put on the California bottom rocker. An act at the time that triggered an all-out war that lasts to this day.

Source: George Christie Exile On Front Street

While still a member of the Aliens Motorcycle Club, Sandy Alexander went to California to seek a Hells Angels Chapter. Fellow Aliens member Peter “Greased Lighting” Rogers, also an Alien M/C member at the time fools around with Sandy Alexanders women. Rogers later left to become an Outlaw in Florida, upon returning to New York he was jumped, leading to the 1974 murders of 3 Hells Angels.

Source: George Christie- Exile On Front Street
South Florida chapter president “Big Jim” Nolan ordered the 1974 murders of three members of the Hells Angels who were encroaching on Outlaw territory. Their bodies were found in a West Broward rock pit, weighed down with cinder blocks.

Source Miami Herald: 1974 Murders of Hells Angels

The 1970’s were no joke when it came to 1%er clubs fighting. It was believed for some time the Hells Angels were responsible for the 1979 Massacre at the Outlaws M/C clubhouse in the Carolinas. Turns out, it wasn’t the Hells Angels, it was two individuals who were not apart of any motorcycle club at all. It was two individuals named Pigg and Lindaman

Source : Courier Tribune. Outlaws M/C killings 1979 Massacre

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