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By James “Hollywood”Macecari
One thing that the United States was good at was exporting it’s motorcycle clubs. The United States Motorcycle Clubs such as the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos and Mongols can be seen worldwide now. Let’s face it, the United States started the whole motorcycle club scene as we know it today. You can bet a shinny nickel that any club that got it’s start here in the States or Overseas had one thing in common. They wanted to be the next Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos or Mongols. Motorcycle Clubs like these have paved the way for what a 1%er club should be and now everyone wants to duplicate the success these clubs have enjoyed.

Out Bad Meaning

Before I move onto the Foreign invasion of motorcycle clubs coming in and starting up in the United States. I want to address a subject that I’ve been getting tons of emails about. Many have writing in asking about what “Out Bad” means or what my interpretation of “Out Bad” means. To be honest, I use to be able to answer that question in a heart beat. When I was around the club scene you could only be put “Out Bad” for the following reasons.
1. You stole money from the club or fellow member
2. You shot up Heroin or were a Meth Junkie
3. You were found to be a fucking “Rat” talking to the cops or a Child Molester
Those were the 3 reasons that a member would be put “Out Bad” from a motorcycle club back when I was around the club scene. Motorcycle Clubs back then didn’t take members that were apart of some other motorcycle club that was “Out Bad”. It actually use to be taboo for one club to take another clubs former member ” Out Good or Bad” into it’s ranks. Stuff like that use to cause tension between clubs so it was an unwritten rule.
What does “Out Bad” mean today? Your guess is as good as mine. To be honest I’ve got no clue anymore what can get a member thrown out bad. There is so much politics in motorcycle clubs, so many different interpretations on what is right and what isn’t, a guy can be thrown out bad for pissing on a tree in front of a clubhouse now. Clubs have got so far away from the initial meaning of “Out Bad” I  bet members of clubs don’t even know what can get them put out bad. Bylaws, which use to be the heartbeat of a motorcycle club are just a piece of paper now, not even guidelines of what should and shouldn’t go on. Bylaws are now trumped by “Politics”. It’s about who can gain a position of power the quickest. Once that individual gains the power they hold onto it by using “Out Bad” to keep it. Actually, some in motorcycle clubs would fit in good with the way street gangs and the mob does stuff. Be someones so called brother and when the opportunity presents itself take them out any way you can.
I know Big Pete has tried to answer the question of “Out Bad”, but even he, someone who was a Regional Vice President with one of the worlds biggest and strongest clubs can’t because the definition of “Out Bad” changes with whomever is in charge at the time and how many of the other members he can get on his side. Has nothing to do with Bylaws, just politics of a few. So for those writing in asking, I hope I gave you somewhat of an answer to the question, but again, It’s a moving target and it’s hard to pin point the true meaning anymore.
Let me give you an example, I’ll let the readership decide on if this person should’ve been put out on bad. This is an actual real life example of someone who got put “Out on Bad” and verified through many of the members who know of the situation.
Former member of a large 1%er club here in Chicago decided to take some time off from the club because of personal reasons. The club has a rule that if they return within one year of leaving, they can come back with 30 days of probate time. So this member takes the time he needed to get his personal affairs in order. He decides he wants to come back to the club, but because he moved away from his former chapter he contacts a chapter closer to him. This chapter had brothers from his former chapter he was previously in. They are all gung ho to let this former brother back into the mix. He would have to do his 30 days probate time to get his patch back. Everything is all great, everyone is ready to move forward until the call comes in he was put out in bad. Now mind you, this member seen his old chapter brothers at swap meets and was hanging out with them and no one even mentioned he was out bad. It was only when he wanted to come back to the club into another chapter that all of a sudden hes out bad. Even the chapter he wanted to go into was like “WTF”, everyone knew this guy didn’t do nothing but take personal time off.
Turns out the only reason he was put “Out Bad” was because he didn’t want to go back to his old chapter and the President was all pissed off about it. Not to mention that his former chapter was no where near where he lived. He didn’t do anything to put the club in jeopardy, stole no money, never did drugs, but because he pissed off the ex chapter president that’s the position he found himself in.


If you’re heavily involved in the motorcycle club scene you might have noticed that in the last few years clubs with names like the Rebels or Comancheros have been popping up in the United States. These clubs origins are from Australia. These are well respected clubs in their home country as well as around the world. The Rebels M/C is actually the largest motorcycle club in Australia founded in 1969. Comancheros were founded in 1966 but are a very much smaller motorcycle club than the Rebels M/C.
So what has been going on the last few years those clubs and clubs like it have been expanding into the United States. Trying to get a foothold anywhere it can. Let’s just say they are in for some stiff competition, especially when it comes to being the visiting team on the home turf like the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, Mongols and so on.
The clubs like the Rebels and Comancheros who have a good rep outside the United States are killing that same rep inside this country. They are recruiting people to start chapters in the states that have no idea what the hell they are doing, have no former ties to any real motorcycle club and have no rep on the streets. Here is one such person Mike Cunningham. A guy that not only tried to be a National President for the Rebels M/C, but when that didn’t work out he decided to start up the Comancheros M/C. Now according to multiple people, this dude is no longer a member of either one. But as IOTC points out, who the hell would know because he is able to jump from one club to the next because these foreign clubs are taking anyone.
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Why Foreign Clubs will never take hold in the United States

With foreign clubs trying to open up chapters in the United States these are the reasons it will never work for them.

1. Have those foreign clubs officers even visited the country they want to open chapters up in? Probably not

2. Have those foreign club officers reached out to the 1%er chapters of the United States M/C’s in their home country to set some meetings up in the states with their potential chapter and the 1%er club in the states? Probably not

3. Did they put the potential chapter through a hang-around period or at least a prospective period before awarding a full chapter status? If not, you will end up with a guy like Cunningham who can bounce from one club or another with no issues. From what I’ve seen, Hell no

4. Although the Foreign Club might be a powerhouse in their country. Their name don’t mean shit here in the United States. They’ve done nothing to get respect here in the United States so don’t expect the sea to be parted when your patch shows up in the states.

5. Finally, you foreign clubs appoint National Presidents. You never appoint a National President in the United States because then you have them going all over the internet trying to start chapters all over the place and you end up looking like a bunch of fools.

What Foreign Clubs need to do if they want to start up in the states

If you’re starting something in this country there is a protocol to follow just like any other club. Reason why it might be good to get the conversation going in your own country with clubs that are from the United States

DO NOT APPOINT A NATIONAL PRESIDENT– If you want to get a foothold here in the United States and still keep a good Reputation, worry about prospecting one chapter. Let that chapter build up over time, see if they can last 5 years and grow. If one chapter cannot make the grade then how you going to appoint someone National President to get other chapters growing when they cannot even build their own?

All you foreign clubs want to take over the United States. Want to duplicate what you have in your own country. THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, plain and simple. Even if the proper steps are followed ( Just like when your clubs started in the 60’s) it will take decades, NOT a YEAR, to replicate what you have back home. If you’re not willing to let time be your guide then your just putting your reputation on the line. You will just end up with fools like Cunningham who bounce from one club or another.

Do not mail your patches or any club material!!!!! If your prospective chapter made it to full chapter status, have an officer from your country come out here to give the patches, or vise versa have them go to you. Make it known if your bylaws are not followed, then you will be sending someone out to collect the property. Just don’t go on the internet and say someone is out bad and not collect your shit.

If your club is dead set on multiple chapters in the states, then issue Charters, maintain control from your home country instead of making some idiot National President who will do nothing but screw everything up for you. Your club, in this instance, was started in Australia. Maintain full control of these charters from Australia, make sure these charters are not out there on the internet asking for members, especially if your a 1%er club cause it makes you look stupid as hell. Any self respecting club member will walk away from the club as soon as the internet is used for recruitment.

To Sum it up

Personally, I don’t think Foreign Clubs like the Rebels or Comancheros have much chance for success in the United States. Right now they are being looked at like a a bunch of pop-clubs because the way they are going about getting started here in the States. The quality of people they are recruiting and use of the internet to spread chapters around the country just makes your club look stupid and will never get respect.

Here in the States people go to the 1%er clubs to seek membership. The reason why that is the case? Because that respect grew over time , the club worked on building it’s reputation and the membership they took in. The club made sure it’s standards of membership was high, invoked a process of choosing it’s membership that would make sure it was hard to get involved in the club and thus gain a favorable reputation of being the club to join. It wasn’t the internet that grew the clubs here in the states into powerhouses. It was the ground work and dedication to the clubs idea and purpose that did that.

I will say this over and over again. The internet is a great tool to recruit for your riding club. Riding clubs are nothing like a true motorcycle club. Everyone knows a riding club is like a social club, it’s there for people to get together and ride with no commitments.

A motorcycle clubs is on a whole different level. These are people that you will consider your family, people expected to be there for you when times get hard, you cannot possibly think that the internet will produce the type of people you will need for your club. If you do, then I can bet ya a million dollars the club will fail. But hey, it’s your club and reputation on the line, this is just my thoughts, do what you think is best for you.

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Source : NZHerald
Police say it was “inevitable” the Comanchero gang would open a chapter in New Zealand after 14 patched members deported from Australia.

Musclebound and riding gold-plated motorcycles, Australia’s most dangerous gang have made a bold statement about “growing stronger and stronger” in New Zealand.

There have been 14 patched members of the Comancheros – whose former president Mick Hawi was gunned down in cold blood this week – deported to New Zealand under harsh immigration laws introduced in Australia.

They are among the hundreds of deportees, nicknamed “501s” because of the section of the immigration law created by Australian politician Peter Dutton, removed on “good character” grounds and sent to New Zealand where they were born.

For several years, the police have warned of how these “Kiwis” – many of whom had lived in Australia for all their lives – would return to commit crimes and bolster the professionalism of the New Zealand underworld.

Chapters of other Australian motorcycle gangs, the Rebels and the Bandidos, have been established in New Zealand for some time and involved in the lucrative drug industry.

But their bitter rivals, the Comanchero MC, have officially made their presence known in new photographs obtained by the Herald on Sunday.

Police say the establishment of a New Zealand chapter of motorcycle gang, considered the most dangerous in Australia, is “concerning” and anticipate the Comancheros could cause friction with other gangs.

Wearing the black and gold colours of the outlaw club which state “Comanchero New Zealand, six members are standing beside, or sitting on, gold-plated motorcycles in a series of photographs posted on social media.

“All done and sworn in…welcome aboard to my brothers in New Zealand,” says the Instagram post by an Australian member of the Comancheros.

“Another Comanchero chapter opened up. We growing stronger and stronger.

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  1. Regarding the member who took time off for personal reasons; he got a bum deal. The cause was personal, nothing really chapter or club related. That president was on an ego trip, something that won’t serve anyone, well. Logistics and common sense appears not to have been taken into consideration. I seriously doubt the new chapter broke protocol and let the guy in, regardless. Sad.


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