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Iron Legacy Collection- Dancing Indians, Duel membership in motorcycle clubs Iron Legacy and Blue Knights? Update on our favorite putz. Terry Swopes.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Usually “Ghost” is assigned to do the articles for the weekly “Truth Corner”. But after seeing the topic that he chose, I had to snag it from him. No worries, he will be back in true form next Sunday. I think he’s actually kind of relieved since he was hung over from the St Patty Day Celebrations last night.

So this week on the “Truth Corner”. From the chronicles of our partners over at IOTC (Iron Order Truth Crew) we’ve been getting a lot of people asking what IOTC meant.  We bring you some very special people from Iron Legacy. You know, Ray “Izod” Lubeski’s new crew. It seems that ol Ray has now started up a front group for the “Village People“. He has his Indian and the dude dressed in a leather cap. You can’t make this shit up lol. Take a look.

Iron Legacy MC
Iron Legacys front group “Village People” Enjoying a nice cold beer after a hard night’s performance
Iron Legacy and Blue Knights
Part of Iron Legacys front Group “The Village People” and member of two clubs at once

Iron Legacy! You some freaks, straight up. Hey, I have no problems with what two consenting adults do in the comfort of their own homes; to bring it out in public is some freaky shit. I wonder if Ray “Lollipop” Lubesky is going to have the honor of going around the country riding in the “Gay Pride Parades” all these cities hold? Wonder how the Blue Knights feel about one of their patch members running around with the Iron Legacy patch and apart of the ” Village People Front Group?”

Iron Legacy MC Insane Throttle Biker News
So what time do you want me to come over tonight? Do I get a reach around this time?

It’s obvious to everyone that this idiots over at Iron Legacy are not only pulled around by their cocks by Ray “Lollipop” Lubesky. But damn, being apart of two clubs, how the hell does that even work?

This kind of crap is exactly the reason why the M/C scene is all screwed up. You have these damn RUBS out there going around with patches on making the whole club scene a joke.

Oh by the way Ray “Lollipop” Lubeski. I still have that spot open over on Motorcycle Madhouse. I’ll give you a whole hour, no, I’ll give you as long as you want to come on and debate me on why you’re not a complete and utter ass-monkey. You would think that a REAL IP of a motorcycle club would want to get out there and defend his club. But you’re not a real IP now are you?

Facebook Question of the Day- Can a person be apart of Two 3 pc patch motorcycle clubs at the same time?

*Update on Terry Swopes below. He was featured in last weeks “The Truth Corner”

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Last week on the “Truth Corner” we introduced every one to Terry “Velcro” Swopes. This is a guy who was apart of at least 7 clubs in a one year period. Crazy right? Well we have an additional update on this ass-monkey. Our friends over at IOTC have provided us this ass-monkeys criminal record.

terry swopes insane throttle biker news

insane throttle biker news terry swopes

Terry Swopes Insane throttle biker news

My question is of the legit Motorcycle Clubs out there. Besides the fact this ass-monkey has been apart of so many clubs in a one years time. Would you trust this dude around the club funds? Or around your bikes for that matter? Seems to have a little bit of a sticky fingers problem don’t he? Unfortunately these are the new faces making up the club scene. Clubs who do not do proper prospecting or background checks are full of these types of ass-monkeys. Everyone wonders why there are so many brothers turning against brothers in the club scene? Well, there is your reason why.

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  1. Good fuckin site, Hollywood.
    I,too,fell out of the club scene. It was a pissing contest and …..well, you know the rest… But I still maintain hope and faith in The Original Vision….
    As long as I cannot still kiss God in the lips with my apehangers and I’m alive n kicking I won’t lose hope that somewhere, out there,
    is a good SOLID crew worth joining.
    I’m older n a whole lot wiser now. I’ve learned that The Prospect ALSO has to PROSPECT his potential club to see whether or not THEY deserve HIS heart n soul..
    It’s a two way street.
    Till then I’ll keep ridin solo as an orphan.
    Off the radar.
    SlickBack is the only way to go now.


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