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Comancheros M/C & Rock Machine M/C in running for patching over Kinfolk Members. Why these clubs still remain a joke. Patching over Club Jumpers for numbers. No Prospect time needed

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

These set of texts embody what is now wrong with the motorcycle club scene. It is amazing just how low the M/C’s have really sunk in order to get membership. You will notice one of the texts where dude is complaining about all the bad stuff going on within the Kinfolk M/C right now. He wants to drop his chapter and is getting feelers out there of where to go next. One of his conditions to moving to another club is “No Prospecting.” Guess he feels he is above the way things are truly done in the 1%er world. The real major 1%er clubs still make you go through a prospective period to become apart of the club. Don’t matter where you came from, what club you were apart of, your ass still going through the process. Nothing is handed to you, it’s earned. Stick with me on this. You will learn something. Following texts from IOTC Group Page.

No Prospecting kinkfolk mc insane throttle biker news
I guess it’s now the norm for prospective members to tell the club they want to join how the program works

My question for the clubs he is talking about in this text. Why the hell do you want anything to do with them? Instead of using their clubs bylaws to address the issues that are facing the Kinfolk. They cut and run? Not much of loyalty to the club they are in now. Sounds like they were just handed a patch? So if they will do it to them, what makes you think they will not do it to your club when the going gets tough?

Here is some advice to any of those Kinfolk M/C members out there reading this. Pull up a chair and learn something. If there is something wrong in your club, it’s up to the members to fix it. No one man or group of men run a motorcycle club. If you feel the current officers have screwed everything up or the rumors and evidence spreading around the internet is true. Then hold a damn Emergency National Meeting and follow your bylaws and vote the idiots out instead of patch jumping. If you do not have the balls to do this, then you’re no 1%er. No, deciding to jump to another club is a coward ass move.

My question to the one who wrote the above text. If you were so proud to wear the patch in the first place. Why are you bitching out when things are getting bad? Why not get on the phone with other chapter bosses and tell them it’s time to have a National Meet to solve the problems? Another question is. Why do you think you’re entitled to go to another club without prospecting? Seems to me you need some prospecting time because you need schooling on how to be a correct 1%er. After all, you bitched out when your current club needed you. It’s funny that you want to talk to the RM or Comancheros M/C. No actually it isn’t because you know all you will have to do is send over some money and BAM!!! You’re a full patch member. Try that shit with a real 1%er club and see how far it gets you.

Kinfolk MC Insane Throttle
Instead of Fighting for the club. Lets just give it up

Personally, if you guys over at the Kinfolk M/C can’t get your house in order. Maybe it’s time you give up club life. Go independent for awhile and learn what it is to be apart of the club scene.  Go hang out at some established clubs parties and learn from the real deal.

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On my lunch break I usually head over to IOTC and see what they have going on. I look at their stories of the day and come of the comments on them. I found this one particularly interesting because a bunch of good points were brought up.

Rob Jersey Insane Throttle Biker News

Like I said above Rob. Lot’s of good points. Let’s take them point by point.

I don’t believe they have any will to reach out to a dominant club because they probably pissed in their Wheaties by now sporting that 1%er diamond. They don’t have the nuts to go over there and tell them they were wrong and apologize for being a bunch of ass-monkeys.

You are correct on your second point. The reason why they do not want to go to a real 1%er club is because they would have to prospect and earn the diamond. It’s people like these that water down the true meaning of that 1%er patch. Reason why a lot of the clubs are now taking them off.

You are also correct that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The clubs that they are talking too are no better than the Kinfolk M/C. As a matter of fact, Rock Machine has been known to let a child molester in it’s rank, informants and god knows, maybe even openly active cops. What’s sad? Rock Machine and Comancheros had a good name when they started up in Canada and Australia. They come here to the states, shit gets all screwed up because they wouldn’t follow the proper way of bringing people in.

Former Rock Machine USA Member speaks out on Suat. “Don’t send money to him, you will loose it”

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Lou Wagner – National Nomad Rock Machine and former National President of Rock Machine Offense or Statute Offense/Statute:53a-70 – Sexual Assault 1stDate Convicted:07 April 1994Offense/Statute:53a-70 – Sexual Assault 1stDate Convicted:07 April 1994

Will those debating leaving the Kinfolk M/C listen to reason? Probably not. They will probably choose to start the cycle all over again. Sad part is. There will always be clubs out there to welcome them with open arms.

Kinfolk TEXT
Purported text From Diesel National President Kinfolk MC.

Personally, I cannot think  someone would be that stupid to put something like that in a text, but hey, nothing surprises us anymore. The source it came from has been very credible in this matter so with that in mind we provide it for the readership to make their own decisions.   Stay tuned. Sure more will be coming in on all this.