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Federal Appeals Court Sides With Cops on Using Biker Photos in Lobbying. Where is the COC? Join the movement to be apart of the solution. New Website Coming as part of Insane Throttle Biker News

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Before we get into the B.S that an appeals court just puked out. I wanted to give the audience a glimpse into some exciting things happening over at Insane Throttle. Next Thursday we will be the debut of Insane Throttles new interactive website. The new website will be more streamlined and also be fully interactive. There is an app on the website that will enable the audience to leave 30 second voice recordings for the staff right on the site. Just click the button and you will be able to give us your thoughts on articles, videos, podcasts. Give suggestions of content you will like to see as well as bitch us out lol.

The new website will also have sections of news, coverage of biker events as well as the programming of Insane Throttle Biker News. The news section will be broken up into the following categories. General Biker Lifestyle News and Motorcycle Club News. Insane Throttle in the past has been heavy on club news but we are now going to branch out into different areas of the biker scene to give a more well rounded view. Some people would like to hear more news about independents and non club stuff. So Insane Throttle will provide that selection for those who are not into the club scene.

The audience will also be able to listen to the Motorcycle Madhouse Podcast from the site with the new audio player as well as view videos from the Youtube Channel. We still ask everyone to go over to Youtube and subscribe to our channel cause that helps Insane Throttle to continue to bring you great biker related content through video form. When the debut gets closer we will put out the new url for the site. This site will continue to be the platform for all of our biker news posts and will be linked up with the new site.

Also wanted to take a minute to address some of the questions that have been coming into Insane Throttle about “The Movement.” Right now Big Pete is gauging public interest in joining up and forming an organization that is like no other the biker community has seen. There is all kinds of possibilities that could come out of what he is trying to do. Everything from a Confederation type of organization to even a riding club based on the idea of bringing a better image to the biker community and fighting for bikers rights. The possibilities are endless. The core idea right now is Old School + New School = Better School. He is looking to attract like minded individuals and clubs who think that core idea is good for the biker community and when there is enough interest in that idea we can start laying the foundation on which direction “The Movement” will go in. I know we’ve been getting a ton of interest in a riding club which is great. But let’s get everyone into the group “Better School” so we can start throwing around those ideals.

Fighting a bill that would have allowed Floridians to openly carry guns, two Orange County sheriff’s officers in 2011 moved forward with a plan to give lawmakers a glimpse of some people who might be able to pack heat publicly.

The Movement is more important than ever now. Important that the biker community starts coming together especially when you see things in the news like the above quote. The Outlaws M/C have been fighting a little known court case involving their pictures being used by cops lobbying against an open carry plan a couple years back in Florida.

The cops used in a ad campaign pictures of the Outlaws M/C in order to convince citizens that open carry was a bad idea because some of those who would be able to carry would be members of the Outlaws. My first question is why isn’t every COC charter around the country in outrage and reporting on this? This is what the COC should be out there kicking and screaming about.

One thing I always found fault in the Confederation of Clubs was they don’t have a centralized site and information center. The cops have a national media to get out their message and spread all the propaganda they want but the COC has nothing to counter that propaganda. The COC needs to be able to get it’s counter message out to the public. Personally, they need to get one person in their organization to put out their side of the story. They have the perfect opportunity with websites like Insane Throttle Biker News, Biker Trash Networks, Aging Rebel, Biker News Network ,, Motorcycle Profiling Project to name a few. The combined reach that these biker news sites have is astronomical. They have at there disposal friendly news sites to get out the information . Maybe if any club member who is involved in the COC reading this needs to get that to those in charge of an upcoming National Conference. Take a look a the article on this subject below.

One thing is certain. We have to start fighting back against these LEOS. I have an article coming out next week on that putz Ryan Urlacher. He runs the Law Abiding Biker site and is the mouthpiece for Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs. He also happens to be a cop and member of the Sworn Few LEMC. This is the ass-monkey that constantly pushes he is the voice of all 99% M/C’s. Last time I checked cops only represented the Blue Gang. But hey, I might be mistaking because things are pretty messed up. Nothing would surprise me anymore. I’ll be releasing that article and all of it’s goodies as soon as he puts up the 2nd part of the interview with Lollipop. Sure he will not like all the new information that is coming out and looking like a ass-clown for supporting such a punk.

Insane Throttle Facebook question of the Day– Do you think it’s about time we start fighting back against the LEO propaganda machines?

Is it the newer generation of bikers that have it all right ? Is the Old ways of doing things wrong? Should we be learning from them instead?

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By Jim Saunders, News Service of Florida

Fighting a bill that would have allowed Floridians to openly carry guns, two Orange County sheriff’s officers in 2011 moved forward with a plan to give lawmakers a glimpse of some people who might be able to pack heat publicly.

Fighting a bill that would have allowed Floridians to openly carry guns, two Orange County sheriff’s officers in 2011 moved forward with a plan to give lawmakers a glimpse of some people who might be able to pack heat publicly.

The officers pulled together booking or driver’s license photos of “one percenters” — members of motorcycle clubs — who might be able to openly carry guns and provided the photos to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Mike Flawless
Chief of Fruitland Florida. I’m not making this shit up. He is really in charge of Fruitland florida

In the end, lawmakers did not approve a broad open-carry proposal for people with concealed-weapons licenses. But the use of the photos led to a lawsuit that resulted this week in a federal appeals court rejecting arguments by three members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club that the officers had violated a privacy law in using the photos.

The ruling by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit sided with Michael Fewless, who in 2011 was captain of the governmental affairs section of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and lobbied the Legislature, and John McMahon, an intelligence agent who selected and emailed the photos to Fewless.

The civil case focused heavily on whether the officers violated a federal law known as the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and whether an exception for government agencies included being able to use the information for lobbying purposes. The appeals court Monday upheld a lower-court ruling that said the exception covered lobbying and concluded that Fewless had been representing the sheriff’s office when he provided the photos to senators and staff members and when he referred to them during a committee meeting.

“[The] record reflects that Fewless used the photos while acting on behalf of the OCSO [Orange County Sheriff’s Office] in the course of carrying out the OCSO’s lobbying function,” said the 10-page ruling, written by Judge Harvey Schlesinger and joined by Judges Charles Wilson and Susan Black. “The photos were delivered to the committee and were seen only by legislators and staff members. Fewless merely referred to the photos in the course of his testimony before the committee. Thus, the distribution of the photos related directly to Fewless’ lobbying efforts.”

A brief filed last year on behalf of three bikers who were plaintiffs in the case, Leslie Baas, Tracy Osteen and Doyle Napier, said the way the photos were used was not legitimate.

“To start with, it is undisputed the disclosure of the plaintiffs’ driver’s license photographs had nothing to do with any criminal behavior on the part of the plaintiffs which might be a legitimate subject of legislative or public interest, let alone law enforcement inquiry,” the brief said. “Indeed, the disclosure had nothing whatsoever to do with the plaintiffs at all but rather had the admitted purpose of propagating a ‘counter-stereotype’ to rebut a stereotype utilized in lobbying efforts by a pro-gun lobbyist with no affiliation to the plaintiffs that an open carry bill would benefit ‘bankers and executives’ who might be charged with a crime if the concealed weapons they were carrying were accidentally exposed.

To put it succinctly, the defendants [Fewless and McMahon], with the intention of creating ‘poster children’ for denial of a bill the defendants disliked, took it upon themselves to expose the ‘highly protected’ information of private persons who were believed to be law abiding … based upon a non-criminal private association [i.e. motorcycle club membership] and, most outrageously, the stupefyingly superficial criterion of an ‘intimidating’ appearance in the opinion of the officers.”

But in addition to ruling that the exception to the federal privacy law covered lobbying, the appeals court said the officers were entitled to what is known as “qualified immunity.”

“There is no case law clearly establishing that Fewless’ use of the photos was impermissible,” wrote Schlesinger, a federal district judge who was designated to serve on the appellate panel. “Moreover, appellants [the plaintiffs] were required to show that no reasonable officer in the officers’ position could have believed that he was accessing or distributing the photos for a permissible use under the DPPA [the federal law]. Appellants failed to make that showing. Appellees [the officers] are therefore entitled to qualified immunity.”

Jim Saunders reports for the News Service of Florida.

Motorcycle Profiling Project- More Felons in Law Enforcement than Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Cops response: There is more cops that’s why ! WTF?

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