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The Last Chicago Boss is on a mission to change the perception of bikers. Old School Combined with New School equals a Better School of thought. The Movement begins with you! Will Bikers and Clubs answer the call before it’s too late?

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

If any of our followers have noticed lately. Insane Throttle Biker News has been moving more center and putting out more positive coverage of the Biker Community. The last few months we found ourselves having to cover the bad side of club life. Be it shootings, people turning against their clubs and so on.  Finally I said to myself that Insane Throttle had to go in a direction that highlights more of the positives of not only club life, but stories related more to independent bikers. Sure, we will cover the 1%er news because it is apart of the biker community. But as this story tells, there is a lot we have to do within the biker community to ensure that the perception of bikers are not a SOA fantasy or LEO propaganda. It’s sure to get even worse with the Mayans M/C coming out later this year. More and more people in a whole different generation are going to see bikers in that type of light.

As you know Peter “Big Pete” James has been working with Insane Throttle lately. We had a discussion one night on all the things happening out there in the club scene. As you all know if you want to hear anything about the club scene then he’s the one to talk to. It was an awesome discussion about how everyone always talks about Old School. He was right, Old School is just a frame of mind a lot of the old timers have. It’s definitely something that will not be good for the biker community if we don’t start evolving. Let’s be honest & upfront with each other. It’s a different time period, different type of people involved in the club scene now. Most of these new jacks were not even born when “Old School”was the thing. But you will see them pounding on those keyboards professing something they never even experienced. That’s really one of the aspects of what is wrong out there. People having no idea what the hell they are talking about.

This is where “The Movement” comes into play. It’s time we start educating people on the true biker lifestyle. The Independent Biker. Again, if you want to talk old school? Honesty is a big part of that code. To be honest. The bigger 1%er clubs will not change. The beefs are too deep and for them to come to the table is highly doubtful. Don’t get me wrong, love the club scene, but facts are the facts. Basically is what it is.

So that leaves the rest of us bikers to try and change public perception of us, teach the younger generation the correct way, and possibly even use some of the ways of the New School generation. If you take a serious look at the rocket scene. They party, ride, race and don’t go around shooting each other or blowing up clubhouses. We old timers can learn a thing or two from them.

Right now as you can see from the article below. The government pretty much has clubs pegged as the kingpins of meth. Now, being honest with the readership, yea that kind of stuff took place. When I was around it was individual members making their cake on the side. Not an entire chapter or region like the feds like to go around saying. Granted, in the Illinois and Wisconsin area this is how i saw it. I cannot talk to the rest of the country. Does it happen were a club would be involved as a whole chapter? Yes, if I said otherwise I’d be lying to you. Facts are just facts. Problem is the government has propagated entire clubs for the problems of a few chapters. That in itself is dishonest and does nothing but create more problems.

Insane Throttle will always stand up for all clubs. On the other hand we always remain neutral and report what the facts are. If a club steps on their dicks, then it’s on them. The news and facts are there. If they didn’t want to be looked at in a bad light then they shouldn’t of stepped all over their dicks.

That is one of the biggest problems I see out of some biker news sites. Most of the time they will sit there till they are blue in the face trying to convince people the club was somehow railroaded. Doing that provides no service to the biker community. People for one are not that stupid. You loose credibility that way. Secondly if your audience do not know who you are, how are they suppose to take you seriously? This is one of the main reasons I tell all freelancers who come aboard Insane Throttle they must have a pic up on their work. If you’re going to be taking serious then don’t hide who you are. I know some are worried about what the clubs will think of what they write. But like every major club has informed me. They respect that Insane Throttles people do not hide behind a computer screen. They respect that we put out the facts and if they dispute them they have a chance to put out their side of the story.  It’s actually the way real journalism was suppose to be. Now, I’m not picking on any other biker news sites. On the contrary, I openly support a lot of them. They all provide a service to the biker community in one form or another.

The only site I have an issue with and I’m always open about it. Law Abiding Biker and Ryan Urlacher. The crap that cop spews is not only untrue, but dangerous to people that have no idea how things actually work on the streets. They follow that ass-monkeys words and next thing you know they are laying in a hospital bed or 6 feet under. Why? Because they didn’t have the proper motorcycle club education. You can not listen to a cop or cop organization that will do nothing for you but preach some bs over the internet. The dude rides for a cop social club. I don’t even consider LEOs MC. They are nothing but a glorified social club. You’re going to go out there and listen to someone who claims Ray “Lollipop”Lubeski did nothing wrong while he was President of Iron Order M/C? Even though the emails were starring the idiot in the face? You’re going to listen to someone who refuses to come on the Madhouse for an actual REAL debate? He’s a chicken shit plain and simple.

Here is the whole basis for Law Abiding Biker if you’re over there listening to his BS. Look at his webpage. You all that have donated to him have built an entire garage for him to promote people who pay him to promote their products on his YouTube channel  and podcast. Seriously take a look and see if I’m trying to bullshit you. You would think his donors would at the very least get some rally coverage thrown in there somewhere. You know why he don’t? Because Rallies wouldn’t let him in and he wouldn’t get any regular bikers at the events to talk with him cause hes a cop. He’s nice and content taking your contributions and putting it into his house. That shop is his garage. You want some real tech advice go over to an independent shop. They will give it to you straight without pushing a product on you from some video.

This is one of the biggest parts of Big Pete’s movement. Education. If we do not start educating people then our lifestyle is going to go to complete shit with people like him pushing stuff out there like he is. We need people who want to change everything that is happening on the street right now. People who want to improve what bikers are perceived as and put idiots like Ryan Urlacher and Alliance of Law Abiding Bikers in their place when they go spouting off some dumb shit. Call them out on it. If we don’t, you will start having hundreds of Lollipops running around on the street causing all kinds of bullshit.

As far as Patreon Accounts. It’s not the idea for them to be there for someone to make a living off of. They are there to further the creators goals of bringing more content to the audience. Insane Throttles ultimate goal is to have it’s own app on ROKU. Daily programming of biker events, interviews with the mover and shakers in the biker scene, a platform for biker music groups to have their videos played and other types of shows that are dealing with the biker scene. Yes, it’s a huge goal, but that is the goal we are working towards. Hopefully all of us working together we can make that happen. Yes Insane Throttle has it’s Patreon Account listed, but we are also looking for advertisers who can help make the ultimate goal happen. One thing is for certain. Everything will remain free to our audience. If you like to help that’s cool. If not, enjoy the content Insane Throttle puts out there. But you won’t ever find us doing what Law Abiding Biker does. NEVER.

If you haven’t gone over to join Better School Group on Facebook head on over. This Thursday on Insane Throttles Facebook Live at 7pm cst come with all your questions for Big Pete. Get involved and help bring a positive change to the lifestyle we all love.

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Biker Culture and Addiction: The Meth Prime Movers

The classic picture is a large-framed outlaw in a leather jacket, embossed with its gang insignia or ‘colors’ on the back. He’s usually taking a pull off of a joint as the strains of “Born To Be Wild” drift through the air. This is the common visual of the prototypical biker. In this day and age, however, a more accurate picture would include a slightly more conservatively-dressed figure entering a bank – sans colors – with a key to a safe deposit box, depositing a six-figure sum of cash. Modern biker gang members might be inclined to leave the colors at home for this. The money could have been made from any number of enterprises, but in the present day, most likely methamphetamine will be involved.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) are associations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as channels for criminal organizations. They are highly coordinated criminal bodies whose members engage in criminal activities such as weapons trafficking, violent crime and drug trafficking. According to the Justice Department, there are more than 300 active OMGs within the United States, ranging in size from separate chapters with five or six members to hundreds of chapters with thousands of members worldwide. The Hells Angels, Mongols, Bandidos, Outlaws, and Sons of Silence conduct the majority of criminal endeavors linked to OMGs, specifically activity involving to drug-trafficking and, more precisely, to cross-border drug smuggling. Because of their trans-national scope, these organizations are able to organize drug smuggling strategies in partnership with major international drug-trafficking organizations.

Insane Throttle Biker News Veni Vedi Vici Alea Lacta Est

The Hells Angels are the most well-known biker gang, and were formed in 1948, getting their name from World War II bomber pilots.  Though professing to live outside the structure of society’s laws as so-called “outlaws” or “one-percenters” (implying that they are the one percent that declines to abide by the law), the Hells Angels to have a highly-organized hierarchical chain of command controlled by extensive written rules. Membership, which is limited to white males that own an American-made motorcycle, requires more than a year of involvement with the gang. The Hells Angels reputation is amazing considering that there are only about 2,500 active members throughout 230 chapters in the United States, Canada and world-wide. U.S. law enforcement authorities estimate that the Hells Angels domestically have more than 92 chapters in 27 states with a membership in excess of 800 persons.

Although biker gangs have extensive history dealing a wide variety of almost every illegal drug, it appears that ‘biker’s coffee’, as meth is called, is the current staple for the gangs. In searching through the F.B.I. and Justice Department on-line resources, it’s impossible to put together accurate statistics for how much actual Meth is moved annually, but suffice it to say, we’re talking tonnage here, and they are undoubtedly at the core of the current meth epidemic, both through manufacture and distribution.

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