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Support Clubs left wondering in the Chicago land area. First in a series of articles on the motorcycle club scene in Chicago.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Before we begin the article I’ll make some disclosures in order to give the audience a fair look at the story. The angle it’s coming from, as well as a gauge to judge if the information is fair, independent and based on facts. As always. Insane Throttle Biker News gives anyone mentioned in our articles a chance to respond by way of Motorcycle Madhouse.

[ Since this series has to deal with Chicago and former clubs that two of the people who work at Insane Throttle were apart of. It is Insane Throttles policy to disclose those facts first and foremost.

James “Hollywood” Macecari also known as Topfuel at the time, was a member and Vice-President of the Dupage County Black Pistons Motorcycle Club.

Pete” Big Pete” James was the long time Regional Vice-President of the Illinois Region, Northside Chapter Boss of the Outlaws M/C, as well as the Chairman of the Northern Confederation of Clubs]

I remember the first time I walked into an Outlaw Clubhouse. It was the mid-90’s. Skid was President and the long standing struggle of Chicago was just beginning. How I met the Outlaws was pretty simply actually. I was already apart of another club. One that was based on a different concept in those days. It actually had more chapters behind bars than it did on the streets. Most of the original members were serving hard time. Some still in the joint till this day serving life without parole. I guess you could’ve considered it a gang, even though the guys on the streets were wearing M/C on it’s patches.

Skid 1%er GBNF, the Northside President at the time invited us over to the Northside Clubhouse to get to know them. (Only after we agreed that the Chicago rocker wouldn’t be worn any longer. It’s pretty funny, the Chicago rocker from my old vest is still hanging in the West side Clubhouse from what I know). I was a younger Kat back in the mid 90’s. Barley 21 years old. Skid was the coolest man I’ve ever known. He was a straight up, old school scooter tramp. The rest of his Northside crew were just the same as him. When we came to the clubhouse what a party. I always tell the story of the “Rattlesnake.” when people ask about that night. The AOA had an actual Rattlesnake as a pet. Coolest shit I’ve ever seen lol.

The club part of the M/C was approved by Skid. Back then not many clubs wore the support patch. But my support was cemented with the Black and White because of the way the Northside Crew treated me and those in the club I was with. Even after the club I was in eventually disbanded and went full time the other way. I would remain a staunch supporter of the AOA. It was people like Skid who kept me from going straight on gang banger the rest of my life or ending up in the joint.

Today I cannot have an affiliation with any club because of the work I do here at Insane Throttle. Having any affiliations would jeopardize the mission of Insane Throttle as being an independent publication, something that I truly believe in. But I can say this. The men of the Outlaws M/C and the Black Pistons M/C are some of the hardest working, stand up people I’ve ever met and had the pleasure to be apart of. The Black and White world had alot to do with shaping some of the opinions I carry with me to this day. One of those opinions that remains strong with me, something that will never leave me. ” You never leave a brother behind.”
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This premise actually played out twice here on Insane Throttle. The first is when I was granted an interview with the Iron Order in Wisconsin. I use to bash that club with everything I had. You can actually go read some of the earlier articles I did on them and see what I mean. How I got that article was my old Piston Boss and then West Side AOA member laid down his Outlaw Patch and chose to go Iron Order. There was a ton of stuff that led to that, I won’t go into it here because I’ve talked about it in past articles. But the one thing I wasn’t going to do was not talk to him because the patch he decided to put on. There was alot of blood, sweat and tears put in together with the old club.

The second time it played out was when Insane Throttle started working with “Big Pete” and eventually became partners with him in this adventure we call Insane Throttle. I KNEW he was put out bad by the club. The reasoning can be found in his book “The Last Chicago Boss.” The Reasoning why he wrote it was to get his side of the story out. But this is a subject we will cover in following articles.

The reason we wanted to start a series on this subject is because emails we’ve been receiving like these below . We get them ALL the time from support clubs and we’re hoping that bringing them out in the open. We won’t have to deal with so many all the time. To be frank, the email mailbox storage space is getting used up with this kind of stuff . We like to concentrate on general biker news and more importantly, profiling of motorcyclist and bringing a better light to the Biker Community.

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( I’m only talking about the Chicago Region, not anywhere else in the state or country.)  It’s a screwed up situation if the once dominant is treating support clubs like this because they are trying to hang onto what they already lost. Let’s be honest, if were going to be forthright. The City of Chicago is no longer the way it use to be. The question is how long will Chicago crews have a place to hang their hat? Their antics towards once great allies and support clubs has become miserable. The loss of support can only be blamed on their leadership and leaderships inability to see a bigger picture. In the past all clubs were friendly. All clubs enjoyed each others parties. How can you have fun or enjoy yourself when you’re told where to go, what time to go and how long you have to stay. If you don’t bring enough members you’re subjected to being jumped 6 or 8 on 1. These are not the Chicago Outlaws I remember. The Chicago Outlaws I remember were proud, honorable men who believed in brotherhood. Today, they are chapters that openly fight each other, boycott other chapter parties and very seldom talk to each other.

First off. Insane Throttle is not here to give advice on club politics, club business ,who is banging who or who is doing what. We appreciate the fact that you take the time asking us for our advice on subjects relating to clubs. But we do not and will not address specific subjects concerning internal stuff your officers should be dealing with. This is directed at emails we are receiving overall, not just what you see here in this article.

Our next article scheduled for Monday will provide more emails Insane Throttle has been receiving. Hopefully by doing this it can bring change to the motorcycle community and wake some people up. There is no reason why Insane Throttle or any other biker news site should have to be overwhelmed by these types of emails and especially calls to our Hotline. Insane Throttle will always maintain it’s independence. We actually are moving into a more general biker news direction. Not an inclusive motorcycle club news platform as we have in the past. To be honest. Not everyone in the Biker lifestyle is into the Motorcycle Club scene. In order for Insane Throttle to continue to provide content for free online. We need to expand the horizons. Sure, we will continue to have club coverage because that is our base audience. But we also have a ultimate goal of bringing a ROKU app with everything Biker. News, Event Coverage, shows produced by other bikers who would like to get their shows out there and a whole bunch more.

I’ll actually be doing an article some time next week detailing the goals that Insane Throttle Biker News has. I think our audience will really get behind the idea. So be on the lookout for that article.

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  1. Answer to question.

    It sounds as though the dominant is not doing well internally and externally now. Support clubs are really caught here and unless their leadership is seen in a respectful manner if not then it is little that can be done.
    If you drop off the patch won’t you be opening yourself up for some pretty bad stuff? Around here you are given only two options. Wear the support PATCH or fold. If you want to be in a or on your club you become a support club. Period.
    If you are needed for anything but more a show of numbers at events or area bike nights. I am not saying anything ABOUT either only it is not so hardcore here or do we live in the large city life. More rural areas and plain old good men for the most part.
    I am not in the situation of these Chicago clubs and if it were me… I am a loyal brother and I know I would have to be a dumbass and find a way to make this work. The club scene is not doing well and without the proven loyal members you get what you ask for…problems.
    It would have to be somewhere in the dominant that is seeing what this guy is seeing. But again I ain’t from there or know that way.
    I would try to fix it through one on one talk with dominant club and if this doesn’t work then bring it up to the support club membership. Either stay or not.??


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