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Confederation of Clubs- What is it?Is it staying true to it’s purpose of fighting discrimination toward motorcyclists? Alliance of Law Abiding Bikers- What is it and is it a competitor to COC?

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

In this article we are going to talk about the subject of the organization that many call COC, or Confederation of Clubs. How and when it was formed and if they are living up to it’s original purpose. As you know a competing organization called “The Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” has been started by LEO Clubs to counter the COC. It must be noted that 99.9% of the clubs in that Alliance are Law Enforcement based (Exception being. Iron Legacy M/C ran by Ray “Lollipop” Lubeski). They have an agenda against the COC and other motorcycle clubs that do not agree with their viewpoints. They actually use Ryan Urlacher (A Cop and member of the Sworn Few M/C, A complete LEO based Membership) to push their views on his podcast and blogs.

From the National Confederation of Clubs Website

What do the Confederation of Clubs do?

The Confederation of Clubs is set in place to provide protection for motorcyclists and to promote the freedom of motorcycle clubs. The aim of the organization is to discourage discrimination toward motorcyclists.

So how did the National Confederation of Clubs get it start?

From the National Confederation of Clubs Website

Making a Confederation for Motorcyclists

The success of this legislative unity was soon noted by the motorcycle clubs. These fellow riders were/are being discriminated against by private establishments open to the public, harassed to the extreme by our government and subject to law enforcement profiling and preconceptions. Bringing these patch holders into the coalition was totally another matter, but with much trepidation a meeting was called in Southern California to put aside past differences to work together, and in 1988 another political force was formed – the Confederation of Clubs. There have been a few bumps in the road but there are now, through the forward thinking and good works of the regional and national leaders of these clubs, 52 Confederations in 33 states and provinces all autonomous but working together in unity.

So we established through the main site of Confederation of Clubs how they got their start and what the mission was. There has been an outpouring of criticism in recent years that they have not met their mission statement. Especially from those people who want to be apart of the Confederation but cannot because the area’s Dominant runs the local chapters. Is this a rightly attached criticism of the Confederation of Clubs?

If taking on the organizations face value then yes.

The aim of the organization is to discourage discrimination toward motorcyclists.

Many have pointed out the very quote above from their website in support of their criticisms. In the age of the internet and continuing culture change within the Biker Club Scene many feel that the COC is nothing more than an organization that is used by the dominant clubs to hold sway on who gets to start a club and who does not. It’s also many times referred to as “Protocol.”


If the COC is an organization that is there to discourage discrimination towards all motorcyclists then many ask how they can continue to allow the rights, of those who wish to start their own M/C without having to go through the dominant in their area to do so taking away from them from members of their own member clubs? It’s a question many are now asking.

It is the job of Insane Throttle to ask the tough questions. We do not have any opinion on this other than a lot in the club scene are seeing “Protocol” as outdated and something of a relic from the past. Insane Throttle receives hundreds of emails per week complaining about the COC in this very sense. Is it a justified criticism? Only you as the audience can determine that for yourself.

What Insane Throttle does know. The Motorcycle Club Scene is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. The generational gap in the way it thinks is becoming more and more spread apart. If the clubs do not evolve than it will be at their own peril.

Right now the Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs have been pushing the “Law Abiding” tag for anyone or any club that is not apart of the COC. They have been able to convert clubs to their cause. Everyday the perception of COC as a organization controlled by the 1%er clubs go on, the more old and newer clubs will start going to the Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs. Again, times have changed. People no longer believe in the old ways of doing things.

Right now we’ve been reporting on “The Movement” that has been initiated by Peter “Big Pete” James. He actually was responsible for organizing the Northern Illinois Confederation of Clubs and ran it for 17 years. It’s in the infancy stage right now but has garnered a tremendous amount of support. It’s an organization for “All Bikers,” regardless of club affiliation . You can learn more about it by joining the group “Better School” on Facebook.

The Last Chicago Boss is on a mission to change the perception of bikers. Old School Combined with New School equals a Better School of thought. The Movement begins with you! Will Bikers and Clubs answer the call before it’s too late?
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Technology has changed the way the biker scene is seen. Many that were never exposed to the Club Scene are now bringing in their own viewpoints of what a motorcycle club should and should not be. One of the biggest viewpoints is “Motorcycle Clubs were formed on the basis of freedom.” It is a fact that rings true. Many will argue that having to go through “Protocol” is nothing but the opposite of freedom. Again, the audience needs to decide on that.

One thing that is certain. This newer generation is set to change a lot of what is happening in the scene in the coming years. The question for the COC will be if it will evolve with the times and be an organization for all clubs. Or stick to it’s current set-up that excludes clubs based on a Protocol requirement.



If the COC doesn’t change it’s attitude with the times, the coming years could prove to be a death blow to the confederation. It’s no longer about territory or who’s the dominant in the area anymore. People are seeking true freedom and the ability to ride together in a club of their own choosing. They don’t want to be caught up with all the fighting between clubs. They don’t want to be delegated to by another club. This is what is driving the Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs. They are smart in using it to gain membership because they see times have changed and it’s no longer about people wanting to be in a club because of the Outlaw image. Those days are long gone now.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the Day– Do you think the Confederation of Clubs is holding true to it’s intended purpose?

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