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Support Club Allegations against the dominant. The audience gets to decide. Is this how the Motorcycle Club scene is in Chicago? Chicago Bikers- Whats your Thoughts?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

There has been no other time since starting up Insane Throttle I’ve wanted a personal one on one interview with a source than I want now. Usually, I’m pretty cool about keeping calm when people send in stuff via email. Tons of hate email is something I’m use to. Comes along with the territory. But this email wasn’t so easy to stomach. Before I go onto it let me make the disclosures like we always do when it has to do with a potential conflict that might interfere with writing an article.

[ Since this article has to deal with Chicago and former clubs that two  people who work at Insane Throttle were apart of. It is Insane Throttles policy to disclose those facts first and foremost.

James “Hollywood” Macecari also known as Topfuel at the time, was a member and Vice-President of the Dupage County Black Pistons Motorcycle Club.

Pete” Big Pete” James was the long time Regional Vice-President of the Illinois Region, Northside Chapter Boss of the Outlaws M/C, as well as the Chairman of the Northern Confederation of Clubs]

When I sent this email over to “Big Pete” he told me not to take it to heart. Told me to stay focused on our mission here and trying to build up “The Movement.” I do not know if the audience realizes. Pete and Myself are no longer riding actively in any motorcycle clubs. Our focus is on building a movement that will build a better biker community. To achieve that we utilize the power of information through Insane Throttle Biker News to keep people informed on what is happening out there in the real world. We also utilize the new Insane Throttle Youtube Channel to provide education on the biker scene as well as  share personal experiences that might help out the new generation coming into the club scene. We no longer have any interest in club politics or who hates who, who’s fucking who and so on.

It’s true  the following email was sent into Insane Throttle numerous times. Here is some of the REAL reasons I’ve not printed it so far.

  1. Insane Throttle is known to try and put out the most factual information we can confirm. Again CONFIRM.
  2. Insane Throttle has prided itself in the fact we have started to expand the horizons and move more into the general biker news category. Yes, we will continue to cover club stuff. But we will also cover other subjects because not everyone in the biker community is into the M/C’s
  3. Lastly. Insane Throttle will NEVER be told by anyone what we need to print or put out there. If it fits a story line than MAYBE, we will use the information provided to us.
  4. Insane Throttle must be careful what it puts out there because we have such a large audience worldwide. If the information is malicious than it can cause some real world problems. We take what we do seriously. We are not hack jobs.

So here is the email that was sent.

Insane Throttle

Insane Throttle

Had to split same email into 2 parts cause we couldn’t get it all to fit within the screen capture

Now, was I an Ex-Piston? Yes. I’ve disclosed that and have no shame in being an Ex-Piston. My time around the AOA was some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The guys were some of the best I ever got to know. Did I ride with Big Pete? Yes I did. He was the Northside Chapter Boss and I was in Dupage County and attached to the Westside. Again, the guys I knew back then were stand up and don’t ever remember any of what was listed in this email happening.

Why do I mention this? Because now this email made me apart of the story by calling out my impartiality. Something that I will not lie down for. I’ve been known to go all the way to protect my sources and put the facts out there as I see them. When I’m wrong I always go back and make a statement to that fact. If I’m wrong and evidence is provided on this subject I will do the same thing.

Now since whoever wrote this decided to put me into the story . Here is my take.

  1. I haven’t been around the B&W since 2010. While I was around them I do not once remember it being the way it is described in this email.
  2. The Confederation of Clubs in Northern Illinois had a huge amount of clubs in it and was a place where all clubs, especially the support clubs, got together to work on the issues and most important support each other. Everyone went to each others parties and everyone made money from those parties to help  support their clubhouses.
  3. NO- Drugs, hooking out bitches, slinging guns and whatever LEO’s or media claim ever happened. Not once did any Outlaw or Piston ever ask me to get involved in illegal shit. Actually it was to the contrary. If you were doing something that could jam up the club then your ass was on the street without a club
  4. I’m I out Bad? Last time I checked I wasn’t. But since Big Pete and I have been working together who knows. That status could’ve been changed. Do I fret over it? No, because I NEVER leave a brother behind unless it’s presented to me that its proof positive. Big Pete was my boss and I will never leave a boss behind. It was the Black and White who taught me that during it’s own prospect period. I will stay true to that even when it will affect me badly. If it is the case they changed my status than here is what I say. “Regardless, the Black and White being the AOA and Black Pistons were there for me and if that is the choice they had to make because of my working with Big Pete, I can understand fully. They have to do what they think is best for their club and I hold no grudges or ill will.” But I will not leave a brother behind off of rumor and hearsay.
  5. I can tell you 100% for sure that when Big Pete was running the region. None of the stuff being talked about in this email ever happened. Quite the opposite. Pete is the one that would go out of his way to ensure all clubs got along. He would also make sure his own men didn’t run around and piss off the support clubs without cause.
  6. Is it happening now? I cannot tell you that information because I do not know for sure. I’m know longer in that scene. Is something wrong? Maybe. Why else do we get overloaded with all these emails from the support clubs? With that said they have to solve this on their own. Insane Throttle is a Biker Publication. We are not a club or have any affiliations with clubs.
  7. Clubs do not tell us what to print. We do it right down the middle and if they step on their dick that’s on them. We print and editorialize on facts. We will never retract a story or take it down because a club asks us to. Insane Throttle is in the business of reporting as fairly as we can on the Biker Scene and will achieve that mission independently and fairly as we can.

My take on the email? If it’s happening like it says , than yes, it’s bullshit. Stuff like that should never be done. Especially to those you want to support you. Actions like what the email describe only looses support. Not Gain It.

On the other hand, an email like this could be written by someone who didn’t get what they want. They could be throwing stuff out there to see if it sticks. Either way the audience, especially those in Chicago, have to decide if the things listed in the email are based on fact.

Insane Throttle fulfilled it’s duty  to the the readership by printing it and giving the scenarios it could fit into. Now it’s up to you guys to make up your own minds. If a member or someone authorized to speak on behalf of the AOA would like to contact Insane Throttle to put it’s take on these allegations, they can do so. 847-957-1656. As we always do, they will be provided the platform to get their side of the story out there. For those who want to continue to sending emails alleging things like this. Come on the madhouse and be heard. No more hiding behind a computer. Let yourself be known. Insane Throttle will not be party to drama. You want your side out there? Man up! Come on air and present your evidence. If you cannot do that, go sit in the corner and have a coke and smile and shut the fuck up.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the Day– What is your thoughts on the email?

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