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Be The Movement- What my personal ideas for it would be- What Are some of your ideas? Kicking it into high gear

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

The one thing that I’ve learned since doing articles on the Waco “Twin Peaks” Incident is it’s time for change within the biker scene. I’ve had to write about some horrible things concerning Waco . One of the things being. 9 men didn’t have to die that day or all those people arrested if just two guys would’ve sat across the table and had a beer. I do not pretend to know everything that led up to that day in Waco. I’m an outsider looking in. Gathering what I do know from some pretty awesome people. One thing about Texans is they are some of the best people this country has to offer. For the education I’m truly grateful.

Everyday here at Insane Throttle it seems like we only cover the bad that is the motorcycle club scene. I would agree with that assessment. Afterall, it’s usually the bad that ever gets reported in the news.

Seeing the reaction of people joining “Better School”  has shown me  people out there truly want to make a difference. The discussions going on in the group is something pretty cool. You have patch members educating people who ask for it, you also have some spirited debates. With that I wanted to start a conversation about where we all think we should take it. I know educating people about the lifestyle is a great start. But what ideas can we come up with to get it moving in the right direction?

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One thing I’ve learned since paying close attention to Waco; When Bikers come together we can accomplish anything. Look at what they ended up doing with Reyna. They beat that ass-monkey so bad he will be feeling that pain the rest of his life. 20 points of nothing but good ol Texas Ass Whooping right there.

Here is just some of my thoughts on this whole thing. Mind you, these are just my thoughts and ideas. Nothing concrete, just some thoughts.

What I noticed in the Waco incident (If I’m wrong correct me) was the Cossacks were not members of the Confederation of Clubs. When I sat back and thought about it, there is alot of clubs that are not apart of the COC. Most clubs for whatever reason don’t want to be apart of it. Some of those clubs are actually running to the “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs.” Yea the one ran by Cops and one that do not vote on the leadership positions. They hold the positions for life.

With that in mind maybe “The Movement” could be broken down into 3 parts. Each one having a familiar structure like National, Regional and Local Chapters.

  1. An Independent Club Confederation– One that is made up fully of Independent Clubs, Riding Clubs and Associations who do not belong to any of the two (COC and Law Abiding). One where clubs can come to the table to work out their differences and also stand together. Big Pete was in charge of the Northern Illinois Confederation for over 17 years and would know exactly how to get this going. Especially after putting the Northern Illinois one together from scratch.
  2. An Independent Biker Organization– This would be made up of just independent riders who do not belong to any group. Can work on issues such as Biker Rights, Running our own people for political offices and fighting Motorcycle Discrimination.
  3. Biker Education– Probably one of the most important- Everything from teaching people to ride and how the biker community really is. Have a PR arm that helps educate the public and change the perception of bikers and clubs. Have members go out to the schools and speak about keeping kids out of gangs etc.

So what Ideas do you have for “The Movement” ? What kind of structure do you think it should start to take on? There is no dumb ideas or dumb questions. To be apart of something that can make positive changes in the biker community you have to get involved. Click Here to join the “Better School“Group and let’s hear some of your ideas. I hear that we will be rotating some different people in the group to give some “Live Chats” just like Pete does on Thursdays. So it’s starting to get active in there. If a Lawyer could go on to start the COC. I know people that have much more experience in this lifestyle can do it; And do it even better. Organize something true and with purpose. If we come together it’s something I know we can achieve.

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