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Interest in an Alliance of Independent Clubs mounts as calls for change is heard throughout the Motorcycle Club Scene

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Insane Throttle has been bombarded with interest from motorcycle clubs not apart of the Confederation of Clubs about the prospect of forming an organization which promotes freedom, peace and unity between motorcycle clubs. We get emails and phone calls on the subject all the time. I believe the interest in something like this is mounting because many in the club scene got involved thinking it would be all about brotherhood, partying and being able to assemble together under a patch of their choosing. This hasn’t been the case for most clubs.

DisclaimerThis is an editorial based on the emails Insane Throttle has been receiving from clubs. We are not helping in setting any of this up. Again, this is just an editorial and more importantly; Answers and opinions to those who have been writing in about the topic. 

Some of the issues being talked about

There has been a pattern of worries clubs are talking about

  1. They feel an overburden of being controlled by the dominant. Clubs don’t mind showing support for a dominant, but they do not like being controlled or told what to do all the time. “If we wanted to be told what to do all the time- We would’ve just joined them as a member.” Quote from a bigger 99%er club
  2. The politics are destroying the motorcycle club scene “Who want’s to go out there and risk their freedom over something that has nothing to do with us?”
  3. The only reason why motorcycle clubs are fighting is because the area in which they are in. “If I was born in California I’d probably be a 81 Supporter. But I was born in Florida and live in Florida so the only ones I’ve been around are B&W. We are all the same so the politics are idiotic.”
  4. “If the Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs were not ran by a bunch of cop clubs- Our club would join that organization. It’s time for change before these dominants ruin it for us all.”

If a lawyer in 1988 could start a Confederation of Clubs. Why can’t everyday bikers do it?

The one thing that Richard Lester did was get the 1%er clubs behind the idea. This is how the whole thing was able to get off the ground and grow. You actually have to take an objective look at it from an outsiders view. When you look at it with an independent view, the picture of the complaints clubs have about the confederation come right to the forefront.

Almost all the clubs in the Confederation received the blessing of the dominant to exist. Everything from motorcycle ministries all the way up to the clubs who wear support patches. These are the clubs that make up the confederation. I’m not banging on the confederation, just stating what it looks like from someone who use to be in a club that was apart of it and also from an independent view.

With all the clubs currently out on the streets not apart of the COC, the smart move would be to form a Independent type of  alliance, association or organization. Especially if the organizations goal will be for independent clubs to come together to work out problems before they get to the point of clubs fighting against each other.

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What are some of the issues would an Alliance of Independent Clubs take on?

First and foremost I’m no longer apart of any club. Haven’t been for almost 7 years now. With Insane Throttle and the way the club scene has become. I don’t ever envision ever being in a motorcycle club again. Actually an answer Big Pete gave to one of the viewers on his Facebook Live summed it all up. “If things out there were the way they use to be when I first got involved then yes, I would do it all again. But with the way clubs are now and all the political stuff that happens  between brothers and other clubs, Then hell no.” That’s how I feel about joining motorcycle clubs. So when I put some of the issues an Independent Clubs Association should focus on it’s only the ones I’ve been getting emailed the most.

  1. A organization that includes clubs who would put all the bullshit aside and come to the table to talk out problems between clubs.
  2. All those apart of the association, no matter which club is involved, keep lines of communications open to avoid potential conflicts.
  3. A place where independent clubs can come together to talk about problems and come up with solutions to the problems facing the motorcycle club community.

Those have been the biggest suggestions we have been getting from members of independent clubs about what they would like to see happen in a new association.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the Day– What do you think of some of the concerns of Independent Motorcycle Clubs and do you think an Independent Motorcycle Club Association is a good idea?

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