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Sonora Police Chief Addresses Biker ‘Profiling’ Claims – Welcome to America. The New Police State because citizens let it happen. Socialism on the rise

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

One word to Chief Hitler. This is the exact reason why people cannot stand cops. The police departments in this country have made it a “Us verse Them” situation. Then you people cry in outrage when one of yours is gunned down? No, people are upset and exhausted of the blue gang running around out there acting they are above the law. The cop in the video was plainly trying to cause an issue to come up with that group of bikers. There was no reason whatsoever for him to go around taking license plate numbers. By the way Chief Hitler. What is your definition of Identity profiling? Yea what I thought.

See this is the problem with the so-called journalist. They feed into the crap to make a five hundred word article for a deadline instead of offering the story out there properly. Here is the deal. Your officer and chubby in the background were purposely there profiling and trying to heat up the already tense situation. The guy screaming was right. You think those metal shields make you king. In reality without them you‘re just scared little punks on a power high. Ask yourself. What would chubby in the background or Sgt Ass-monkey could’ve done if they got the shit slapped out of them? Nothing. You allow 300 pounds blue whales on the force.

This goes to another problem in this country. If it isn’t the left crying for socialism. It’s the right praising these people who intentionally go around trying to start a situation that didn’t need to be started. For those leftist idiots who watch CNN or MSNBC crying they want socialism or more stuff for free. Take a look at the cover photo. That is socialism at it’s best. You really think a true socialist government will put up with your whining asses? To those on the right who want to keep singing the praises of the boys in blue without knowing all the facts of the situation. Take a look at the photo. That is the future of your America and guess what? You’re the ones on the right enabling people like this chief in Sonora.

Chief VanderWiel emphatically states that the officers’ activities in the field do not fall under the category of profiling as it is defined in California. Under current state law peace officers are prohibited from engaging in racial or identity profiling and under recently enhanced laws, there are training requirements and reporting accountabilities when complaints are made to maintain specific records of alleged profiling activities.

America needs a wake up call. It’s going to have to start looking in the mirror. We are going to start to ask ourselves if this is the America we want to be. Politicians have this country so torn apart it’s laughable. We all recognize this to be the problem but every election cycle we are out there pulling the lever for the same people.

You want to know what the problem is here in Chicago? It’s not the damned guns. It’s the politicians who’ve been governing this city for over a hundred years. You want to talk racism and segregation liberals? Chicago is one of the most segregated cities in the country. Neighborhoods go by race here. This is the way the politicians kept it since the 60’s migration. Do your homework and think for yourself. Stop electing all these liars to office. Start holding politicians accountable. Take 10 minutes out of the day and watch what is happening in our country. 

Here in Chicago they are taking down regular clocks and replacing them with digital because the kids can’t read them. Really? Do your damned jobs and teach the kids the basics. By contrast, they want to pass a damned law where kids have to learn LBGT history. You wonder what is wrong with this country. That’s your politicians running around like a bunch of morons. Meantime our kids grow up to be idiots because they are learning who is blowing who pecker instead of what will get them through life. 

If we do not start standing together as a country all is going to be lost. The greatest civilization “Rome”collapsed and ceased to exist because it was divided. Least it lasted over 2000 years. The United States is still a baby. It’s about to destroy itself in less than a 250 years.

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Tori James, MML News Reporter

Sonora, CA – Following a social media posting of a video taken by a motorcyclist, who was heard alleging his group was being “profiled,” Clarke Broadcasting reached out to City of Sonora Police for a response.

Acting Police Chief Turu VanderWiel describes actions taken by police on Washington Street’s sidewalk beat early last week ahead of the Mother Lode Round-Up as “simply, some intelligence gathering.” Officers encountering several bikers parked downtown at one point took some photos of motorcycles and their plates, which particularly set off some of the group members who were wearing jackets that carried “Jus Brothers” logo insignia.

One of the bikers recorded and posted a video on YouTube that has since circulated, receiving nearly 6,900 views. Warning: before viewing be aware that it contains audio of motorcyclists uttering profanities while making physical threats to the police on scene. Audible audio at the end includes a biker yelling to departing police an accusation that their actions were “profiling,” further threatening to report and publicize the activities as such.

Profiling Under California Law

Chief VanderWiel emphatically states that the officers’ activities in the field do not fall under the category of profiling as it is defined in California. Under current state law peace officers are prohibited from engaging in racial or identity profiling and under recently enhanced laws, there are training requirements and reporting accountabilities when complaints are made to maintain specific records of alleged profiling activities. The categories involve race, ethnicity or nationality; gender, age or religion; gender identity or expression; sexual orientation; mental or physical disability.

While Assembly Bill 2972, proposed to address “motorcycle profiling” claims was introduced back in February and made it through the Public Safety Committee, it failed by a 28-21 vote to pass the Assembly after a third reading. It awaits a motion to reconsider made on April 19.

The bill specifically sought to have the Vehicle Code amended prohibiting peace officers from engaging in ”motorcycle profiling” while also creating a private right of action for individuals subjected to such profiling. The definition of “motorcycle profiling,” as proposed was: “deciding to stop and question, take enforcement action, arrest, or search a person based on the fact that the person rides a motorcycle or wears motorcycle related clothing, without having any individualized suspicion of the particular person.”

Chief VanderWiel comments that while the posted video preceded the Mother Lode Round-Up weekend festivities, it did not seem to put any damper on them. Downtown was busy, particularly for Saturday’s parade, which experienced a great turnout, he reports. He adds, “Everybody had a great time and there were very few law enforcement incidents — and we look forward to next year on that.”

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  1. It’s all part of the good ole boy system in Law Enforcement. It starts with the cop on the street, then their immediate supervisor and up the chain. Then comes the court system who are in bed with Law Enforcement, it grease’s the wheels and throw in the local D.A. attorney who are there to assure that as unprofessional and corrupt they may be that the whole Law Enforcement system rolls on. When actually the D.A. only cares about when they leave public service and go into private practice and make the big bucks. The moral of the story is, it’s all about money. And bikers are just pawns in a game.

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  2. I would suggest that what these guys did is the right thing to do. Stand up, confront and document. It’s worked really well for the black community. Every time someone is shot by the police, there is video, protests and outcry. The more this happens (confront the profiling on video and protest) the more the narrative will change in our favor. We as a community need to come together and start using the same tactics and messaging against the blue gang. Let’s use their rules against them, they way they use them to screw with us. Would love to see a coordinated training program teaching bikers how to film and confront police officers (maybe better school could do it). Then we could beat them at their own game…


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