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WE DEFENDED YOU.No More Bashing Clubs on the site or any Person-If you have proof then Insane Throttle would listen. If you don’t then go pound sand


 As you can see from the video above. I made an appeal to the AOA to provide some type of evidence against Big Pete on why we shouldn’t have him on.

Ah, the real Pete comes out. Just like I figured it would sooner or later and warned time and time again about. Let’s give the whole story, shall we? Today I posted on Insane Throttle that we would start enforcing “No More Bashing Clubs on the site or any Person.”. We’ve been getting trolled for days now by this dude who kept up about Pete being with Insane Throttle. So we put out two posts that have been going on as an example of what we won’t tolerate. The very first one was about Pete. And as everyone could see we replied to the post., See Below. Couldn’t get the expanded and reply to fit in one screenshot. So took two separate ones.



The Second one who commented was a follower.

posted on WEbsite

Our Reply to the post


WE DEFENDED YOU. Just like I did in the video above. Actually, it was time and time again that I defended you. You want to get pissed off about that post. Really? Why don’t you tell people the truth? That’s what everyone is saying happened. You only had a few of us out there calling it bullshit. As I said in our reply to this guy. “If you have proof then Insane Throttle would listen. If you don’t then go pound sand.” Plain enough if you ask me.

But since you didn’t like what the guy posted had to say, you got pissed at us for using it as an example of why we wouldn’t allow that type of posting. Another thing, it was up 6 days before I caught it and was able to get it down (Actually you can see the original Insane Throttle Response June 5th under the Meme So I have a question).  Everything about me has been in articles throughout the history of Insane Throttle. Never hid a thing. From being a piston to leaving the Outlaws. Don’t feel sorry for us. We doing just fine. As far as competition? Better School is something entirely different then what we are about so how is that competition? As you can see in the above post we even told the guy who posted “We don’t have anyone running any group.”


Here’s the truth. You can run around screaming at the top of your lungs about all you’ve done or who you were. Truth is plain and simple. YOUR OUT BAD. The club wants nothing to do with you and cannot stand you. They talk about you like a dog. That isn’t me talking or anyone of their supporters. That’s the club talking. Basically. You were never an Outlaw to them. And that’s coming from a couple of them.

Let’s show some more of the crap we had to deal with while you were with us and how much we stood up for you. We took out parts containing the phone number and club officers names. This is some of the stuff that would hit our hotline and we would respond to some. Yea was a cake walk defending you.

Screenshot-2018-6-12 Google Voice - (773) 466-7798

One of the many fun conversations we’ve had to endure. Even then I stood with PETE

Then you try and push the AOA stories on me? Yea I wrote them. But who the hell does everyone think gave me the information? I wasn’t even around when that shit happened. I didn’t even know any of those people. I take responsibility for what I wrote because I trusted you to be truthful. You said it happened and I did the story cause it was newsworthy.

Finally, you’re going around bashing people about Protocol on Youtube. You’re on a video threatening to sell club property? Really? How do those club members who are apart of that group look upon that? Actually, one thing that is fascinating is everyone is talking club protocol and members of clubs are following someone who is OUT BAD from a big 4 club. How the hell does that make any sense? Kind of an oxymoron trying to teach people about club protocol when you’re going against it this whole time. Did any of you in those clubs give the AOA a courtesy call and find out there side?

Shit, even Insane Throttle shouldn’t have had Pete on. We went against our norm of staying neutral because I thought you could bring something to the discussion. That I apologize to the AOA. My bad. Should’ve listened when we were being contacted about this. It wasn’t right and we should’ve never provided a platform. After all. You were only doing Wednesday night COC talks with 20 people tuning in until we brought you over to the Throttle. Then Youtube lol. You give a number from the total combined programs. That wasn’t only you. Don’t be patting yourself on your back. You’re only at 15,000 views right now almost a month in on your channel. Kinda of the drastic cut in popularity.

Do I think the charges against Big Pete are factual? That I cannot bring myself to believe. It makes no sense. But again, I wasn’t involved and don’t know what happened. I took Pete’s word. Ratings? We’ve jumped since you left Insane Throttle. Both on Facebook, Harleyliberty, and Youtube. Why? I’m guessing some can answer that. Maybe it’s the people we alienated who supported the AOA when we brought you aboard, now that they know we haven’t had you on they are joining back up. Who knows. One thing is for sure. It is what it is. We will stay our current format of only club news being reported by outside sources. And Insane Throttle will go back to neutrality. No Talking about clubs on the social media pages. No bashing other individuals. Basically, what this was all about in the first place. 

Here’s what I do Know. I’m done sticking up for you. I went all the way for you. I do wish you the best and hope you sell a lot of books. But like you have said. You’re stating your side of what happened in the book. So there are two sides of a story and we haven’t reported on AOA side of things. Like you said it took them 15 years to get you out of there. So the question becomes, It must have been something pretty serious for a Regional Vice President to be put Out Bad. By the way, if anyone is confused. The post that started all this was posted 4 hours ago. Take a gander yourself.

Oh by the way. You’re not my fucking boss. Dude, that ship sailed a long time ago. Maybe some of your followers might want to think about that. Especially next time you get pissed off at them and then they are the pieces of shit.







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  1. I obviously missed something along the way. I have been in the ozone somewhere and just haven’t connected up the stuff.
    I have no dog in this fight and if the people involved are up and up then it’s no problem to face it and discuss it.
    If you BP are who these people say then face it, ask forgiveness or tell then to fuck off but get it done and move on.
    Just my take on a bad situation.


  2. Yea They can go pound sand. One only has to go through articles on this page to see how open and honest I’ve been. Everything from Being a Piston to leaving the Outlaws 51 days before first vote and why. It was an unfortunate situation. Our bad for not staying neutral like we’ve always done . But we’ve moved on and wish Pete the best of luck