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Gypsy Joker bikie charged with allegedly holding ex-girlfriend captive at clubhouse:Fears of simmering bikie war in Perth

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A Facebook group is attempting to coordinate a round-the-world motorbike relay with only female participants. The Women Riders World Relay was set up to make the industry realise just how many female bikers there are out there.


“I’m tired of going into motorcycle stores and seeing four variations of pink leather jackets, that look as though they have been thrown together as a half-arsed attempt after they have spent months creating fantastically designed men’s suits,” says group creator Hayley Bell on the group’s page.

“I’m not preaching feminism, nor am I subjecting myself or our group to being labelled as ‘anti-man’. And there is no ‘but’ following this sentence. I want to show the industry the force behind the market that is so blindly overlooked. We ride. We Race. We Explore. We cruise.”

Since the group was formed at the end of August, over 5,000 women around the world have joined. If you want to get involved, visit the Women Riders World Relay Facebook group page.

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ABC News

A man accused of kidnapping and assaulting his ex-girlfriend at a bikie clubhouse in western Sydney will remain behind bars after facing court today.

Chad Hogg allegedly grabbed Cheyane Lubec while she was walking on street in Cambridge Park and forced her into a Ford Mustang on Sunday evening.

The 22-year-old was then driven to the Gypsy Joker clubhouse at Horsley Park, where she was allegedly bound to a pole and repeatedly assaulted for two days.

Police allege she was yesterday driven to a house in Penrith, before she escaped and fled to another property and called authorities.

More than 50 riot and highway patrol officers surrounded the Bikie clubhouse while a helicopter circled above late yesterday afternoon.

Two hours later, Mr Hogg opened the gate of the heavily fortified clubhouse and surrendered himself to police.

He was taken to Fairfield Police Station where he was charged with four offences, including domestic violence assault occasioning bodily harm, and detain person with intent to obtain advantage cause actual bodily harm.

Today, Mr Hogg’s lawyer chose not to apply for bail and it was formally refused when the case was briefly heard at Fairfield Court this morning.

Mr Hogg had SS lightning bolts — a symbol of Nazi Germany — tattooed on the back of his neck, as well as The Joker from Batman.

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9 News

Fears are mounting of a brewing bikie war in Perth after a motorcyclist was shot in a drive-by attack following a recent string of tattoo parlour fire-bombings, prompting police to create a special taskforce.

Gang Crime Squad detectives are investigating the shooting in Calista on Tuesday night, which left the 53-year-old male victim in a serious but stable condition under police guard in hospital.

A police spokeswoman told AAP the motorcyclist pulled over for an approaching car that he thought might have been driven by police, but was shot at close range by the occupants.

Commissioner Chris Dawson revealed earlier this month police were concerned about an ongoing dispute between the Rebels and Comancheros.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, State Crime Acting Commander Kim Massam confirmed the victim had a “loose association” with a bikie gang but could not say if the Rebels or Comancheros were involved.

Acting Cmdr Massam said the shooting had prompted the creation of Operation Seagrass and raids were being executed in the city’s south as he spoke.

Five tattoo shops have been deliberately torched between March and August, and police believe the fires are linked.

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Earlier this month, the perimeter wall of a Waikiki house believed to be the home of a bikie club president was peppered with bullets.

Act Cmdr Massam said there was a “level of linkage” between the arsons and the Waikiki shooting.

He said the aim of the operation was community safety and to put “people in jail”.

“We are very keen to see outlaw motorcycle gangs in Western Australia dismantled,” he said.

“Every waking hour is designed to bring those clubs down, to disrupt criminal activity.

“Tensions have escalated and we’ve reacted to that.”



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