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The Negative Effects of a Government Grab of the Mongols Logo and Trademarks. What are the risks to you and the biker community as a whole if they win?

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The Negative Effects of a Government Grab of the Mongols Logo and Trademarks.

By James “Hollywood”Macecari
Who else sees the intentional increase of police getting out of control and acting outside the law? Well, the government has now seen fit to not only try and take the Mongols Club Logo in California; multiple police agencies around the country have been on a campaign of blatant profiling missions. This is a page out of Task Force Raptor in Oz.

Christopher Michael Brunwin #158939
License Status: Active
Address: Ofc US Attorney, 312 N Spring St # 1336, Los Angeles, CA 90012
County: Los Angeles County
Phone Number: (213) 894-4242
Fax Number: (213) 894-3713
Law School: UC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA

Christopher Brunwin, the prosecutor on this case stated the following in his opening statements.
“You’re going to hear evidence in this case that Mongols Nation encourages, supports and rewards its members for committing crimes,”
“You’re going to hear this in their own words,”
“You’re going to hear them bragging about their crimes… and even rapping about their crimes,
“You’re going to see another man in a parking lot with Mongols pursuing him at length… shooting at him,”

Notice how this District Attorney is lumping every member of the Mongols into the same mold. I wonder if this prosecutor would do the same with police officers? After all, the police commit more felony crimes than any of the 1%er clubs combined. But again, it’s alright to label 1%ers all criminal just because they belong to a club in which a few members have committed offenses. I actually believe it’s under a percentage point if you wanted to get real when taking in account how many members commit crimes.
By the way, I encourage all of our readership to drop an email. If your not into emails than make a call to this prosecutor to let him know your feelings on this matter. It’s only when people get involved we will see change. Like I said in yesterdays opinion piece; most people like sitting back while others do the work. The battles we are facing as a community right now we need every one deck.

What if the Mongols Motorcycle Club loose their case against the patch grab by the Government? Pagans MC Video Enclosed. Part 1 of 3.
Let’s take a walk down memory lane before I go any further. I want you to ask yourself why you wanted to be apart of the biker lifestyle. I’m not talking about being in a motorcycle club. No, the question is why did you want to become a biker? Most will say the same old tired shit. Freedom of the open road. Freedom to express your personality among like minded individuals. Rubs more often than not, being something they are not. You all knew I would have to rag on the rubs somewhere in this piece lol. Seriously though most people became a biker because it’s a lifestyle that embodied everything they were about. I can actually bet most who became bikers did so because when they were kids they got that sighting of an outlaw biker riding by. They took their bikes and ran around the neighborhood emulating what they saw. Stop and think about it for a second. Take the angle looking through a kids eye of what they imagined a biker to be all about. It wasn’t just about freedom; it was all about the attitude.
So where is all this going? The attitude in the biker community is nothing like what it use to be. Especially when it comes to bikers bonding together to fight stuff like what is happening with law enforcement. No, now we have the generation of PC bikers involved in the mix. The ones who actually opened the door to leos. I’ve talked about this subject over the past two days concerning these so called law-abiding clubs. Here you have so called clubs perpetrating this lie that they are traditional. Come on really? Everyone knows clubs were always on one side of the line and cops on the other. Clubs, especially early clubs, didn’t have members of law enforcement in their ranks! No, this is the pc rubs using the internet to spread this bullshit because they need the cops for protection. Put it this way. Why do you think you’re seeing all this fuckery within the club scene now? It’s because you have a bunch of cowards who couldn’t make it in real clubs. This is why they ran off and started their own, so they wouldn’t have to prospect. This is were the internet started being used for the recruitment and BOOM, everything started going to hell. Cops had the way in to go against the real clubs and cause havoc like they are doing now.

What do the Mongols Motorcycle Club, Pagans Motorcycle club have in common? Texas Ground zero in fight for biker rights. Video Enclosed. Must Watch

Back to the Mongols patch case. I could go on and on about these self-proclaimed law abiding clubs but don’t want no more air wasted on them. So, what’s the negative effects we all as bikers will experience if the Mongols Motorcycle Club looses the patch case?

1. It will give Law Enforcement a green light to do whatever they like when it comes to harassing not only clubs, but independents as well.2. It opens the door to further actions by the government like legislation being passed to further infringe on our rights not only as bikers, but American Citizens.
3. We will lose our identity as an American people because the government is able to decide our rights to free association.
4. This case is being used to usher in the VLAD laws currently in Australia. If you do not understand the VLAD laws, I suggest you start reading up on them.
5. The divide within the biker community becomes even greater. For example, the divide between those who are members of clubs, supporters of clubs and those who are RUBS and Independents who support police.

Former federal agent testifies about his years undercover with the Mongols Motorcycle Club in Gov attempt to strip Mongols of their patch. Video Enclosed
I invite you over to our YouTube Channel. On the channel you will be kept abreast of what is going on in the biker scene. The Biker Angle is a daily program that brings all the issues facing the biker scene right out in the open. No PC bullshit, just the facts and honest discussion.
Will you start getting involved? Can you take the five minutes needed to call the number above and tell them.”We Will Not Stand For Our Rights Being Taken From Us?” It’s as simple as letting the fingers do the walking. Don’t be that person who sits by and lets others put in the work for them. You want to claim to be a biker than get involved in this case. Don’t let this government take away our right to free association.
This Veterans Day it’s more important than ever to honor the sacrifice of our vets by fighting back against this power grab by the government. You may not like the Mongols, but this is the time to put that aside and take on the real problem. The ones in the suits who think they have a blank check to do as they wish. It’s time to send them a message we wont sit by and let them dictate to us what they consider to be right.


  1. Leave them alone damn… Playing fire.. If the govt does it then they might as well do it too all street gangs, and clubs etc.. But tbey cant do that. All i would do is bounce to another club or gang..If someone disrespects or messes with cops what happens? Same with other situations dont step on toes and you wont get stomped


  2. As a mother of a Mongol I have so many different types of opinions on on this matter but what’s wrong is wrong if we as the people as a mother as a member allow this to happen Our Lives as we know it are over this goes so much deeper then a patch open your eyes people get involved this law must not pass


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