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Featured motorcycle build:The “Ol’ Bitch” Make: 1980 Home Made. Model: Bird of Prey Owner Capn Drift.

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The “Ol’ Bitch”
Make: 1980 Home Made.
Model: Bird of Prey (no shit. See attached insurance info).
Pilot and Wrench: Cap’n Drift (since 1980).

Front end: 21” powder coated, 2.15 aftermarket rim and 3/4 “ hub with HD stainless spokes. The tire’s an Avon M20 Roadrunner. The lowers are 1972 to early ’77 Shovelhead, swapped side to side and rotated 180 degrees. The Tokico brake caliper and custom bracket are from Fab Kevin. The rotor is an aftermarket 10”.

You might notice I drilled out the fender bracket rivets and replaced them with button head fasteners. Or you might not.

The stanchions (tubes) are 32” long and were cut by Frank. They run the old Hydra Glide dampers.

The trees are regular old Wide Glide, source unknown. The rake is somewhere around 42 degrees. I’m not sure … we keep arguing about it.

The LED headlight is from Trail Tech and no longer in production (yes, I’ve a spare). The wind screen is Wind Vest. I cut the relief for the light.
The bars are buck horn style. Yep, I know the risers are mounted backwards. The brake master cylinder (5/8” bore) with remote reservoir are Chinese, bought off of E-Bay. I had the 7/8” mounting clamps machined out to 1” (the bar diameter) and fab’d the reservoir mount. The brake light wiring is for an Italian Lambretta scooter purchased from a shop in England via the internet (no, I’m not making this shit up, man).

Electrics: The wire itself is from a spool I found in the shop: every time I go to look for wire. The generator is 12v with an electronic regulator. Ignition is the QuickStart 2000, from EBeyond (I think Ed makes them in his garage or something, somewhere in the Midwest). The coil is a 4 ohm Dynatek. Yes, I know the 4 ohms are green. I painted it black, okay? The plug wires are Sumax. I run the Autolite 65 spark plugs (the terminal is integral with the center electrode and can’t rattle loose). The tail light might be LED, or not. What day of the week is it?

Frame: Who the fuck knows? I traded a butchered swing arm frame for this one around ’81. It’s a weld on hard-tail with some (obvious) neck work. I welded the tank mounts to it (which, happily, you can’t see). On the right side of the neck you might notice the stamped “AZ” I.D. numbers. That was from back when I had a bonded Arizona title reading “1962 FL Harley Davidson, blah, blah.” When I moved to Washington DMV called bullshit on the ’62 HD so now she has Washington builders’ numbers. Assholes.

The 25 year old paint (frame, tanks, fenders) was by Lawrence of the old D&E Auto. in Vancouver, Washington. I did the grunt work; sanding, molding… All of the powder coating (lowers, dash, push rod tubes, air cleaner, anything that’ll fit in my large toaster oven) is by me.

Engine: Basically, a ’62 pan/shovel. The cases are ’62 FL. The heads are STD with a Shovel configuration, though they sport tin tops and pan exhaust spigots (intakes are Shovel) You know, because I’m like a fucking poseur. The rods are S&S heavy duty, the wheels are stock configuration. The pinion shaft is a JIMS end oiler. The jugs are .040 over (maintenance). The cam shaft is an Andrews “J” Grind. The lifters are solid with light weight 7/16” push rods. There’s nothing like “hotroding ” a tractor, eh? The oil pump is a Sifton hi-flo. The carb is an older S&S Shorty-E. I think the jets are; .031 intermediate with a .074 main. I think. Maybe. Okay, fine, I don’t remember. Get the fuck off’a me.

We built the exhaust. I wanted to replicate the old Alphabet two into one system and I think we came close, though my can has a baffle and not packing like the Alphabet. Kurtis Kleiv out in Hillsboro welded up the head pipes. The collector and can are mail-order-catalog. We cut at least three inches out of the can (as much as we could without getting into the baffle) just before the duck cut. You can see the weld. Tits, huh? I fabricated, modified the exhaust heat shields.

Primary and Tranny: The 2” belt, basket and engine pulley are BDL. I don’t remember the number of teeth on the belt, 144 or something, I think. I dunno. The hub is five fingered with the Ramjet bearing conversion. The basket is deeper than a stock Pan, carrying five and four. The friction plate springs are the super-duper kind, and red! Red always makes things go faster. Everybody knows that.

The tranny is a pre-’65 case with post ’65 guts. The counter shaft is Shovel. I installed an Andrews close ratio third gear cluster. The shifter top is what was once called a “Jock Top:” the same shifting mechanism found on the old tank shift bikes. First is here / and fourth here \ on the handle. It’s a straight line with no automajic return to the starting point. Oh yeah, you might notice I clutch with my foot. The starter is kick only. Or push (shrug). The chain drive gears are 24 and 47. Fourth will run down the highway at 80mph all fucking day long.

Rear Wheel, Brake, Etc.: The wheel is powder coated, 16″ inch with stainless spokes. The left hand aluminum spacer was fabbed by the same guy who cut the stainless frame/axle plates (a buddy’s dad in a Bonneville Power machine shop). The axle was made in a Brudi machine shop. The brake is a GMA “A”. The bracket and spacer is theirs, too. The disc is some nondescript 10″. The fender is your run of the mill 5″. 5″ because it makes the Avon MT-90 Roadrunner look fatter. Yeah, it can make my ass wetter, too. That’s why I wax my jeans. Heh.

Many thanks to the Iron Horse Garage, and crew, out in Hillsboro, Oregon for their support and beer.
The “Ol’ Bitch”

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  1. Tits!
    Just so’s you all know, she’s a road bike not some sort of bar hopper. The bags hang just above the can and
    taillight, my pack sits on the p-pad strapped to the bitch bar. There’s also a little room to stuff crap here and there.
    We can’t get in as many miles as we used to, but we still get out there.

    It’s funny, the fellas usually have me lead the pack in case something goes wrong, but when we hit camp it’s
    usually them what gets into my tool bags. Heh!


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