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“Why do you support Motorcycle Club rights so much? You’re not a part of a club, so why even care? If you don’t have anything to hide then you have nothing to worry about.”

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

It’s Thursday and welcome to another,”Ask Hollywood. Every Thursday I will answer a question sent in by a subscriber. Well, at least try my best to answer it. If you have a question, you like me to answer send the question to

So I got a question from Derek from Maine.

He simply asks.Why do you support Motorcycle Club rights so much? You’re not a part of a club, so why do you even care? Why do you always have this topic on your shows? Most riders do not care about this since they are not in a club. I for one don’t care. If you don’t have anything to hide then you have nothing to worry about”

I’ll be happy to answer this one for you Derek.

December 7th, 1941. More than 2,400 Americans died in the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, including civilians with another 1,000 people wounded.

During that Great war over 407,000 Americans died upholding our rights to live free in this country.World War 2 was the greatest conflict this country and entire world has ever seen. Our boys and girls went over there to Europe and the Pacific to ensure our rights were protected.

Those rights were for all citizens of this country. White, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Coal Miners, Steel Workers, Truck Drivers. The very people who make up motorcycle clubs today. Motorcycle Clubs are made up of people from all walks of life. Yes, 1% clubs are made up of the same type of people who work every day to support their families.
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Hollywood, since the very end of Hollister has had a fascination with the outlaw biker. This fascination has been taking to the extreme and seized upon by law enforcement agencies all over the country.

Let‘s talk Outlaw Biker and where the term came from. AMA was the sanctioning body of motorcycle races which many these clubs were apart of. The AMA termed those who did not participate in their events outlaws. More specifically those race teams were holding outlaw events. The Outlaw biker wasn’t born out of doing anything criminally. But simple because they didn’t want to be controlled by an organization like the AMA.It was those teams which turned into clubs which rebelled. Isn’t that what a biker is suppose to be about?

The media angle is real simple regarding bikers. Outlaw bikers sell stories. I personally can attest to this because stories involving clubs printed by Insane Throttle are some of the most popular. Law Enforcement angle is again, simple. In order for them to stay employed someone has to be the bad guy. The few which are apart of clubs who do things illegally give law enforcement the opportunity to brand an entire organization as criminal. Thus giving Leo the opportunity to stay in business.

Now, in this modern age of biker .We have a media working hand in hand with Leo to propagate club colors are criminal. Propaganda is a very strong tool. Especially to a citizenship which doesn’t know any better. What’s even worse is we have so called bikers like yourself who continues to fall for it. One thing about being a biker. Youre suppose to have the ability to read between the lines and smell when someone is pushing some BS on you. Obviously this is a gift you do not possess or your statement. “If you don’t have anything to hide then you have nothing to worry about” wouldn’t have been included in your question.

Insane Throttle and a whole bunch of other people have shown video footage of LEO harassing club members for no other reason then wearing a patch. The evidence is quiet clear Leo conducts motorcycle profiling and the evidence is also clear they are wide open and proud of it.

My question to you is how are you OK with this? Do you find a police state acceptable? Do you find it acceptable fellow American citizens are being profiled just because of something they are wearing? Its about the road, freedom and the opportunity to live life to it‘s fullest.This is the same thing those in motorcycle clubs look for. What you look for and why most of us ride.A patch or some LEO shouldn’t be able to interfere with that.
No government agency should be able to target or profile anyone that is an American citizen. To do so dishonors all of those who fought and died for our rights to be happy and free.

This is the very reason even though I’m not apart of a club, I will always fight for club members rights to fly. Maybe you should to. Because like in the late 70s and 80s. When it wasn’t cool to be a biker. It wasn’t only club members who were profiled. Everyone on a motorcycle was. So remember who is next if the profiling keeps getting worse. As to the video below you asked me to comment on.







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Derek SMH. You act as though this is proof on why someone shouldn’t support motorcycle clubs or their right to fly. You’re logic in you’re email is typical of someone who has no experience within the biker lifestyle. You rely on what ever the media and law enforcement is selling.

Can I deny this event made clubs look bad? No. But can I say for a certainty that this incident is not representative of all club activities? Yes, I can say that with certainty. Just because you see these isolated incidents in the media doesn’t mean these activities are what motorcycle clubs are all about. If that was the case than law enforcement exhibits a more extensive problem with violence than clubs.

I can show you time and time again the problems law enforcement officers have with running a foul with the law. The very same type of crimes they accuse clubs of I can show you law enforcement carrying out. The sole difference is law enforcement carries them out with a badge and the cover of the law. So, this is a subject which will always have supporters on both sides of the argument. It will never change. It’s been like that forever. Only thing is supporters for Leo have become more pronounced in recent years. Why? Who knows. Maybe all the propaganda being leveled at clubs is working. One thing is for sure. Insane Throttle will remain club advocates. Like it or not, this platforms core base has always been those who believe in motorcycle club rights. That will never change.





  1. Sounds like to me that the club guys with the gun were defending themselves. The other 4 guys shouldn’t have been looking for a fight.

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  2. Right on the money again, Hollywood! I rode independent during the 70s and 80s! I still ride independent. I got pulled over a ton of times back then, and had to lay down on the ground a few times too! It ain’t about having nothing to hide. It’s about not having to be subjected to profiling simply because you’re wearing a vest, or leathers. I’ve been an outlaw my entire life and have been riding for over 50 years. Dereck knows nothing about the Biker way of life; neither the club view or the independent view. Ask him if black men who have nothing to hide or haven’t broken the law, if they fear Leo!
    Profiling is profiling! Ive seen more than one biker get shit kicked from Leo just for being slow getting off his bike or asking why he was being messed with.
    Keep up the fight, Hollywood!

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  3. Been riding over 40 years and I’ve seen somethings on the roads but I’ve always felt better when clubs fly their colors that way I know who I’m standing, sitting, eating or riding next too. I don’t need BIG BROTHER to take care of me .

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  4. Its pretty bad here in AZ, they be shooting people dang it. We fight the good fight, fly proud and clean but still get hemmed up. Only good aide is all the back roads and desert highways. As always ACAB.

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  5. I have been around 1%er my whole life and I for one know they get/have a bad wrap…
    I would much RATHER BE IN A ROOM full of them or riding beside or with, knowing they are there is a sense of security they have earned their respect!
    I’ve been pulled over & questioned for no reason KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK HOLLYWOOD

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  6. People have no idea the freedom of the road I’ve been riding for 44 years been pulled over for everything and nothing except from wearing leathers but still there’s nothing like crossing the desert with a full moon to figure out why were called out laws


  7. I think as an old 1%er that none of you fucking tards should be talking about us at all. We are who we are because we dont follow your laws because we want total freedom. So close the subject and move on.

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  8. Brother and sister hood is biker life,we all ride, we all watch out for each other , we all keep to the biker one enters in to it half heartedly, and when your are with your fellow club members you are in the best place to be….mlh&r outlanders leslie , founder outlanders mc.

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