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Police vigilant as notorious Outlaw motorcycle club moves into town The motorcycle club began in the 1930s and their past has included criminal convictions

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ANDERSON, Ind. – A motorcycle club with a notorious history wants to be part of the Anderson community.

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club purchased a new 3.8-acre lot on Fairview Street.

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The motorcycle club began in the 1930s, and their past, even in Indiana, has included criminal convictions involving racketeering, gambling, drug trafficking, and fraud.

“Most presidents of chapters, and most outlaws themselves, recognize that it’s detrimental to a club when something like that happens,” Tony Lupica, President of the Anderson chapter said. “Of course, we do our due diligence and say ‘hey man, don’t do it. It’s not worth it.'”

Investigators don’t know whether Earl’s murder is related to his affiliation with the Pagans motorcycle club but they say they aren’t ruling anything out.

Lupica said they are not here to oppress other clubs, like the A-Town Riders in Anderson, get in bar fights, or bully people.

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“Rape, pillage and plunder, that’s not what we’re here for,” Lupica explained.

Lupica said they will eventually be involved in community activities, particularly those which support motorcycle riding. They said they’ll invite neighbors, including children, to come on their property for events too.

“The community shouldn’t be afraid of us,” Lupica said. “We’ll embrace you, you embrace us. It’s a mutual respect.”

A 32-year-old man told deputies he was driving drunk because five bikers were chasing him after they jumped him at Rack’M Bar & Pool.

Lupica said there is more to him, and other people in his club, besides riding motorcycles, though that is how he spends much of his time. He said he also founded a group that helps organize charity events called UME United Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

“Each Outlaw is not only an outlaw, I wear many caps,” Lupica said. “I’m a father, I’m a grandfather, I’m a great-grandfather, I’m a musician, I’m a Christian.”

Lupica said it takes a while and commitment to become part of the Outlaws. He did not give specifics on how a person becomes a member. He said they do not recruit per se. People should talk with them at events.

A fight/stabbing in Fairmont between Hell’s Angels club and Pagan’s Motorcycle Club with one of the Hells Angels members transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital 19 indictments come down

“You have to hang around the Outlaws for a year, and then the Outlaws themselves that are in that chapter have to vote on whether they will probate you or not,” Lupica explained. “Then what I like to do is I like to bring that person in and their significant other because if the significant other isn’t 100% behind them, it’ll be murderous for him and her.”

Lupica said people must have a Harley Davidson motorcycle, or another American-made motorcycle to join. He said the process is stringent.

“We do background checks, I like to know what church they go to, I like to know that they are who they say they are,” Lupica explained.

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Police officers, prison guards, and child predators are not allowed to become members, and neither are women.

“They can be property of, now property of, a lot of girls they look at it as, ‘Ah, I won’t be anybody’s property,'” Lupica explained. “In the day it was the only way that we could let people know, for instance, if you were a property of an Outlaw then every Outlaw in the nation, where ever you are, will protect you as much as he’s going to protect an Outlaw because that patch is a reflection of our patch.”

Major Joel Sandefur said Lupica and former police chief Tony Watters have had a conversation. Sandefur said the department is hopeful the club will be a good asset to the community.

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“Basically, we’re just going to watch, and wait, and see how they conduct themselves,” Sandefur said. “They say they’re going to be good citizens, and productive citizens in Anderson.”

Sandefur said the department is aware of the Outlaws’ reputation.

“We’ll reach out to other law enforcement agencies and see what type of background and what type of history that they have,” Sandefur said. “We also understand that there is a bit of a history there, but we want to give them a benefit of the doubt possibly.”

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  1. Lupica Has it all down to a Tee with all Dots Dotted.
    There was A Time When L.E. Did Their Job. To Serve and Protect.
    Not anymore. Their main Sole Objective is To Occupy and Intimidate People and Communities. If A Citizen needs a Cop? Wait 20 minutes. If A Cop needs A Copy? Bam! They are there in full force. They’ll Shoot and Bang people down in a flash. They profile Citizens Esp M.C. Devoted Members and Classify Members as no more than Terriost. Our Outlaw Family Protects and Serves Their Communities Better than Cops. They are not present to Occupy like The Highed Sworned Poluce are Whom discriminate agsinsr All Citizens based in Color Location and Association.
    Communities need Strong Faithful MC To assist the Communities Where as L.E. fails to serve and protect.
    Gof forgives. Outlaws Don’t and I’m not personally affiliated with Any M.C. But I support the Outlaw M.C. and esp The Prez. Our Liberties And Our Justice is Being destroyed by corruption in the system. TY Outlaws MC.


  2. We have a city here called Anderson in SC. Wish Lupica set shop here in SC?
    Seems I got it wrong when zi first hit up throttle. Got excited when I read the word Anderson. Damn.
    Lupica Sir! I Personally Apologise FOR The Ignorance on my part.
    Guess I just had wishful thinking.
    My Bad. But no excuses for Mistakes.
    I’d be Honored To Meet You One-day With my family. If You by chance get view of this insert message? Text me up.
    And Hell Fn no! i ain’t not damn PO PO. Old Gangster Blues Musician. Fender STRAT 2012 Gibson tiger Les Paul 2012. Twin fender Amo and I don’t use pedals. I’ve worked with some great Blues players in my time. Slide to the hilt Mr. Lupica.
    Lets commune and play sometimes I’m un MBSC Now getting ready to move to Tnn. To get close to Memphis and Nashville Again. Come join me. Plenty of room for You and Your family. Lots of protection for damn sure. Onefeather


  3. I wish you all the luck in the world 😉 make sure the youngins don’t let it go to thier head… wishes for the best from MI.


  4. Leave these guys and their family alone. Give them respect and maybe ask to try not to upset the locals. I don’t think you’ll see much trouble locally.
    There is a saying that goes something like, “Don’t piss inn your own backyard.” I think you’ll be surprised. These are people with a lifestyle. They want to be left alone. Try it, it is a cliche but, “Give peace a chance.”
    I think the towns folk will be pleasantly surprized. W….


  5. I am retired from a MC club that was OL Affiliated. If they are moving into your neighborhood welcome them the crime rate will drop off as they DON’T LIKE thief’s drug dealers or pedophiles. SYLO


  6. Whos Who is right!!. Met some As They claimed 81″s all patched up the works. Full patched
    They were from Macon Ga.
    Turnt out to be phonies. Damn Po Po in disguise. Met another one in Charleston SC VAMC. Same deal. Rat drug head trying to buy meds from disabled Vietnam Vets. Piece of Shit He was. Bruhs out there gotta be Careful who ya drag up with. Even Bitchs work for LE After they like the false ass Bruhs get busted and turn informants.
    Stay in Your lane Run with Your Own. O.G is the highway for safety. Onefeather


  7. I really hope this is true of the AOA, Outlaws. I do believe all clubs have good men in them that want to do good and want to ride and be free. However, so many clubs now a days want to be gangs and not clubs. They want to control territory and intimidate and bully others who just want to be free also. They have younger guys in their club that think their patch gives them the right to bully others. These clubs are losing ground with the public because of their younger members trying to run their clubs like a gang. Why in the hell would a 1% club care or even give the time of day to a non 1%er club that has no ties to the Outlaw community? Why would they waste their time threatening and assaulting family clubs over alleged protocols that play no bearing in the MC world that they live in? Why would they place their clubs in jeopardy and their brothers in jeopardy threatening others because they wear a patch and call themselves a club too, especially when these clubs don’t even want to play in your 1% World and most try and look up to you all and respect you. Most clubs that are not diamond clubs respect the 1% clubs and want to support them and are usually enamored by them. They don’t want trouble but yet these 1% clubs continue to threaten them and continue to try and take their cuts, patches and assault them. One day these same 1% clubs might need the help of these family clubs, for example if they are involved in a case to save their patch with the Federal Government, wouldn’t it be nice to ask for financial support and donations from these family clubs and get that support. They won’t support you if you continue to threaten them and bully them for no reason and make them feel threatened.


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