Other law enforcement assisting at the scene included Indiana State Police, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and Evansville Police Department.

An ATF spokeswoman could not say whether there were any arrests or if the building was occupied when officers arrived. Two motorcycles were taken from the scene.

The spokeswoman did say that the investigation that led to the search warrant had been going on for “quite awhile.”

Motorcycle member of Outlaws MC Joseph Noe was released to home detention in District Court Friday after violating the terms of his previous supervised release

The Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club was founded in Louisville in 1965 and a local chapter was organized in Warrick County in the mid-1970s.

In June 1983, the local chapter moved its club to a house on Indiana Street near First Avenue, where it stayed until September 2017. The motorcycle club’s current hangout on Diamond Avenue is the former location of the Exotic She Lounge strip club.

 Are the Hells Angels participation in Sons of Anarchy and Mayans television shows, responsible for the effects those shows had on the club scene?