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The Hells Angels are a godsend to The Bronx despite recent gunplay outside the group’s new Throggs Neck headquarters

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The Hells Angels are a godsend to The Bronx, despite recent gunplay outside the group’s new Throggs Neck headquarters, some of their neighbors insisted Saturday.

The notorious gang got a rude welcome Thursday night when a posse of apparently unaffiliated bikers rode by and popped off over a dozen shots at the Angels’ Longstreet Avenue home, police said.

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But some unfazed residents are hopeful it’s the Angels who will keep anyone raising hell in check.

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“The new people . . . some don’t know how to act here,” said Israel Afandor, 36.

“It feels like maybe there will be a sense of more control in the neighborhood and maybe a little more respect in the area.”

Throggs Neck lifer Danny O’Brien also sang the Angels’ praises. “I love them,” said the 59-year-old. “I got more problems with the [other] neighbors.”

But others were happy to keep the Angels at arms length.

“They came here under the auspices that it was a church,” said a middle-aged woman who declined to provide her name. “It’s too scary.”

Police seized cocaine and methylamphetamine charging two men, after recent operations targeting members and associates of bikie gangs

The biker gang, who does business under the incorporated name, “The Church of the Angels,” bought the new property in August, leaving the East Village after nearly 50 years.


  1. Give the club a chance to prove themselves to the. People the angels well stop a lot of bullshit to make there new club location safe to be around there good people that live there life to the fullest but not to be direspected they well react in there owne way whats that mean dont disrespect them i know a lot of members good men they well make it safe and keep the riff raff away support them and they well be a big part of the hood safety …im from frisco bay area and ride to have fun im a supporter of the big red 81 live to ride ride to live …retierd teamster local #85 much respect


  2. This Ole Veteran would Trust any of these young Men instead of 99% of the Punk Cops out there in a heart beat ❤️ 👍🏻🇺🇸


  3. Speaking of MC clubs / 1%er’s they will protect their supporters. Best believe if theres another MC club like the Pagans there’ll def be a fight. A fight to the death.
    I was a PPOL , MC clubs will understand. I just wish all 1%er’s would ride together instead of beating on each other.


  4. I just want to say. I was 7 years old when I seen and heard the coolest thing my little eyes had ever seen and I have all ways support the big red machine . 8.1.for life I always want to be apart of the greatest M. C. IN THE WORLD. JUST COULD NOT GETA BIKEGOT CLOSE ONE TIME I WAS A WELDER. IF THE TIME I WAS OUT OF SCHOOL tech Spartanburg Technical college I was a pipe welder a scaffold collapse of broke my neck and back and now it’s all just a little check every month I’m still trying to get that bike And; who knows maybe I’ll get my dream the ride with THEM one day 81 for life


  5. The little violence I’m sure is not something N.Y. hasent seen before. I my have come from
    another 1% club but I saw this all before they will like always take care of the neighbors and especially the elderly. The neighbors have noth9ng to fear they are protectors. Give them the RESPECT due. And they will return it. They have families to and grandparents kids.B


  6. Nothing but praise for the 81
    Cops and tv dont tell the right story .because they can’t be stopped

    81 forever

    Supporter for a life time


  7. I’ve lived near a clubhouse of a MC and you better believe that no stupid shit went on in the hood. It was actually really nice because they would walk the area randomly, paid kids to clean stuff up, invited anyone and everyone over during cookouts and bigger parties, took care of dumped rubbish, it was in a rough area. Aside from the loud pipes, I had no complaints about the guys and gals there. They didn’t ever give me a hard time for riding my Honda either. Twenty years later it’s still an odd island in the middle of the ghetto.


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