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‘Crazy Horse’ – was a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club for most of his life and was renowned for driving his beloved trike passes away

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‘Gentle giant’ Malcolm Watkinson passed away peacefully at his home on Ringwood Avenue on April 17 after battling cancer.

The 70-year-old – who was affectionately known as ‘Crazy Horse’ – was a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club for most of his life and was renowned for driving his beloved trike.

Caroline Cheswick, his long-term partner, said: “Malc was known for his colourful and kind, loving nature.

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“He was a loud character, so bubbly and jolly – and he lived life to the very full.

“Everywhere Malc went someone knew him and would wave or shout ‘Crazy Horse’.

“We’d even bump into people who knew him on family holidays in the UK and even abroad.

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“He loved a good party, a game of cards and a few pints.


“Malc was always busy – he worked very hard all his life and even in his retirement he remained busy and liked to help others.


“He was so popular with young children to the elderly, doing odd jobs and helping in any way he could.

“Everyone felt a warmth to Malc because of his kind nature.


“Malc had hands like shovels and a heart of gold and gave so much love to us all.

“He was the gentle giant.


“We will always remember him in this way.”

Mr Watkinson, who was born in Staveley and lived in the area all his life, worked in a number of jobs including as a HGV driver and in refuse and recycling.

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His brother Steve said: “Malc always loved his pranks.


“I will always miss his having him around – he was my brother but also my best friend.”

Mick Bailey, who was friends with Mr Watkinson for more than 50 years, added: “We could fill the paper with stories about Malc.

“He was my friend and the real BFG – Big Friendly Giant – with such a kind heart and will be greatly missed.”

Mr Watkinson’s funeral service will take place at Brimington Crematorium at 11.30am on Monday followed by burial at Staveley Cemetary at 12.15pm.

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  1. Crazy horse will be Missed by Many of All MC. Compassion is The King of The Soul. Preacher


  2. I don’t know if the club knows anything but Peppermint Patty passed away this January


  3. My name is Wayne Hazel. Im an 81 Supporter. Sorry to hear about a fellow biker leaving us all behind. I feel deep sorrow to lose a friend of ours. Condolences from Colorado. Keep ridding friends of mine. 81 Supporter for life.


  4. My condolence go out to “Crazy Horse” family and to his biker club Hell’s Angels” Family. Be safe out there and watch out for those crazy non driving M.F.. Love 2 Ride, and Live 2 Ride. Yall’s Fan.


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