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Hundreds of Motorcycles surrounded Capitol to demand opening of state

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DENVER (KDVR) — Hundreds of buzzing engines hummed through downtown Denver, matched with chants to reopen Colorado.

“I hope he [Gov. Polis] opens his eyes and again, lets us be adults,” said rally organizer John Tiegen. “We’re not his children. We don’t need to be treated as children. “

Tiegen was part of the CIA’s Annex Security Team that on September 11, 2012 held off terrorists trying to storm the American Embassy in Benghazi Libya. Seeing the impact restrictions had on his own community inspired him to organize a protest around the capitol on Sunday.

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“People are losing their homes,” Tiegen said. “People can’t feed their kids. Businesses are shut down for good.”

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Signs saying “Recall Polis” and “Fear is the real Virus” flanked the street outside Colorado’s Capital for hours, as cars honked and engines revved. A single nurse from Denver Public Schools stood across the street in her scrubs, wielding her own sign: “Don’t like wearing a mask? Try a ventilator.”

While several participants ignored the state’s social distancing and mask guidelines, Tiegen says there are risks in contracting the virus in day-to-day life, comparing the rally to shopping at places like Lowe’s or Walmart.

“We shouldn’t be waiting for the government to tell us okay now it’s safe,” Tiegen said. “We should be able to decide when it’s safe for us.”

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A spokesperson for Governor Polis shared a statement with the Problem Solvers about Sunday’s protest:

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“Coloradans have a first amendment right to protest and to free speech, and the governor hopes they are social distancing and staying safe. The Governor’s top priority remains the health and safety of Coloradans, and each person has a responsibility to protect themselves and their neighbor during t his difficult time. If folks are doing a good job at social distancing,staying home as much as possible, and wearing masks when leaving the house, it will show up in the data, and the Governor will be able to remove additional restrictions on the economy. If not, some communities could be forced to look at implementing additional temporary restrictions.”

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  1. We All support Safety. This vurus is serious as Hell and Deadly Yes. But We can’t allow our Civil Liberties to be trashed. The right to Assembly To Pray attend Church To Fucking Work to pay Our Bills To feed Our Kids. This is A Democracy. Not Russia Iran or North Korea. What Gov”s trample on We may eventually loose inpart Our Rights by Constitutional Law. Americans are not Stupid People. Supreme Courts seemingly are pushing back at The Power hungry Demo Gov’s whom act like Dictators. Gov of N.Y is a fine example. What a fucking clown He is.
    Trump has this All going in the right Direction. Leave The Business Genius Lone and He’ll bring it all back in line in His Time. Have the Gov’s forgotten WHO brought this Country and led The World to Financial Success? Clearly so!
    March on. Stand the fuck up. Support our Country Economy and Our Prez. Demo’s? Go Fuck yourselves! Your All Rich from stealing and dealing your crooked hands. Pilot You Are. Christ Your Not! Stop both sides who wish to Crucify Our Liberties. Our Jobs. Families and Our GREAT Country.


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