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The Contiuning Saga of the Chester Warlocks MC- Guess Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for them. #JUSTICEFORKEITH

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Oh the drama! Worst yet, drama with a bunch of morons. These people have no comprehension of the point they are trying to make, while responding to our coverage of Keith Palumbo. We’ve had a representative from Chester Warlocks give their side of the story, something we always do, after which he and others were not too happy. The episode is available at the bottom of this article, I suggest taking a listen.

Members of a whites-only biker gang have also been spotted in Minneapolis

One thing that has me shaking my head about this out bad chapter, most of them do not have motorcycles. Yes, a motorcycle club with members who do not have motorcycles. How in the hell do you have a group of people claiming to be in an MC without bikes? Sadly, this isn’t anything new anymore in this modern age. Many so-called clubs who just pop up do not require a motorcycle.

Let’s get to the point of this article

I’ve got many people asking why the extensive coverage of this story, something I’ve addressed before but will again. A man was killed, something that puts a black eye on the motorcycle club scene. It isn’t enough that the MC scene is always under scrutiny by law enforcement, but something like this really puts a bad taste in citizens’ mouths. Yes, it’s important because those citizens sit on juries and vote for the representatives who pass laws.

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I believe, as I’ve always had during this coverage, the importance of making sure people understand this isn’t a motorcycle club action. What happened to Keith Palumbo was carried out by a bunch of meth head wannabes, plain and simple. This particular chapter of a so-called motorcycle club was following the wishes of a broad. This important information and revelations should tell everyone that’s in the scene,  this wasn’t a club. We all know some club claiming to be 1% wouldn’t be listening to no bitch. We’ve covered two emails proving that Donna Morrelli was running this chapter, even trying to run the Harpy Warlocks all together. Sad state of affairs this truly is.

Who is Donna Morrelli?

A Gemma Teller wannabe that’s who she is! Problem is, even this isn’t an example of what Gemma was on the show. Gemma Teller knew her damn place, unlike this Donna Morrelli. The reason Donna Morrelli played the ball buster is because her ole man died. Her ex ole man was in charge at the time of his death and she took over the trademark.

The public may not have a flattering opinion about biker clubs but some of the biggest names in Hollywood actually used to ride with one.

There has been a lot of fuss over this trademark crap. Even though the club’s logo was trademarked doesn’t mean dick! Club members should’ve tossed this bitch to the curb the moment she opened her damn mouth. Better yet, she should’ve been sent on her way with a couple dotted eyes.

I don’t really care about people’s club business, that’s something every member has to deal with on their own. When it comes out in the open and in the public sphere, that’s when it becomes a problem. When this news of Keith Palumbo broke, everything these people did club wise was a complete and utter joke. What they did was make everyone else look fucking stupid.

According to various reports on social media Hells Angels Motorcycle Club coalesced to prevent an Antifa demonstration from taking place in Placerville California

Donna Morelli has been arrested for participation in the murder of Keith Palumbo. She’s not the only one. Billy Gibson, also an alleged member of Chester Warlocks, was arrested as well as Michael Deluca. Michael Deluca is currently in Wyoming on an unrelated charge. We’re hearing more arrests are imminent in this case. Emails we’ve covered show the exact extent of Donna Morrelli’s activity within the club and boy it’s sad.

Who is Michael Deluca?

Apparently he is a wannabee godfather, someone who the rest of the so-called club was terrified of. He was also the de facto president of the chapter. One thing I don’t get is why the members feared him. If this was a supposed motorcycle club with bylaws, why didn’t the members follow their bylaws and put him in check? Again, this is the kind of shit you find with clubs who don’t have a solid foundation based on brotherhood.

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Michael Deluca, even when in prison for shooting a girlfriend, had his name invoked by Donna Morrelli as someone the members should fear. Personally, anyone with a gun can act tough if the other person doesn’t have one. Maybe Chicago is different, but most people here carry and are not afraid of someone like Deluca. Actually, someone like him would be looked at as some punk with daddy issues. One thing is for sure, this kind of shit would’ve never happened in a club from Chicago.

Anyways, Deluca hit the road after the killing, he got pulled over with an illegal gun in Wyoming, probably the murder weapon. If it is indeed the weapon that killed Palumbo, he’s truly a damn moron. The first thing anyone with sense would do after this situation is to get rid of the gun.

The name of the Warlocks MC is tarnished by these two actors

As always when a club gets a bad name on the streets, there are usually only a few people that give it that reputation. In the case of the Chester Warlocks, again kicked out by the rest of the Harpies, it was Donna Morelli and Micheal Deluca. It wasn’t only the murder that made the club look bad, it was the way the membership allowed these two to put the club in the position it was in.

A biker with links to a notorious outlaw gang is launching a legal battle against an attempted murder conviction

You have to give some props to the other chapters of the Harpy Warlocks for kicking them to the curb, something the members of Chester should’ve done themselves. Again, the members of Chester didn’t have the balls to do it. Now members are being locked up and turning on each other because of this one incident. Oh yeah, the complainers within the now defunct Chester Warlocks, we know many of you are talking to cops. Don’t get on here acting all tough, you fuckers are scattering like a bunch of rats right now to get the best deals you can. Shit, even Donna “Ma Barker” Morrelli is turning on her once admired henchman Michael Deluca. My advice to you all, run from any association from the Chester Warlocks, it’s a failed experiment that’s going to get you morons caught up.

The Civil war among the different factions of the Warlocks is pretty much over

Like I said earlier, the Harpy Warlocks made a good move by kicking the Chester Warlocks to the curb. You’ve got to at least respect a club that has the brains to get rid of a chapter who’s being dictated by a broad. The Chester Warlocks are no more, no more because of a broad who thought she could stand amongst men. How did that work out for all you cowards who let your storied history go down the drain because you didn’t have the balls to stand up?

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Anyone who claims Chester is looked at like a joke. People in the scene are shaking their heads and laughing. Many people in the scene would never want to be associated with a chapter run like this, maybe those who are left should really think about that. For those who are standing behind Deluca and claiming him as a brother, your fucking stupid. He’s no brother, he brought all kinds of heat down and got fellow so-called brothers caught up in it. There is no standing behind someone like that, nor is there standing behind a broad who really screwed you up.

More to come on this story

This story has a lot more to come. The trials are in the future, not to mention hearing those involved starting to flip on each other. This whole situation is going to show how members who don’t check someone take a great fall into the abyss. Deluca has no prayer of beating this one, all the evidence points to him being the shooter, not to mention everyone is flipping on him. Deluca’s past record is going to bite him in the ass, especially the previous shooting.

Hells Angels Long Island step up for the community with other motorcycle clubs

Morelli is prison bound, sure she’s going to work a deal, but I think she will get at least 15-20 for her part. It might be more if it’s proven she was involved in the second body that was found with Keith Palumbo in the crypt. Either way, wannabe Gemma Teller is going down. Wonder how tough she will be in prison, especially when the other inmates find out she cut a deal and ratted?

Look for continuing coverage of all this, hopefully there is a lesson to be learned for all those thinking about popping up a club, especially ones where the members do not stick to bylaws and allow a woman and another member run rough shot over a club.

Have a listen to the Chester Warlocks Representative



  1. Come on Hollywood,are you really listening to those guys out in the Midwest who accept cops,snitches,CO’s and cop club members? You can set there on your podcast and make fun of the Chester chapter all you want to. That’s cool,but do your homework before you go spouting off false info. I’ve told you before and I will tell you again,those Midwest guys brought back a guy who was put out bad 5 fucking years ago,and have decided to make him their PA man that they talk to. It is all a joke,the same ones who wrote that statement to you are the same ones who killed the Warlocks name. Not DeLuca nor Donna who doesn’t have a say in the club period. The one email she did write was a personal matter between her and that Punk Ass Dude in NC. There is way more to why she said what she said to him that no one is mentioning. I gave you the true history as to how things went down with the split. Now with that being Said,NJ,Philly and Chester are the real Warlocks. Anything in the Midwest is fake as fuck and if other clubs are laughing who the fuck cares hell people laugh at them too.Oh by the way it’s real nice how you run DeLuca and others names through the mud for suspicions of killing some dude but yet you have a pic of Taco Bowman hanging up on your wall……..remind me again what he was convicted for……..I’ll wait on your response.


  2. Dude you people couldn’t shine Taco 1% Shoes. You keep talking about the Midwest- We haven’t talked to any of them out of the Midwest. You really think it’s just Harpies Given us info lol. Before you keep talking shit, we also know a whole hell of a lot about you and the behind the scenes activity. Do you really want to go there? Donna right now has turned- Deluca is on his own and everyone is cutting deals. If I were you I would get off the train before it wrecks you to.


  3. If Taco Bowman needed his shoes shined, I wouldn’t be able to call him a real 1%er.
    In over 50 years I’ve never seen any 1%er with shined shoes or boots, not even at a funeral or a wedding.
    That said, this”club” is nothing but a bunch of losers and fuck ups. In all these years, I have seen just about everything I ever thought could happen.
    These morons take the cake. It’s a huge thing that should be passed around to a lot of people who are also fuck ups.
    Hope they all receive a nice welcome to prison. Any of the rats who manage to escape can swallow rat poison for the good of everyone.


  4. Yes you have spoken to the Midwest. That much I know for a fact. You right I wouldn’t want to shine tacos shoes. I mean you know anyone that would have a rival club member killed in his own garage and his 12 yr old daughter coming home from school finding her daddy laying there dead is not someone who deserves me to do a fucking thing for. I mean I couldn’t care less what you know about me because just as I have proven this weekend what goes around comes around,you know a lot about me and I know a lot about you……it’s totally up to you where we take that. My point being is your info you are receiving is way off. Everyone has bikes and rides except for one brother who is disabled to the point that he can’t ride. But the Warlocks do not kick a man out who is disabled so if that is the person they speak of who doesn’t have a bike then again the info is bogus. Especially when that brother had 29 years in the club.


  5. Damn! this is No Doubt. A Real Fucking Do It Tell It Like It Really Is MC Brother.
    I read His Every Word Three Times. Blew Me Away.
    Though I’m Not Remotely Connected To That situation ongoing? From the Fucking sidelines? The Rest Needs to Stop and Take Heed of This Man’s Words. He’s without Any Doubt ar The Top of His Game. And for The 1st Time in 20 Yesrs? He’s a True MC Leader preacher


  6. Dennis Jones is a Liar, out bad from SC, and Pa. He was in the Warlocks for only a few years and was voted out by the complete membership.


  7. So what is the story here that’s got this into a ten part series? A junky gets blasted by another junky? I don’t care what they say after reading this nobody who gets clean continues to run around with other junkies and not use. That family is also acting like they’re gonna cash out on this with a movie deal and their t-shirt sales. Looks like less giving a shit about the guy and more caring about dollar signs. Oh well.


  8. EFG is a rat. He told on a guy back in November of 97. He’s just mad that Dennis Jones called him on it.


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