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From secret codes to rules most of the society would strongly frown upon American biker gangs have a lot they don’t want us to know about.

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By Mark Padgett

Here’s something that will surprise no one: Biker gangs have secrets. What may be a shock is the type of secrets they keep. You would fully expect a leather lock-down of the location of the bodies of those two teenagers … or the name of their meth connect in Reno.

But bikers have other secrets, some of them unexpected. These previously unearthed behind-the-scenes rules keep those MCs in line while they slop around in hog heaven. It’s the only way to keep a bunch of lawless types in line and accountable to someone.

A notorious former bikie has pleaded for justice after allegedly being busted breaking a rival’s jaw

Bikers are thought of as having the ultimate amount of freedom – no job, no rules, nobody telling them what to do. But that is simply not true. They have jobs and rules like everybody else and if they aren’t followed, bad things can happen. But don’t tell anyone. Here are ten things the biker bad boys keep under wraps.

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  1. Yeah James, I know you only republish the feed about biker news. These idiots at are consistently ill informed.
    It’s just a sad thing that these guys claim to be practicing some kind of actual journalism.
    That’s a huge load of bullshit.


  2. A story about Crooked Killary Clinton secrets and the Clintons Death 💀 Squad would be more informative!
    Clinton’s assignations far out number any other group!
    Where are the Federal Investigation of Crooked Killary Hillary Clinton?


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