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Once best known as the site of a gang war-motivated rocket launcher attack . Former Rehabbed Hells Angles clubhouse just hit the real estate market for a cool $2,189,000

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A Toronto residence that was once best known as the site of a gang war-motivated rocket launcher attack just hit the real estate market for a cool $2,189,000 — outlaw biker ghosts included.

Behold, the charming, charcoal blue triplex at 23 Kintyre Ave. in south Riverdale.

Located just north of Queen and Broadview, the unique detached property boasts three separate units with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and roughly 3,500 square feet of space between them.

The building has been renovated multiple times since 1995, when it was hit with a bomb targeting members of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club — a biker gang which eventually merged with the Hells Angels.

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It served as a Hells Angels clubhouse for a number of years following the amalgamation, but is not to be confused with the organization’s more recently-occupied (and since razed) cement bunker in Leslieville.

Here’s what the place looked like in 1999, courtesy of realtor Scott Ingram:

Check out the photos of the old clubhouse


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  1. Why no metion of who was at war? Who had launcher? What was the final out come ?? Is this how satans choice became hells angels in patchover ??


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