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Mayor wants a ban on the public wearing of logos of motorcycle clubs. These are Hells Angels Bandidos Satudarah

Mayor Gerard Beukema van Delfzijl wants a ban on the public wearing of logos of banned motorcycle clubs. These are symbols of Hells Angels, Bandidos, Satudarah or logos of clubs that resemble them.

The mayor proposes to adjust the General Local Regulation (APV) accordingly. The city council has yet to approve this.

‘Strong order-disrupting character’

According to the municipal council of Delfzijl, wearing these club clothing and logos creates a ‘threatening atmosphere’: ‘The use of’ colors ‘in public space has a strong order-disrupting character in this way and must be counteracted’, Beukema says. know the advice.

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Delfzijl is not the first municipality to ban the wearing of such logos. Central Groningen and Veendam, among others, have also banned this. But the intended ban in Delfzijl goes further. Delfzijl also wants to ban logos of motorcycle clubs that closely resemble forbidden clubs.

New chapter

The city council asked for this so-called full color ban at the end of February , after council members were concerned about the establishment of a chapter of motorcycle club Hardliners in Delfzijl. According to council member Rob Kok of Gemeentebelangen Eemsdelta, this association shows similarities with the now banned motorcycle club Hells Angels. That club has also appealed against the ban.

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Kok said he had been threatened by the then president of the club if he would go through with his proposal for the color ban. According to Kok, the former president would visit home. He in turn says that it was not a threat, but intended to discuss the matter together.

Founded by former leader

Hardliners MC was founded over a year ago from prison by the former leader of the Hells Angels. The club has two chapters in our province: in Groningen and Delfzijl. The logo resembles that of the Hells Angels, where the skull has been replaced by a shark.

Prevent problems

The Public Prosecution Service has entered into a battle with so-called Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs). Clubs like Hells Angels, Satudarah, No Surrender or Bandidos are prohibited. However, wearing these types of symbols is not yet punishable nationally. Some cases are on appeal and therefore the prohibitions are not yet final. Hardliners MC is not prohibited.

According to Beukema, there are currently few problems with motorcycle clubs in Delfzijl. With the ban he especially wants to keep it that way:

‘We cannot rule out the possibility that problems will arise in the future. These clubs have not been banned by the courts for nothing. He has indicated that it actually concerns criminal organizations. ‘

RTV Noord has asked Hardliners MC for a response, but the club does not want to respond to the intended ban.

Mayor Beukema about the intended ban


  1. Thats a bunch of bull shit .the mayor is a dump ass they need to focus on more important agendas maybe like doing the mare for free and not take a pay


  2. I believe in the 1st Amendment of the constitution. My colors will not be removed from my leather attire. No mayor or governor anywhere in this country can deny my freedom of speech. I’m a Vietnam vet Navy. Did my duty as an American and earned my constitutional rights.


  3. This Folks are really pissing me off..
    Because some ones feelings are taking the true heritage of what makes us a True Americans… First it’s about taking the “Rebel Flag down..
    Then the Bible at a court house…
    Then the fucken race card bull shit..
    An now it’s the bikers logo & motorcycle clubs…
    Just leave shit alone an let everyone be..
    No one & nothing is fucking with you…
    ATFIA how ever you call them & the other fuckers wanted to call all the “Bikers Clubs” out…
    They didn’t show up…
    Don’t call someone out & ran away like big mouthed scary bitches an disappear like a magic show…
    I think people outta think before running their cum catchers an leave all the bikers, all of our heritage a fuck alone… An just quit coming up with some dumb ass shit to make a big ass scene… Let shit be…
    Leave Shit alone..


  4. Niecie c,
    I agree 100% we have a 1st Amendment that protects our free speech, whether we are speaking it or it is written on an article of clothing, but my biggest comment on your post is concerning ANTIFA, a bunch of coward little pussies that like to threaten kids, women, and the elderly, and then have the balls to call out a biker like me/us, and then make no attempt of showing up and following through, the Democratic party has become so corrupt that they think they can do and say whatever the fuck they want to and get away with it, lock the promise you one thing, I live by the rules of our constitution, and no government entity will break me,

    Amen brother, and keep er’ between the lines !


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