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The Bandidos aren’t big on posing for pictures, which makes these 10 photos of them and their bikes all the more badass.

By Mark Padgett-Hotcars

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is a worldwide phenomenon of like-minded bike enthusiasts with chapters all around the globe. The club was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1966 and are considered among the “Big Four” of outlaw biker gangs next to the Outlaws, Pagans and Hells Angels. At their peak, the club was represented in more than 80 countries.

In America, recent headlines forced the US chapter of the Bandidos into the spotlight for reasons both good (“hey, we’re now a non-profit“) and bad (gang wars). In Australia and New Zealand, the Bandidos are particularly well organized and stocked with types that even rugby players would steer clear of. Members are constantly in the news there for seemingly innocuous infractions like wearing banned insignias to major charges such as attempted murder and drugs.

The Bandidos aren’t big on posing for pictures, although somehow GQ was able to wrangle some rare primo photos thanks to a dare-devilish photographer willing to risk life and limb for the pictures. Here are ten photos of Bandidos and their motorcycles.

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  1. The 81 is far from being the largest thats a fact they fell to the wayside when they outed george christy. Maggots consuming one another to try and impress a leader whom only cares about himself


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