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The president of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang has been arrested for his alleged involvement in three separate shootings.

The president of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang has been arrested for his alleged involvement in three separate shootings. 

Michael Wayne Clark, 34, has been accused of supplying guns used in three shootings in the Batemans Bay area last year.

The Canberra-based bikie boss was arrested in a car park on Wednesday wearing a black hoodie and blue track pants. 

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He is due to appear in the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday, where NSW Police will apply for his extradition to NSW to face charges related to firearms and directing a criminal group.

Following his arrest police raided homes in Kingston and Kambah, where they found two motorbikes, a gun, cash, prohibited drugs, jewellery and various bikie paraphernalia, including patches.

Nine others have also been arrested and face 49 charges.

AFP detective Superintendent Scott Moller said he expected more charges to be laid.

‘At this time, investigations are still ongoing in relation to ACT specific offences relating to drug and property matters,’ he said.

‘With the arrest of this Nomads national president, the influence of this club within Canberra is now extremely limited.’

Detective Superintendent Robert Critchlow issued a stern warning to lawbreakers. 

‘If you wish to jeopardise the safety of the community through criminal activity in New South Wales, it is only a matter of time before we find you, no matter where you choose to hide,’ he said. 

‘We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners across the country to ensure those who endanger the lives of others through their illegal behaviour, are put before the courts and held accountable.’


  1. It’s funny how any of these outlaw motorcycle clubs talk about freedom of the road and the joy of riding yet they go out and steal bikes. How would any of them like their bike stolen? I’m all for the idea of freedom and less government intervention, but stealing bikes is a scum bag move no matter who you are.


  2. I have a son that has been murder in 12/15/2018 and can’t find him or should say his remains. My daughter , his sister and I looked and question 100’s of people that had a finger pointed at them . The gangs that had involvement told my daughter they found himand going to take her to where he is. But what she got instead was kidnapped, beaten, raped and hotshoted twice. Then arrested for what the gangs manufacturer ed and did to her. They hoped like many others that she would die of what law enforcement call overdose. They are all out of hand .


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