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An infamous ex-bikie boss will spend a year behind bars after threatening to kill police in a ‘bizarre’ and ‘menacing’ meth-fuelled rant.

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An infamous ex-bikie boss will spend a year behind bars after threatening to kill police in a ‘bizarre’ and ‘menacing’ meth-fuelled rant.

Former Bandido Brett ‘Kaos’ Pechey was sentenced in Perth Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday over a two-day incident that began on June 24, where he was seen in a video next to a shotgun saying ‘coppers die today’.

The saga began when Pechey ‘imitated the cocking’ of a long-armed firearm toward two officers who were issuing the face-tattooed 34-year-old with a police order following a domestic violence incident involving his ex-partner. 

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‘I’m not here to hurt anyone, if I was you wouldn’t know about it. I could just turn up – click, click, boom,’ Pechey told the officers, the West Australia reported.

Police were highly concerned by the mock threat and later discovered a video of Pechey sitting in the driver’s seat of his Chrysler 300C with a firearm by his side. 

‘F**king c**t … die today, coppers die today … yeah boy, f**king maggots,’ Pechey said in the clip.

The chilling video sparked ‘genuine fear’ among Western Australian police ranks, the court heard. 

Police later tracked down Pechey at a short-term rental in Belmont, east Perth, following house-to-house searches in the area and drone surveillance.   

Heavily armed officers from the Tactical Response Group surrounded the property and officers used a loud speaker to demand Pechey come out of the house.

He eventually gave himself up without a fight.

Pechey pleaded guilty to threatening to kill, possessing a firearm in circumstances of aggravation, possessing unlawfully obtained property and multiple police order breaches relating to domestic violence offences.   

Defence lawyer Terry Dobson told the court Pechey suffered from schizophrenia and anxiety and that his meth ‘binge’ was sparked by a relationship breakdown. 

Although Mr Dobson said Pechey had used cocaine before, he had not used meth until he moved to Western Australia a few years earlier. 

Pechey had moved to Perth from the Gold Coast with his Instagram-influencer girlfriend Rikki Louise Jones after a string of high-profile offences on the east coast.

The court heard he moved west to get away from the motorcycle club and running into associates and members. 

In 2018, the West-End Bandidos sergeant-at-arms barricaded himself inside his property and filmed a stand-off with 26 police officers.

Prior to that, in 2015, when he was the President of the notorious outlaw motorcycle club, he was arrested at Brisbane International Airport after being on the run from Australian authorities in South East Asia for two years over outstanding extortion charges.

Pechey later developed ties with the Sydney-based Brothers 4 Life gang and even converted to Islam.

But despite his lawyer’s claims that Pechey is no longer a member of any outlaw motorcycle clubs, police wrote a letter to the court stating they believe he is still a current member. 

Mr Dobson argued that if Pechey really wanted to inflict harm or kill police officers, he would not have advertised himself making public threats.

Pechey submitted a letter to the court admitting he had a history of saying dumb things out of hurt or anger and apologised to the officers he had threatened. 

Magistrate Gavin MacLean accepted that Pechey was emotionally upset, suffering from mental illness, under the influence of drugs and therefore saying things that he didn’t necessarily mean.

But Magistrate MacLean ruled there was also a ‘a menacing aspect’ to his offending considering the threats involved firearms.      

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