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Motorcyclist claims a Hells Angels MC Member tried to kick him off his motorcycle and wreck him

James “Hollywood”Macecari 

Member of ONA Press Association

Opinion Columnist 

GOT RAN OFF THE ROAD BY THE HELLS ANGELS-Do the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Approve of this?

I first saw this video posted on Black Dragon TV’s YouTube Channel. After doing the story on Insane Throttle Biker News Channel I went and got the link to share at the bottom of this article. I encouraged everyone to go take a look at the video. I especially want to hear all the excuses people will give as to why they feel it was right for someone to do such a thing. 

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Let’s put it this way without sugar coating it. There was another biker trying to kick another motorcyclist off his bike. I didn’t see if the other person was a Hells Angels or not, it is being reported as being the case. This is why I ask the Hells Angels if they agreed with what happens in the video. If it was one of their members or prospects, it would be a huge slight against the rest of the biker community. 

Motorcycle Accident Fatalities 

It’s bad enough that over 5,000 motorcyclists die each year with many more injured. But to watch a video such as this, where a fellow motorcyclist tries to kick you off your bike is shocking. Bikers and motorcyclists face enough danger just jumping on a motorcycle. Why should they have to worry about someone that is supposed to know better, kicking them off their bike?

A motorcyclist has a 1-770 odds of dying in a motorcycle accident over their life times. What I personally saw in this video was nothing short of disgusting. 

Why People Are Starting To Turn on The Motorcycle Community.

Again, I cannot personally see if this was a member of the Hells Angels. I can only go off what the person in the video says. But if indeed it was a motorcycle club, this kind of disregard for anyone else’s life is exactly why people don’t support clubs. 

My previous article titled, “The Age of the Motorcycle Club is coming to an end, most bikers don’t support them I talked about some of the reasons why people have stopped supporting clubs. The one thing I didn’t add to that list was someone trying to kick someone off their bike. 

I have a simple question for all members of motorcycle clubs. Do you approve of someone trying to kick someone else off their bike? This is a very simple question, one that could be answered with a yes or no. Please, don’t give me any shit about this guy being mistaken as a rival club member. Let’s be honest, even that angle doesn’t jive. 

I believe the one thing that is killing the motorcycle club scene is it’s supporters. Motorcycle Clubs have gone on the internet selling their gear to whomever will buy it. Problem with that is the club doesn’t know who is running around with their shit on causing problems. This could be the case in this video. Clubs, especially ones of the larger following, have supporters actually causing shit on behalf of the club. Well, this is how they represent their actions and words anyways. I doubt most clubs would tolerate people acting on their behalf, at least I hope not. 

What has happened to honor in this lifestyle?

This video demonstrates just how lost many are in the scene. If this guy ended up crashing his motorcycle and dying, it wouldn’t have been honorable in any way. Sure, you have supporters spilling their bullshit rah rah crap all over. I wonder how the parents of this guy would’ve felt when the cops came to the door telling them their son was dead. With what is coming out of these supporters of clubs, It wouldn’t have mattered much to them. Well, until it was them the next time around. 

I’m often asked why I write and cover biker news. My first answer is, “Someone has to do it!” My second answer is. “I see a lifestyle I loved all my life going down the tubes.” My first priority was to try and give both sides the opportunity to present their side of the story. I did this no matter what kind of negativity came my way. 

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Over the years of doing this I’ve seen the word “Honor,” treated just like the word “Brother.” It doesn’t hold the meaning it once did. I think it started to go down hill when men of society at large forgot what it meant to be an honorable person. When that happened, those same people without honor started joining in the scene. The rest is history. 

Brotherhood and Honor in a club context

One of my final thoughts is to ask , if indeed this was a club, “Did you do the right thing and discipline this guy who tried to kick this guy off the bike?” If not, I don’t see any honor in you. Patch or no patch, what happened here was nonsense! Everyone with a half a brain can agree on that. This is the kind of action that turns other bikers and the general public against clubs. You may care or you may not, just remember that decision when it comes time for those same people to help you out with profiling. Oh yes, profiling! Something that is a huge topic right now, one I actually believe in. But where will your support for the issue be when you turn everyone off of clubs? Interesting question isn’t it? Most will tell you to deal with what you created through your actions. 

 I recently did a video “There is no such thing as LLH&R when leaving a motorcycle club.” One of the main arguments pertains to a guy who put 15 years into a club, losing his family in the process. When he finally left the club on good terms, his supposed club brothers turned their backs on him. They acted like he was never a member. Is that brotherhood? Is that honor? I put this in this article because I believe that this is something that is defining members of clubs now. Everyone is cool as long as they wear a patch, but when someone can’t do it any longer they no longer matter. I guess that’s what the dude was thinking when he tried kicking this guy off his bike, “he didn’t matter!”

Actual Video of when someone tried to wreck another motorcyclist. Leave your thoughts in the comment section


  1. Great article Hollywood. That was a scumbag move. Thanks for always being on top of this stuff..


  2. Clearly you’ve never lived the true 1% life. You’ve never been hunted. You’ve never lost a Brother at the hands of another club. When a man in all denim with a full helmet runs down a pack of red & white on a long stretch of road to “ride with them” well buddy you’re a Pagan MC untill proven otherwise. See in the real 1% world each club shoots to kill. Example, 2 Pagans Mc ambushed at hotel by 81. Leader of the Bronx ambushed in broad daylight. Leader of Outlaws gunned down at red light. It’s just how it is. That guy is lucky it was just a foot. Ya wanna play biker well ya may wanna be sure to leave the real one’s alone.


  3. C’mon!The dude put it out there he was kicked off the road.Doesnt even look like he made contact.Certainly didnt get kicked off the road.Anybody thats ever tried kicking out at a car knows your foot goes one way and your bike goes the other.Useless to do that.It’s obvious the dude spent a shitload on a bike and somehow got it in his head he can bogart other bikers spaces cuz he too has a Harley.Now I dont condone trying to wreck anyone unless hes a threat but there is some serious over exaggerating going on.


  4. My dad ran with some groups, and I been around groups, I have accidently run up on a group with colors and I immediately stabbed my brakes hard enough to gain a good distance, no body has ever needed to tell me to do that, it’s kind of something that you should pick up on from when you started learning motorcycles, anyway I know not to get anywhere near them and I patiently wait for a free lane next to our free couple of places next to them to go around….. Background: I’m an army vet and I Street race and stunt, I have been invited to 1% groups but with no hostile environment i don’t need any backup or help like most have the necessity that join clubs, some places the clubs are a requirement because of the dangers of just riding a motorcycle, I like doing my own thing though besides I attract to much attention from the wrong people since I stunt


  5. I start a statement by assuming that someone doesn’t know shit is not the way to go.
    Also the previous commitment pretty much confirms what your earlier article on way the average motorcyclist doesn’t support the 1% MCs as much as in the past..
    A citizen who just wants to ride on the open road is expected to know & respect all MC rules & protocol or risk getting shot or kicked off their bikes?
    Even tho I admit it’s possible that this guy just saw patches & assumed that they were HA because many regular citizens call all 1% MCs “Hells Angels”’s impossible to tell from the video..
    Either way I agree with your statement that it’s dangerous enough as it is for ALL motorcyclists without a fellow motorcyclist trying to kick you off your bike..


  6. All these guys apologizing or making excuses for the actions of the scumbag who kicked at the idiot civilian on the bike …the guy on the bike EVEN said he wasn’t trying to “join in” on that pack….he just wanted to pass them by …why don’t you guys LISTEN once in awhile instead of always flapjackin your gums….
    The 1%ers gotta live in the WORLD. The World doesn’t have to live IN the 1%er world .
    Step outside your little box and see the whole picture …
    Jeeezus friggin christ


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