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When Motorcycle Clubs Turn on their own for Profit

VIDEO BIKER NEWS EDITION- Morning Biker News 11-12-2020 Edition Of Motorcycle Madhouse Morning Mayhem


  1. Anyone turning on their own Club members for any reason shouldn’t have been in the Club in the first place.


  2. I think steph and i finally agree… this may seem draw out but i have alot to say.. been around a long time.. been really close to the lifestyle.. offered in one of the big ones that was the dominant in my area but declined..I AM A LONE WOLF.. there are many reasons.. first of all.. i truely live by my own rules…no body..and i mean nobody is setting my standards but me.. 1% dont like sociaties rules but yet set thier own…..hmmm
    .. ok .when i was a youger man i had alot of good times on bikes…at bike events…in club bars..with clubbers..

    As times changed and sociaty got did the clubs.. IN MY DAY NO ONE KILLED A BROTHER.. if someone killed one of your brothers they had a mark..

    Secondly.. NO ONE RATTED ON A BROTHER.. if you rolled . You best hide..

    Thirdly is the way they did bussiness.. NO ONE DID CHEMICAL DRUGS … or you wete out… yes….that was the rule.. 1% and every other club trying to live by the rules of AMA.

    SO.. PRESENT DAY.. these guys in clubs who ..kill brothern,, constantly have their brothers ratting and testifying…..and do and magorly sell chemicals..

    Those will say not allclub members.. and i say.. if you belong .. you condone…

    I like bikers..i like clubs…i hate cops.. and i am very satisfied with my own rules… sorry fellas.. you need to belong to something other than yourself….

    I on the other hand like to be decent to all who are decent to me…i dont hate another jacket…or another brother because im told to…..ill decied
    …oh by the way ..did i say i was a lone wolf??? True lone wolf ..not the club that stole the true biker exspresion of riding alone.. its greatest life ever..ya,ll should try it…

    Just think of all the killing and bullshit that clubs get caught up in that would stop….when it stops..bikers image goes up.. people like us and cops are the enemy….. i already think that way… join my club… just be yourself…lol..


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