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The biker community is refusing to bow down to Outlaw motorcycle clubs and their protocol

By James “Hollywood” Macecari– Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

I received the following comment on my YouTube Channel. The comment is on a segment where I discussed people being fed up with some motorcycle clubs and how they conduct business. 

I Absolutely Agree That The Dominant 1% Clubs and Their Satellite “Bitch Clubs” Need to Stay The Fuck Out Of The Riding Clubs and Motorcycle Enthusiasts Groups Faces! To Put it Simple… One Has Nothing to Do With The Other. I Don’t Give A Rats Nasty Ass What Beef These 1% Clubs Have With Their Rivals. They Can Take That Shit To The Middle of BFE, Settle It How They See Fit, Bury The Bodies and Call It A Fucking Day. This Nation & Certain Key States In Particular Are Populated by Those Who Stand Ready and Willing to Fight to The Death In Defense of The United States Constitution as well as The State Constitution Against Tyranny In Any and Every Form In Which It May Manifest Itself!! The Hard Cold Truth is Right There In The Title: “1%” … That Means That If The Other 99% of Motorcycle Enthusiasts Groups and The Riding Clubs Were To Get Together and Decide That They Were Tired of 1% Clubs Infringing Upon Their Constitutional Rights, Then The Odd’s Would Be Very Much Against The Criminal Bikers… Personally I Doubt if Law Enforcement Would Lose A Whole Lot of Sleep Over The Demise of A Bunch of Career Criminal. There Would Be Little Else to Say but Perhaps “Ashes to Ashes & Dust to Dust.” In Yeshua’s Name We Pray, Amen!! (Justin Wilton

Different times and different ways of looking at things

I recently started a series on the YouTube channel where I decided to give all sides of what is happening in the scene. The reasoning for the series was because I got tired of being called out for biased opinions, meaning many thought I was defending motorcycle clubs too much. I must be the first one to admit this might just be true. My thinking and rationale has always been individuals and not the clubs were responsible for any criminal activities. This doesn’t sit well with many and the reason being, I would not cover the dark underbelly of what happens in the scene. 

When being called out for something I like to take the challenge head on. Being real with your audience is the only thing I know. Yes, there is a darkside to what happens in the motorcycle club scene. The darkside is evident in all the territorial wars that are fought out between clubs and make it onto the front page. I cannot deny that point nor will I ever dispute that it happens, doing so would take away all credibility from the brand. 

Become an exclusive member of the “Throttle Club”

2020, it’s altogether a different time period. People are aware more than ever thanks to social media and the internet. Besides the obvious internet connection, people in the scene are different than they once were. My generation and older knew tradition and accepted it, not so much with the newer ones coming up. A whole different ideology is now in place, good or bad, it’s still there and cannot be ignored. 

Motorcycle Clubs are giving a black eye to the rest of bikers

In that article I described an incident where a dominant motorcycle club gave problems to a riding club in a bar. What ended up happening? The cops were called from what the person writing the email claimed. 

My question was very simple, “what did the MC have to gain by giving a riding club a problem?” Of course, many came out defending the motorcycle club, talking about how they should’ve followed protocol. Here’s the thing though, have you’ve seen what’s happening in this country lately?

It’s a dawn of a new age within the biker scene

This country is torn apart right now, both politically and socially. No one is buying into the totalitarian stuff any longer. The ship has sailed on people wanting to be dictated to, especially if they believe their constitutional rights are at stake. Yes, constitutional rights! This is the number one argument people will use against protocol. This is also why you’re seeing bikers gravitating to law enforcement. They want what they perceive to be their constitutional rights protected. In other words, motorcycle clubs have been driving potential supporters right into the arms of the opposing side. 

I know, motorcycle clubs don’t care what others think about them. I can see that, especially with support of motorcycle clubs in the dumpster. If this is the case though, why do clubs care what others are doing then? I’ve never got a straight answer to that question. Tradition is long gone. Is it worth members going to jail over patch policing? I would argue no, but what do I care, it’s not like I’d be facing the time over stupidity. 

Motorcycle Associations and Riding Clubs are the future of the scene

The scene is starting to go back to its roots. Before the big AMA disputes with the racing teams, which eventually led to the Outlaw Biker Clubs, riding clubs and associations were king. The span of over a half a decade of dominant clubs having a hold on the scene is pretty much at its end. People are reverting back to the scene that it was originally because of the headaches of what they perceive is wrong with protocol.

Dominant 1% Clubs and Their Satellite “Bitch Clubs” Need to Stay The Fuck Out Of The Riding Clubs and Motorcycle Enthusiasts Groups Faces! To Put it Simple… One Has Nothing to Do With The Other- Justin Wilton

I wouldn’t have put it that way like Justin did, but one can see the anger many people within the scene are having towards motorcycle clubs. This anger is real and widespread within the scene. Again, motorcycle clubs don’t care what other people think of them I know. 

One Has Nothing to Do With The Other. I Don’t Give A Rats Nasty Ass What Beef These 1% Clubs Have With Their Rivals. They Can Take That Shit To The Middle of BFE, Settle It How They See Fit, Bury The Bodies and Call It A Fucking Day. Justin Wilton

Does Justin have a point? One has nothing to do with the other? If I’m being completely honest with you, which I strive to be, I agree! When it comes to motorcycle associations and riding clubs, especially legit ones, one doesn’t have anything to do with motorcycle clubs. Let’s be honest, most people don’t want to be drawn into one side or the other. People want to ride, have parties, and be left alone. 

Riding Clubs and Motorcycle Associations afford people to do just that. Enjoy some riding and brotherhood and call it a day without any big commitments. To try and force people into picking sides in a war most members don’t know how it all started, is asinine to say the least. 

Protocol equals criminality to many

There are many who think like Justin. People equate the tradition of protocol with clubs being gangs and criminals. 

Personally I Doubt if Law Enforcement Would Lose A Whole Lot of Sleep Over The Demise of A Bunch of Career Criminals.  Justin Wilton

Where Justin is wrong in that statement, most members of the dominants are not criminals. The reason people think like this is because clubs appear in the news doing some gangster shit. Again, my belief is it’s individuals and not a concerted effort on the clubs part. That being said, tie that thinking with protocol being forced upon people, you get the majority thinking the way he is. 

Both sides of the story usually show a fissure in the scene. On one side you have motorcycle clubs and their supporters, on the other side you have a majority who opposes them. Independents, riding clubs and associations are the majority, like it or not. It was only a matter of time everything went back to its roots. I would have to argue clubs brought it onto themselves, losing the support they have. 

What do you think? Do you think that the scene is going back to its roots? Roots meaning going back to traditional riding clubs and associations. How do you think protocol is hurting relations between non club members and club members? Do you agree with Justin and his thoughts on the subject of motorcycle clubs staying on their side of the line, while RC’s and Associations on theirs? Very interesting questions and can’t wait to see what your thoughts on this is. 

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  1. Former Patch here.
    Except for the part where Dustin spouts off that “Constitutional Defend till I die ..bla bla bla” (all that proud and mighty 3%er Patriot talk died when it came down to actually showing up at Portland Chaz gathering of commie and hippie scumbags..Not one of these “Patriotic” so called warriors showed up despite their FB posturing and memes and shit….etc
    Anyway,….he DOES have a point. Clubs have destroyed themselves …they have no one to blame for this shit show then themselves….people are wising up. No one wants to catch a RICO football score bid.


  2. Sometimes I see a rider sporting a Lone wolf patch ,,why even bother sporting one if you know you are a lone wolf? It makes no sense unless you want to get noticed. Been riding over 45 yrs, from Cushmans , 66 Xlch , 81 Shovel ,2004 Lowrider and even a 2015 883 Iron still no patches.


  3. 1%ers have their own world. It’s their choice and I’m ok with that. It’s a tough world and it’s not meant for everyone. I ride with a LEMC. Do I look down on 1%ers, no. What they think of me is irrelevant. What I do expect is, give me my space, I give you yours. Don’t try to intimidate me or my brothers and we’ll leave you alone. We are not a club that has something to prove. I have seen enough and been through enough. We ride for the fellowship and enjoyment. Besides, there are plenty of roads out there for everyone.

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  4. Sounds like to me somebody is trying to start more shit. Like there is not enough shirt already going on in this country bitch and complain about somebody else everybody just means their mind their own f****** business and try to get along that’s just my opinion and we all have a right to our opinion we don’t have to agree with one another so respect everybody else is opinion if you don’t bother them they won’t bother you it’s been that way for years


  5. All im gunna say is that I would welcome you to come personally say all that to a local dominant club where im from and watch what happens. I no longer live that life, I am married with a child and am now sober, my diamond is tattooed on my throat, so I know all about it. So in conclusion I see both sides of this, I just chose to live a different life after prison without serving anyone except for my family which stood by me thru my struggles. To each their own, but I do know a few cats that just straight up don’t care and would kill for their patch..


  6. Thing’s are changing, and regrettably not for the better, i got my first two wheeler when I was six and have been riding every sense. Motor scooters and dirt bikes, back in my youth we could get a scooter license (5 hp or under) at age 14 and here we are at 72. In the 60s we could drink 3.2 beer at 18 , but very few bar’s or cafes would let us in if there was a half dozen or so of us riding. In the past 20 some years we are just more than welcome to come in and spend our money. I’ve said before that I wouldn’t join any club, I ride when and where I want, I don’t need anyone telling me when and where. New clubs and new riders just amaze me, the newbies whether 16 or 70 plus get all tattooed and leathered up and look like they have been riding for years, he’ll if I were standing next to one you would pick him or her as a long time rider. And another thing, except for just the last few years we never had a woman on her own bike ride with us! I must say the new 99% clubs and riders are very soft, they would probably call it politically correct!


  7. It appears to me that Justin’s adatude would have made him a good 1%ter instead of a radical 99%ter just from the way his comment’s read or maybe I’m misunderstanding his comment’s.


  8. I think its ironic that some 1% outlaws are having to use our law system to keep their patches from being taken by the US attourney for being involved in criminal activity.. I guess being a lawless group has its limits


  9. I disagree about the number members in an outlaw club participating in criminal activity being a smaller or minority number. Through my experience of decades in law enforcement, I have yet to speak to an outlaw member with no criminal experience of any kind. For many, a criminal act or two gains them street creds and proves to the club they are worthy of becoming patched members. Are the clubs the blame? 100 percent so. The club always facilitates the criminal actions of the members and the proceeds stuff the accounts to fund the clubs. It’s a self perpetuating cycle (no pun intended) Show me a patched club member that has not committed any crimes on behalf of his club and I can show you a fifteen year old virgin with four kids. Don’t exist.


  10. I think everybody needs leave 1% alone let them do there thing ya they do some bad & no body forgets but when they do good no body remembers I have no problem with the 1% clubs the other 99% do what they like leave the club’s to there own fucking business.


  11. Kevin Scow,
    Being an outlaw does not mean you don’t have constitutional rights. The constitution was written before most laws. Some laws protect your constitutional rights, and some laws make it difficult and even impossible to exercise your constitutional rights. Keep that in mind.


  12. Absolutely correct and I am sure manufacturer of motorcycles would love more riders.
    Not just these constitutional misfits.
    Refer to as the 1%
    Well we have news for you isolated be assholes

    We are the Americans, there are more of us than you
    We have more guns more courts n more prisons

    In addition, we have the law of rule and the Constitution on our side

    More importantly
    We have ” right” on our side


  13. Manley yates I see you have a small brain you think your talking big you probably hide behind a big suv I didn’t see there were your from state or city that gave you such insight maybe your a on the job trainee for the prison system sound that stupid


  14. In Detroit, Motorcycle Clubs (MC) don’t mess with riding clubs, as in terrorize them. If there are some that do, it would more than likely be the “pop up” clubs or single persons.
    Oftentimes riders clubs (RC) are invited to MC events, and MC’s get invited to RC’s events, especially charity runs on both sides, as well as regular party nights.
    MC’s & RC’s are two completely different types of group. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but before you state things as fact, you should do more research and get both sides.


  15. I think that the Waco incident and the fast and furious case shows the systematic use and abuse of the outlaw biker world by undercover officers and federal agents in orchestration of their illegal operations and territorial disputes . With other clubs not under their control . The real criminals are the dirty police officer gangs that our corrupting our system and causing harm to our communities hiding their badges under patches and setting up drug, prostitution and gun rings with the protection of local police and federal agents.


  16. I got my first bike when I was fifteen, ridden many before that, in San Diego, it was a 1969 sportster of which I still have. Now that I’m older and have a few more, 98 ultra, 05 fatboy, I can honestly say that I’ve ridden with more clubs than a lot people, still not a patch holder, and I have never had any problems with any of them!! I’ve ridden with angels, grey ghost, some cool bros out of Long Beach, some other cool bros out of Compton, only white guy to do so, and many others on bike runs from Vegas to San Diego, as long you don’t wear a rocker with their area on it I’ve never seen a problem, except with clubs that are feuding, I’ve had friends that were in clubs that wanted me to join but I never wanted to, just wanted to ride and have fun with all I met! Maybe if you ride a lot and don’t cop an attitude towards them they won’t cop one back! All I know is I’ve never had a problem with any of them and have enjoyed a lot of runs, for what that’s worth!!!


  17. Leave these one percenters alone. They do their own thing and don’t want to be involved with you and neither want you involved with them. It started as WWII vetrans before PTSD was ever heard of and many are still MOS 11 vets.


  18. I don’t care about their “protocol” because:

    1. Who cares about what degenerates think. You can argue how many members commit crimes or not. End of the day I don’t care.

    2. They are only tough when Rat packing, intimidating by numbers. These are people who need the approval/love of others for their self esteem. That’s bitch shit.

    3. Fuck their authoritarianism and rules, because an MC is a nobody. Follow rule of law.


  19. This is an almost entertaining. Anyone can shout “Power to the people!” And wave around their own rhetorical bullshit, but at the end of the day, when things aren’t going your way, what are you REALLY going to do about it? Spout rhetoric and fuss about freedom and right and wrong? Spout some PC bullshit you learned on the internet? Grow up… As long as you are an independent, this isn’t even your world in the first place… Ride your Harley Davidson thats almost certainly still on loan, and pretend you’re the biker that you are complaining about… After all, if you’re being totally honest with yourself, what or who, exactly, was the siren’s call that drove you to pursue this particular facet of the biker image for yourself? If you rode a crotch rocket or a BMW with pizza boxes, we’d probably be having a totally different conversation.
    Bikers have an heirarchy based on nothing but tradition and respect. If you don’t understand why you can’t seem to stomach fitting in with that EARNED heirarchy, then it’s probably because you don’t. Go play biker on your own, but please spare us the ignorant rants of butthurt envy when someone calls you out on your own bullshit and you suddenly find out how alone you really are. The 99% lack the organization or the discipline to ever see inside the inner workings of the MC community, so spare us your bullshit please… You’re not even on our radar. To those who have decided to test their own meddle and see what they are really capable of… Who understand loyalty in the extreme… Who would sooner die than suck their oxygen off of the PC penis… Go prospect for a club who makes sense to you, and see for yourself what’s it’s all about. You might just have something interesting to say after that. Until then, I’m sorry, but your opinion is invalid, because you actually have no idea what you are even talking about, and it’s pretty clear that you watch entirely too much TV.


  20. Damn what a bunch of RC killer’s all across this great land of ours ! So now you don’t want to give respect where respect was fucking earned by real men who fought the fight for their rights to fly , while you bitches stayed home watching SOA and kissing your wife’s ass so she wouldn’t leave you for the real deal LMFAO sooner or later these fuck boys are gonna want to move from a RC to a MC . And then you start talking to your Dom’s rivals and of course their gonna see that they can swell your bad boy bikers lil’head to make the move …this is where some get hurt and others tuck the dick and run off and hide …


  21. You can bet not a single keyboard warrior on here has ever seen a beef go down between clubs, that shit is kept on the sidelines out of public view. Back in the 80’s (when the big wars were happening), yes, a few civilians were casualties but after catching major RICO beefs with Janet Reno is all but a memory now.

    OMC’s don’t give a fuck about your little RC, you’re nothing but a inspect to our world so buzz off, fly away and you won’t get caught in the spider’s web. You wanna throw a 3PP on your back you’re gonna deal with us, period.

    So many people get this fucked up because their stupid, your constitutional rights protect you against the government, not civilian life, so while you may think you can talk shit because its the 1st amendment it doesn’t mean shit.

    We’re too busy doing our own thing living our own life to worry about what RC’s and other pop-up clubs do, you throw a diamond on your cut and rock a 3PP and you just entered our world.


  22. I’m 60 A VET!!!! I’VE RODE SINCE ’69


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