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CDC Says Biker Rally in Sturgis South Dakota is responsible for rise in Covid-19 infections in Minnesota

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By Zachary Petrizzo

Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a report released Friday, laid out that the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which took place in Sturgis, South Dakota this past August with over 460,000 attendees, is to blame for 86 coronavirus cases in Minnesota — with one of those case resulting in death.

“The motorcycle rally was held in a neighboring state that did not have policies regarding event size and mask use, underscoring the implications of policies within and across jurisdictions,” the CDC report outlined, which Axios noted.

The event, which bikers across the country flocked to, was highlighted in the CDC report as an example of how not adhering to Covid-19 precautionary guidelines can have a negative impact on the surrounding community.

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“These findings highlight the importance of reducing the number of attendees at gatherings and emphasizing mask use, physical distancing, isolation for patients with COVID-19, and quarantine for close contacts as strategies for reducing the spread of COVID-19,” the report stated.

In August, the rally had no mask mandate, raising concern over a potential case hike following the event.

In fact, months later, we have found out that concern was valid, and the event did impact an increase of local Covid-19 cases in Minnesota.

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  1. Uts not just rallies that caused the increase in numbers, its everyone not wearing masks or following other published guidelines… how many people do you see in big box stores and other places not wearing masks the right way, if at all, or washing their hands, or coughing all over the place without covering their nose and mouth… its everyone, not just bikers. Even look at our elected officials in the media…


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