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1%ers don’t pay attention to Riding Clubs

VIDEO BIKER NEWS EDITION- Morning Biker News 12-8 -2020 Edition Of Motorcycle Madhouse Morning Mayhem

As a member of a big 5 club I can tell you this. Myself and a majority of my brothers don’t pay RC clubs any mind. They are not in the same lane as a traditional club. As far as protocol goes that’s a joke and who started that shit??
I’ve been a 1%er tor 16 years now. If a new club decides to wear a diamond why would they ask a dominant club for approval?? I support my own club! As do REAL 1% clubs only support themselves and don’t ask permission for shit!
So if you put that diamond on and you can hold your own as a club. Then you are a 1% club! As far as this RC goes should’ve never went to the dominant club for approval. This protocol stuff cracks me up! When I started in my first club years ago there was none of this protocol crap like it is now. CJ

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  1. Protocol is a joke, and who started it? One or more of the Diamonds did – a long time ago. I’ve got 25 years with a full patch, and our club had to follow protocol with the Diamonds around the country when we stood up, and each time we expanded into another state. It’s about respect. RC’s, associations, MM’s are all part of the biker community and their actions and attitudes can affect the public’s attitude toward us all, including the Diamonds, and then we’re all having to deal with profiling and the “no colors” discrimination.


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