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PORTLAND, CT (WFSB) – State police released more information on a major drug bust in Portland Wednesday evening.

Police said 25 people have been arrested in connection to the investigation.

Officers also seized $51,470, 118 pounds of marijuana, 8.5 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms, several thousand grams of THC products, several thousand hallucinogenic products, and two firearms that were possessed illegally.

The search warrant was executed by state police Wednesday night around 7:40 p.m. at the “Ruthless 4 Life Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Clubhouse” on Airline Avenue in Portland.

Members of the public complained about large gatherings in the area, police said.

Police said the gatherings had open alcohol and drug use.

“Of note, the use of an adjoining Little League baseball field was impacted, sometimes resulting in cancelled games and practices due to the illicit activity in the immediate vicinity,” state police said.

The motorcycle gang used the clubhouse to organize the sale of drugs, said state police.

“It was determined that numerous dealers, some traveling in from out of state, would rent space in the clubhouse to sell large quantities of controlled substances,” state police said.

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