Meet the Insane Throttle Contributing Columnist James “Hollywood” Macecari

About Hollywood- Biker News Columnist and Motorcycle Club Activist

James “Hollywood” Macecari has been in the biker lifestyle for over 25 years, including two motorcycle clubs in the Chicago Area. Hollywood is the product of the Chicago Streets. Starting out at the age of 11 years old he first joined the Simon City Royals. Later establishing one of the most active crews, still going today in the Chicago Area. After coming of age he moved onto the Motorcycle Club scene, in early 1993. Now an Independent biker, Hollywood devotes his energy promoting motorcycle club rights and biker entertainment through Motorcycle Madhouse.

Hollywood has owned and operated many successful businesses including Tattoo Shops, Bars, Escort Services and more. Each time selling them at a profit and moving onto the next adventure. Hollywood brings a no non sense look at the issues facing the motorcycle club scene. Everything from Traditional Motorcycle Clubs to Pop-up clubs. He also advocates against law enforcement, in regards to the treatment of bikers, and especially club members. He’s appeared in many major publications worldwide regarding this specific issue.

One of Hollywood’s biggest beliefs is working against the perception law enforcement puts out against motorcycle clubs. The biggest false perceptions are motorcycle clubs are gangs. He was once quoted as saying

” Motorcycle Clubs hold sway within the Motorcycle Scene. Other than that they do not hold much sway on the streets. They are about brotherhood and biking, not about being a bunch of gangsters on wheels as the media and cops portray. It’s about selling papers and getting budgets. That’s why you see clubs portrayed as you do. Trust me. I’ve been around gangsters all my life, club members don’t fit in the same category.”

Hollywood is the host of the widely popular Motorcycle Madhouse Radio show on  Spotify and all major podcasting platforms worldwide.Hollywood is also the author of two hit biker books. The New Age of Biking and Brotherhood, as well as Iron Order- The year that changed the motorcycle club scene.

​A staunch ally and advocate to Motorcycle Clubs and Bikers Rights. Hollywood supports NCOM, MRF , ABATE and many of the organizations fighting for Bikers Rights.

​Hollywood does many runs and events yearly. If you would like more information on booking James “Hollywood”Macecari for your next event email us at

​For Media inquires and interviews with James “Hollywood”Macecari please email us at


2019 NCOM Silver Spoke Entertainer of the Year Award

Journalism Standards

One of the things that has set Insane Throttle Biker News Apart from all other news sites, on the biker lifestyle, is Hollywood himself. He holds very intense ideas on the way the news should be reported. One of those standards is for the journalist not to become apart of the story. Only report the facts and give both sides a chance to put their recollection of events in the medium so the reader can decide.

Another standard Hollywood believes, is the need to always put the news out regardless, good or bad. It’s his belief that if all sides of a story are presented than the readership will be able to determine for themselves what is right from wrong.

News Sources

All sources used not only by James “Hollywood” Macecari, but also Insane Throttle Biker News, must be reputable News Outlets. Most of the material seen on this site is acquired through AP and Reuters News Wire. We are not interested in conspiracy news. Only news that reports the facts.


  1. Hey brother. REDDAWG here Sgt at arms Baca Kingston. Thanks for the writeup about Baca. Great to have your respect. We are very serious about our cause and feedback like yours makes our mission easier. Thanks again RedDawg. .


  2. How about adding more information and a photo of yourself. I would be interested in what makes you a ‘real’ bad ass biker? What MCs have you ridden with and what colors are you currently flying? Anyone can pretend to be a bad ass biker in a blog, but if anyone is going to take you seriously you need to show you’re not full of shit. I don’t expect you to have the balls to keep this reply up.


  3. Interesting blog I look forward to reading more about life over there. Regards a UK Biker ps Like the quote from Churchill


  4. The iron order are a bunch of pussy and all they really are is BIkER in a box you can gt one set of patches for 19.99 and as always it’s buy one get one free .I’ve ran into these cunts in Florida they are just leaking cunts and sooner than later they will fuck up bad and have to do some time and then the fun will begin ,when bubba stretches that stinkhole for them FUCK THE iron orderlys you know they are happy same sex can bemamarried


  5. Nail on the head right there, true words from an enduring but now threatened lifestyle, well every Aussie deserves the rights our forfarthers fought war and died to earn us a piece of freedom that maggots in blue and pollies with maison bosses are tearing out from our heart and souls. PS 1per cent men are of great renound , they fight toe to toe ,not two on one and are our country’s great assets.!!!


  6. It’s been a lifetime ago, my father had a Great deal of club brothers over any given weekend. Many of the clubs are long gone in the winds of time. My fondest memories of my daddy are of Us on his Indian, in the middle of a pack’s.
    Working with him on my first Hadley at 7yrs old, (a burned pan head in milk crates ) .
    Years of hitting every swap meets to get her together. .40 yrs later fnding out why mom had alway teated me as if ishe hated me. Stating , it was me being closer to dad than she was. . It’s true , no one gets in between daddy and his last type girl. Even he brothers knew this s it only makes sence that mom couldn’t either .


  7. About Twisted Throttle Biker Lifestyle
    I have some amazing stories and articles that ” the bikers ” did for my family!!! Never to be forgotten… I was especially inspired when I was taught and Shown to stand up and fight for what i believe in… Holds so much depth in who i am today.. thank you so much ,Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento and many more all my love and respect…


  8. I listen to you guys a lot. I’m not in a club I hear a lot about the le mc’s, do the le clubs retaliate against you guys when they are at work


  9. After I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from
    now on each time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same
    comment. There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!


  10. Exactly how much 1% time you really have in? You never seem to be clear on that.


  11. Hollywood, coming from different sides of the track as it were, I never expected to agree with you or like you. Man was I wrong.
    You are, as we used to say are a righteous dude. A cat that’s honest and allows others to decide things on their own. I appreciate all you do for us.

    BTW I find I agree more and more with you. As a bonus I truely like you.


  12. Being the #1 biker news site on the internet, I was hoping this website was going to be fair and equal to all clubs. Your back ground and affiliations were being over looked because of that. I see by some of your comments you’re fair and equal to a few but not all. Plus the only knowledge of this life style that I see you have is limited to the area you come from. There’s a lot statements you make about us and them that are wrong. I know you can only believe what you know but you don’t know it all. Hope things change in the future, a neutral voice in this madness would be a welcome sound.


  13. Medical issues insurance won’t cover need help have land and truck to sell 70,000.00 or if don’t want to buy can anyone help by donating. This is not a scam, my daddy was a biker and a veteran. Need as soon as possible, daughter getting married and I want to be there. I’m all for the bikers.


  14. Hello, Hollywood
    I’m the Carol Byers Jake mentioned in your interview last night. That was great fun to listen to! Thanks for doing that. He’s one of a kind and I’m proud to be his friend.
    I hope there’s more one day!


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